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Wahu Pool Party Loopy Inflatable Tube more info
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Wahu Assortment Pool Party The Big O Inflate Ring more info
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Wahu Pool Party Inflatable Eruptor Only from Toys Paradise more info
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Britz Wahu Pool Party Double O Inflatable Ring Fun For 2 People 145cm Bma546 Only $44.95 from eBay.com.au more info
+ Shipping: $12.00
Wahu Pool Party The Rocker Inflatable Pool Toy 4 Hours & Hours Of Water Fun Only $99.95 from eBay.com.au more info
+ Shipping: $9.90
Wahu Pool Party Triple O - Fun Inflatable Pool Toy Suitable For 3 People - 145cm Only $68.90 from eBay.com.au more info
+ Shipping: $10.90
Wahu Pool Party Inflatable Pool Slide Bma 655 With Water Spray Attachment Only $116.91 from eBay.com.au more info
+ Shipping: $11.90
Wahu Pool Party Triple O Beach Wavetube Inflatable Pool Toy- Orange/red Only $40.00 from eBay.com.au more info
+ Shipping: $10.00
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Hayward Navigator 925ADC Pool CleanerFrom $475
INSTOCK + FREE & FAST SHIPPING & WARRANTY +GST INVOICE: Hayward Navigator 925ADC Pool Cleaner PLEASE NOTE: For tiled pools, ceramic feet are required to be added to this cleaner. Navigator sets the standard in high-performance cleaning for in-ground pools of all types and sizes. Simple to
Paramount Venturi Skimmer with Beige Body 004-252-2925From $150.41
Perfect for in-floor cleaning systems, the Venturi Skimmer from Paramount carries the latest in high-tech features and energy saving design making this the ultimate pool skimmer! The best skimmer to use for low flow variable speed or 2-speed pumps. Features Doubles the cleaning power without increasing energy cost Massive 9" deep basket can hold 289 cubic inches of debris For Concrete Pools Lid & Ring come in White, Gray, and Beige NSF approved for 75 GPM - highest in the industry Basket and vacuum plate lock into place instead of floating up when the pump is off Weir door is spring-loaded for easy removal - no screws HOW IT WORKS While an ordinary skimmer pulls water from the pool by way of the pump that pushes the water through the filter and back into the pool, the Paramount Venturi Skimmer pulls as much water as the pump, doubling the skimming action without increasing energy costs. The basket is 9" deep (twice the size of standard skimmer baskets), making it the largest basket in the industry for extra leaf and debris holding capacity. Lid & Ring Colors: White - 004-252-2925-01 | 004252292501 Gray - 004-252-2925-02 | 004252292502 Beige - 004-252-2925-07 | 004252292507
A&A Manufacturing Retrofit Caretaker Bayonet Cleaning Head 567453From $55.78
A&A Manufacturing Retrofit Caretaker Bayonet Cleaning Head This cleaning head will fit into your existing bayonet Caretaker collar. Your existing installation/removal tool will not work with this new style head, you will need to purchase a new one (part 522079). Buy 6 of these & get the tool (part# 522079) for free! The cleaning head has 4 adjustable orifice sizes. This means you can choose the size of the hole to be high flow, low flow, or one in between to fit your needs.Available Colors: White - 567453 Gray - 567445 Black - 567429 Gold - 567437
Paramount iJet 1-1/2" Variable Speed Threaded Return 004-252-3070/0042523070From $19.98
iJET IS THE ONLY SELF-REGULATING VARIABLE RETURN AVAILABLE Now there is a smart solution to optimal water circulation with your variable speed pump running at any speed. Better water circulation means chemicals are dispersed throughout the pool and debris is pushed towards the skimmer for increased cost savings and reduced maintenance time. The unique feature of the iJet is that it automatically self-adjusts its orifice size to expand and contract based on the changing flow rates. With the pump running at lower speeds the patent pending iJet acts as a 3/8" return providing optimal water velocity, agitation and circulation versus a standard 3/4" return. At higher speeds the iJet?s orifice expands to act as a 3/4" return to reduce back pressure on the pump. The flexibility of the iJet eliminates the need to buy different size returns to maximize the cost savings and efficiency with your pool running at lower speeds. The Paramount iJet works best with variable speed pumps but works just as well with any pump. It is a 1-1/2" threaded return (also available in a slip) and comes in 8 different colors. Features & Benefits Allows you to run your pump at lower energy saving speeds while still giving you maximum water velocity and circulation Self-adjusts to create balanced return velocity for poorly balanced, unevenly plumbed filtration systems with or without a variable speed pump Maintains optimal return velocity as the filter becomes clogged 1-1/2in Threaded Return Efficiently and effectively circulates chemicals and directs debris towards your skimmer with your variable speed pump running at any speed saving you time and money Delivers optimal flow for existing single speed pumps Universal for all plumbing Easy installation Available in 8 colors The silicone diaphragm is durable and resistant to chemicals Ideal for any pool including pools with salt
A&A Gamma 3 Metric Floor Fitting 550424 (Non - U.S.)From $19.03
A&A Metric Gamma 3 Floor Fitting. This floor fitting is used outside the United States in countries that utilize metric sizing. (NON-US Customers ONLY)*This floor fitting goes within a 50mm pipe.Part Number 550424
Taylor Basic Pool Test Kit K-1000From $10.55
Taylor Basic Water Test Kit. Basic DPD-High test for DPD chlorine (.5 - 5 ppm), DPD bromine (1 - 10 ppm) and pH (6.8 - 8.2). Components for Kit Number: K-1000 Component Description Quantity 5314 INS,RESID BASIC OT W/HARD CASE 1 6035 FOIL SEAL STARBURST,(ASCA) 1 7247 CASE,RESID 4.5X3.75X1.5,PL 1 7283 LABEL,K-1000 BASIC OT 1 8125 KIMPAC 3 3/8 X 3 3/4 BASIC 1 9781 RES,CL&BR OT/PH 6.8-8.2 1 R-0014-A PH IND SOL(PHENOL RED);.75OZDB 1 R-0600-A-DB ORTHOTOLIDINE; .75 OZ DB 1
Pool Brush Nylon 18 inches PS025 - Supreme SeriesFrom $22.19
PoolStyle Supreme Series Aluminum Back Wall Brush With Nylon Bristles 18 inches.Manufactures part number PS025.
Polaris EnvironPool High Flow Cleaning Head ONLYFrom $67.7
Replacement High Flow Cleaning Head ONLY for Polaris EnvironPool Circulation System.
Polaris UltraFlex2 Start-Up Kit-Motor Mount Assembly 4-7-310From $390.72
Start-Up Kit for Polaris UltraFlex2 Water Valve (Motor Mount Assembly).
Hayward Star Clear C250 GenericFrom $59
Generic replacement cartridge filter element to suit Hayward Star Clear C250.Length: 250mmOutside Diameter: 177mmTop Endcap: 76mm holeBottom Endcap: 76mm hole