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willow tree figurine promise

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Made to be viewed in the round, this hand painted sculpture evokes the beauty of a promise made.- Couple embracing… more info
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The creator of Willow Tree Susan Lordi discribes this piece perfectly: "I carved this piece so that it could be viewed… more info
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Willow Tree is an intimate, personal line of hand carved sculptures. Each represents a quality or sentiment that helps… more info
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"Demdaco Willow Tree Figurine Range is an intimate, personal line of hand carved sculptures. Promise features a couple… more info
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Ecosmart Igloo Bioethanol Designer FireFrom $4495
The Igloo makes a stunning centrepiece - distinctive and originalDesigned with a flame that floats in glass it has a futuristic appeal to enhance any contemporary décor. The toughened glass surrounds a stainless steel bench with burner. This unique form allows the flame to 'dance' in many directions off the reflective glass panels, generating ambience and warmth.Created as a portable work of art, the Igloo's sleek, minimalist lines add an element of chic to residential units, apartments, houses, and commercial premises including offices, bars and restaurants.Fueled by Bioethanol - an environmentally friendly, renewable energy - the Igloo, like the rest of the Designer Range, is clean and green.
Ecosmart Tower Bioethanol Designer FireFrom $3495
The Tower is an iconic architectural statement that is both functional and elegant.Inspiration behind the creation of the Tower fireplace comes from the 'Padella Romana', a distinctive lighting feature used at the entrances of wealthy Patrician family residences to symbolise status during the Roman Empire.Award-winning Milanese architect and designer Celeste Dell-Anna joined forces with Simona Righi from Italian design studio Intentions to deliver a stunning fireplace that is a fusion of the finest in classic and contemporary design.With its elevated flame set atop a solid plinth, the highly portable Tower looks fantastic in indoor or outdoor environments, gracing the entrances of hotels and restaurants, flanking beautiful villas or around garden and swimming pool/alfresco areas.Standing 1.4m high, the Tower is constructed from black powder-coated steel and features a stainless BK5 steel burner insert and toughened glass surround, which not only enhances the drama of the fire, but also ensures safety.The Tower is fuelled by clean burning liquid bioethanol, an environmentally friendly, renewable energy.Protective cover available (see below)
Ecosmart Dish Outdoor Bioethanol FireFrom $595
With its authentic finish, stylish contours and portable construction, the EcoSmart Fire Dish is the perfect drawcard for entertaining outdoors. Specifically designed to use on your balcony deck, patio, courtyard or pool pavers, Dish captures the warmth and ambiance of a campfire without dangerous sparks and messy soot.Constructed of durable, all-weather black or CoreTen steel, the circular design revives the long-forgotten tradition of sitting around an open fire on a starry night.“The Dish allows you to enjoy the glow of a campfire without having to pay for expensive kindling,” says celebrity gardener and landscape designer Jason Hodges. “It’s easy to use and quick to turn on and off, leaving you more time to enjoy the company of family and friends.”Unlike wood-fired models, Dish is fired by bioethanol, the clean burning, readily available, environmentally friendly fuel that generates a beautiful orange flame with no smoke, no odour, no mess and no fuss.Whether you’re planning a pool party or a quiet night at home, the EcoSmart Fire Dish will enhance the atmosphere of any evening.Note: Stones not included
Classic Giraffe DoorstopFrom $99.95
Classic Giraffe Doorstop
Medium Hanging Chau Gong in BlackFrom $260
Medium Hanging Chau Gong in Black
Moonlight WavesFrom $54.95
Moonlight Waves?
Chimes of Earth - BronzeFrom $88.95
Chimes of Earth - Bronze
Windsinger Apollo Chime inBlackFrom $523
Windsinger Apollo Chime inBlack