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unseen colour photographs. more info
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'My Decade in the Premier League' is Wayne's first hand account of his 10 years playing at the highest level in English… more info
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'My Decade in the Premier League' is Wayne's first hand account of his 10 years playing at the highest level in English… more info
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One of the most talked about stars in the world of soccer, Wayne Rooney now talks about . . . Wayne… more info
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The Baffled Parent's Guide to Coaching Youth Basketball Free ShippingFrom $33.7
David G. Faucher shares his successful "full-participation model" of coaching youth basketball in this Baffled Parent's Guide. Faucher, the head coach of the men's basketball team at Dartmouth College, covers creating good habits, offensive skills and defensive basics, dealing with parents, first aid and safety, and game rules.
The Complete Guide to Coaching Girls' Basketball: Building a Great Team the Carolina Way Free ShippingFrom $32.77
"Coach Hatchell's book is a must-read for every girls' basketball coach. She is fantastic in every phase of the game, and I love watching her teams play."—Roy Williams, head men's basketball coach, University of North Carolina, and Associated Press Coach of the Year, 2006What does it take to turn a good coach into a great one? You need to be a teacher, a motivator, a guru of X's and O's. Coach Sylvia Hatchell shows you how she manages all these roles and gives you her winning advice to creating a team of champions.Head coach of the University of North Carolina's women's team, Coach Hathcell combines the Tar Heels' longstanding tradition of basketball greatness with her personal dedication to guiding young women as she teaches you how to: Communicate effectively to get peak performances from 11- to 18-year-old girls Teach all the fundamentals of the game and run a productive, high-energy practice Develop a formidable offense and tenacious defense Master 75 of her favorite drills, ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced
Rockhounding New Mexico: A Guide to 140 of the State's Best Rockhounding Sites Free ShippingFrom $31.9
More than a third of New Mexico is public land that holds untold quantities of mineralogical treasure. With this book anyone can learn where to find unusual mineral displays, fossils, jasper, agate, petrified wood—not to mention more obsidian than one rockhound could possibly collect in a lifetime. The array and quality of such materials just waiting to be found in New Mexico are almost mind-boggling. "Rockhounding New Mexico" describes 140 of the state's best rockhound sites, covering popular and commercial sites as well as numerous little-known areas. This handy guide describes where and how to collect specimens, includes maps of each site as well as directions, and provides reliable recommendations for accommodations, camping, and other special attractions. It is, in short, a complete and outstanding introduction to the many sides of a fascinating hobby.
Survival: A Manual That Could Save Your Life Free ShippingFrom $36.16
Life-saving first-aid and wilderness medical care, water procurement, improvised survival tools and weapons a having this book in any emergency could mean the difference between life and death. This is one of the best guides weave ever seen.
Advanced Dragonas Touch: 20 Anatomical Targets and Techniques to Take Them Out Free ShippingFrom $45.81
In this long-awaited sequel to the best-selling Dragon's Touch, Master Hei Long focuses on 20 pressure points that are crippling or even lethal when used as counterstrikes in hard-core hand-to-hand combat. Provides more than 50 practical applications. For academic study only.
Jujitsu Figure-4 Locks: Submission Holds of the Gentle Art Free ShippingFrom $35.74
As a study of one of jujitsu's most essential principles, this book breaks down the art's most effective trapping technique. From fundamental figure-4 lock characteristics to figure-4 variations from multiple positions, practitioners of all skill levels will learn how to utilize these powerful pressure holds through detailed photographic sequences and easy-to-read captions. Accessible and comprehensive, this guidebook will prove invaluable to both beginning and advanced grapplers.
Orvis Guide to Reading Trout Streams Free ShippingFrom $35.44
"The Orvis Guide to Reading Trout Stream" is a complete guide to where trout live and feed in a stream. Graced with dozens of helpful schematic drawings by Jim Sulham and more than seventy-five revealing photographs, this book will give all trout fishermen a more coherent understanding of the waters they fish.
That Winning Feeling!: Program Your Mind for Peak Performance Free ShippingFrom $23.42
Jane Savoie's acclaimed approach to mentally positive riding will train your mind and shape your attitudes for peak performance.
Western Saddles: How to Fit: Pain-Free Free ShippingFrom $29.67
Dr. Joyce Harman, veterinarian and renowned saddle-fitter, shows how a horse will perform better and remain sounder longer if his saddle accommodates his conformation.
Story of Modern Skiing Free ShippingFrom $46.17
This is the definitive history of the sport that has exhilarated and infatuated about 30 million Americans and Canadians over the course of the last fifty years. Consummate insider John Fry chronicles the rise of a ski culture and every aspect of the sport's development, including the emergence of the mega-resort and advances in equipment, technique, instruction, and competition. The Story of Modern Skiing is laced with revelations from the author's personal relationships with skiing greats such as triple Olympic gold medalists Toni Sailer and Jean-Claude Killy, double gold medalist and environmental champion Andrea Mead Lawrence, first women's World Cup winner Nancy Greene, World Alpine champion Billy Kidd, Sarajevo gold and silver medalists Phil and Steve Mahre, and industry pioneers such as Vail founder Pete Seibert, metal ski designer Howard Head, and plastic boot inventor Bob Lange. Fry writes authoritatively of alpine skiing in North America and Europe, of Nordic skiing, and of newer variations in the sport: freestyle skiing, snowboarding, and extreme skiing. He looks closely at skiing's relationship to the environment, its portrayal in the media, and its response to social and economic change. Maps locating major resorts, records of ski champions, and a timeline, bibliography, glossary, and index of names and places make this the definitive work on modern skiing. Skiers of all ages and abilities will revel in this lively tale of their sport's heritage.