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Strengthen and tone your muscles with a low impact, high intensity workout in your own home. Work out at home with this… more info
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Strengthen and tone your legs, bum and abs using this mini stepper that displays your steps per minute, elapsed time… more info
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Aquila AQG1 Home Gym, Ships in AU only. Floor Models Available Only - Contact us here at Fitness Market for a special… more info
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Aquila AQG2 Home Gym, Ships in AU only. Floor Models Available Only - Contact us here at Fitness Market for a special… more info
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Dumbbell Set This set of dumbbells will be a great and practical addition to the equipment at home. Not only are they… more info
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Multi-Functional Adjustable FID Gym Bench The FID flat incline decline adjustable bench is the ultimate fitness… more info
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The GS5 Gym Multi Station is the ultimate home gym station featuring three bay stations with a bench-press,… more info
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The SS1 single station is a single stack, home gym station that supports more than 6 different workouts capable of… more info
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Great two station gym system that offers everything that you could want in a multi station, this sturdy system offers… more info
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Achieve Expander 1000You can do over 20 different exercises covering all your muscle groups including Chest, Back,… more info
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Pickup is available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide. Please call us on 1300 144 100 during office hours… more info
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These grips will help you enhance and maximise your upper body workout. These rotating push up grips allow your arms… more info
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Resistance Tubes/Resistance Bands by PowerTube Pro: This 14 piece set comes at only AUD134.95 (+ AUD19.95 Delivery). If… more info
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Keep fit and healthy with this Exercise Balance Ball Chair. Everyone knows that a gym ball is a great and simple… more info
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This inversion table can help you increase flexibility as well as reduce stress and tension on the body. This inversion… more info
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Sculpt the body you want in just a few minutes a day with this brilliant gym. You can tone your abs, obliques, arms,… more info
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Bouncing is a great workout and can tone your legs and hips. Twisting works on your waist and upper body – and,… more info
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The GS5 Gym Multi Station is the ultimate home gym station featuring three bay stations with a bench-press… more info
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The MF3000 BENCH is the ultimate workout station allowing a huge variety of exercises ranging from chest/pectoral… more info
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Keep your weights and body in order with this super versatile all-in-one workout solution. There are 50+ muscles… more info
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This 5 in 1 Multi-station home gym provides you with many exercises in one clever design. Features chest and leg press,… more info
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Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym: Bring the rainforest to life with music, lights and nature sounds… more info
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Andy Petranek, founder of one of the most successful CrossFit gyms, offers his own simplified, high-intensity program… more info
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Train your muscles from home with the Achieve Expander 1000 Home Gym. The Achieve Gym features a 50kg weight stack, as… more info
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Bring the gym home to you with the Marcy 150lb Multi Boxing Home Gym featuring a speed ball, punching bag, and weight… more info
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Ideal for olympic barbells & weights Upper and lower body workout Heavy-duty powder-coated tubular steel Rubber… more info
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The Punching Bag Bracket and Chin-Up Bar combines two great ways to get fit. And it can be yours at our everyday low… more info
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Enjoy the comfort, convenience and safety of our home gym flat bench. Your workout routine is not complete without our… more info
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Multi-functional Home Gym Weight Bench This premium adjustable home gym weight bench is the ultimate piece of exercise… more info
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Adjustable Home Gym Multi-Station Weights Bench This wide multi-Station Weights Bench platform can be adjusted fully… more info
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Essential furniture set for any Hape dollhouse. Includes quality items made from wood and non-toxic paints. Encourages… more info
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The PowerTrain tri-fold yoga exercise mat provides great cushioning and shock absorption so as to enable you to… more info
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30cm to 1.5m length Ideal for light to moderate workouts Use for arm or leg toning 40mm wide Material: Latex Free of… more info
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New Black Aerobic Gym Home Fitness Workout Exercise 2 Block Bench Step Only from more info
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BN Tricep Pulldown Pushdown Rope Weight Home Gym Fitness Weight Attachment Brand new Quantity: 1 pc size: 72cm Solid… more info
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Iron Gym strengthens and tones your chest, arms, shoulders, back abs and more. more info
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Hurk 40KG Adjustable Dumbbells Featuring rotational locking dials, the Hurk Adjustable Dumbbells allows you to select… more info
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Confidence Fitness Home Gym Multi Use Weight Bench The Confidence Home Gym features a bench press, a pec dec, and leg… more info
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The Power Tower is a versatile piece of fitness equipment that will allow you to do a variety of exercises for both… more info
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Use our fantastic interlocking floor mat set and you’ll work out in comfort with no worries about damaging the floor!… more info
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Everfit EVA Foam Roller 90 x 15cm - OrangeFrom $187
Everfit Foam Roller Best for self-myofascial release and massage therapy, this Everfit foam roller is able to give you the full massage routine, just like a massage therapist. The one piece roller is made of high density EVA material with a hexagon textured, non-slip surface. It is constructed with a strong core, hence it will not collaps or distort even after repetitive use. The method is to use body weight to apply pressure to the desired area while sitting or lying on the foam and rolling your muscles along it. This enables you to perform a self massage, breaking up trigger points and knots relieving muscles that would usually become sore after an intense workout. Not only ideal for myofselfascial release and massage therapy, this foam roller is also perfect for balance & stretching training, yoga, physical therapy, pilates and other sports training applications. A low cost and easy method for a full massage routine, something you'll need right after an intense workout. Be quick and buy today while stocks last. Features Made of high density EVA material One piece construction Hexagon textured non-slip surface Strong core - will not collaps or distort Water resistant High durability Lightweight Ideal for self massage, balance & stretching training, Gyms, Pilates Used for a variety of physical therapy & sports training application Find More Sports & Outdoors Exercise & Fitness Home Gym
Bodyworx Multi Lever Gym and BenchFrom $1195
Bodyworx Multi Lever Gym and Bench, Ships in AU only. The Multi Lever Gym is full of patented innovations that make it the mostfunctional, spaceefficient & heavy duty multi-gym in its price range. The leveragearm replaces the barbell allowing you to...
Bodyworx L530MG 3-Station Lever GymFrom $1995
Bodyworx L530MG 3-Station Lever Gym, Ships in AU only. This heavy-duty three-station system provides over a dozen of the best, mosteffective free weight exercises in machine form. Leverage machinescombine the feel and resistance of free weights, with...
5 in 1 Multi-Station Home Gym Workout MachineFrom $989
This 5 in 1 Multi-station home gym provides you with many exercises in one clever design. Features chest and leg press, ab training, boxing training and much more! The HG5000 5 in 1 Multi-station home gym is a great value machine that features 5 stations giving you a great full body workout in the comfort of your home. The big 200lb hard vinyl weight stack is complete adjustable allowing you to select the right resistance for every workout. The HG5000 allows you to hook up a boxing bag and get a great cardiovascular workout using boxing training, add the strength muscle building exercises such as leg press and chest press and you have a complete body workout all from 1 machine.
Adjustable Weight Bench Curl Press Dumbbell Barbell Equipment for Fitness ExerciseFrom $411
Fitness Exercise Bench w/ 70kg Barbell Set The premium adjustable exercise bench with a 70kg barbell set is the ultimate fitness equipment to complete your home fitness workout. The wide bench platform can be adjusted fully flat or set on different incline levels so you will be able to work on every inch of different muscle groups. For the lower body exercise, the leg extensions can be used on both the front and back of your legs for the greatest results. The side press allows you to work on the shoulders, pecs and biceps. The exercise bench comes with all features you need including different incline levels, full padded bench, interchangeable pads, full steel construction and many more. This fitness bench with barbell set will definitely maximise your results. Note: Barbell bar is not included. FeaturesSturdy steel construction Multi-functional fitness station Inbuilt leg extension Height and bench adjustable Safety locks Comes with a barbell set
Body Solid G6B GymFrom $2899
Body Solid G6B Gym, Ships in AU only. Body Solid G6B Multi-Gym
Power Sled Speed and Weight Running Crossfit Strength and Fitness Training Harness BandFrom $111
Everfit Power Sled Featuring a sturdy and durable steel construction, this power sled is designed for explosive strength and cardio endurance exercise. It is great for building and toning leg muscles as well as increasing speed and flexibility. Easily-transportable design; you can take this training aid with you anywhere. Comes with adjustable fitting harness to suit different body shapes.FeaturesMade from quality powder coated steel Excellent for strength building and cardio burning Can be used to run, push, pull or drag Handles for pushing the sled to develop hip and leg drive Portable unit; can be taken anywhere Great for building and toning leg muscles Comes with adjustable fitting harness Adjustable harness to fit different body shapes Suitable for weight plate with an inner diameter of 31mm
Chin Up Dip Parallel Bars Parallette Stand Push Cross Training Equaliser for FitnessFrom $111
Everfit Chin Dip Parallel Bars Designed for performing a wide range of body building exercises; this versatile chin-up and dip parallel bars are a great enhancement for strength training and for any exercise routine. Featuring large grips allowing you to complete your workout efficiently and in comfort. This parallel bars focus on core strengthening as well as full bodyweight dips, push-ups and leg raises among many other exercises.FeaturesChin-up and dip bar stand Essential for the home gym Large grips for safety and comfort Strong and durable construction Capped feet for floor and anti-slip protection
Adjustable Incline Decline Weight FID Bench Flat Home Gym Exercise Fitness SitupFrom $115
FID Flat Incline Decline Adjustable Bench The FID flat incline decline adjustable bench is the ultimate fitness equipment to complete your home fitness workout. Featuring fully adjustable joint, the FID bench has a total of 10 positions on the back bench, 4 positions on the seat bench and 5 positions on the support legs. It can operate flat or with side incline or decline, delivering maximum versatility for your home work out. From military presses and bench presses to bent-over rows, this bench can do it all. While it is extra effective, the comfortable leg pads keep your feet and legs locked into the correct position for maximised comfort. With well finishing, the bench is covered with high quality PU material for your comfort. You can save your time to the gym by doing most of the work out at home! Purchase the FID bench today. You'll be one step closer to the ultimate home workout experience you deserve. FeaturesFID Adjustable Bench High grade powder coated steel frame construction Durable waterproof and oil resistant PU material 10 total adjustment positions for back bench 4 adjustment positions for seat bench Adjustable bench from Flat to Incline and Decline positions Adjustable front and back foot stand Foam-covered handgrips for comfort during leg raises Quick and easy assembly Supports chest presses, shoulder presses, crunches, dumbbell workouts and more
Fitness Flat Weight Bench Press Strength Training at Home Gym Workout ExerciseFrom $137
Everfit Flat Bench Featuring a strong tubular steel construction with extra thick padded top, this flat bench is designed to build strength and definition in the pectoral muscles, as well as the triceps and deltoids. It is one of the best workouts to improve upper body strength. Equipped with capped feet with protective ends, this fitness bench will not leave marks or damage your floors. Features Sturdy fitness bench with robust steel tube legs Waterproof and oil resistant padding Wide footprint providing great stability Capped feet for floor protection High density durable upholstery Target and tone specific muscle groups Shipping Item type: Bulky Free Shipping for Major Cities *Exclusion Postal Codes From the Shipping