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Burson Audio Time Keeper Stereo Power Amp Only from Addicted to Audio more info
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Burson Audio Conductor CM6631A USB Upgrade Module Only from Addicted to Audio more info
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Burson Soloist Headphone Amplifier / Pre Amplifier Only from Addicted to Audio more info
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Burson Conductor SL (1793) DAC and Headphone Amplifier Only from Addicted to Audio more info
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Burson Conductor SL (9018) DAC and Headphone Amplifier Only from Addicted to Audio more info
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Burson Soloist SL Headphone Amplifier Only from Addicted to Audio more info
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QED Signature Audio 40 RCA Cables 1 MetreFrom $529.99
THE GROUNDBREAKING SIGNATURE AUDIO 40 ANALOGUE AUDIO INTERCONNECT CELEBRATES QED'S 40 YEARS AT THE FOREFRONT OF BRITISH DESIGNED AUDIO CABLES Signature Audio 40 is an entirely new design concept from QED laboratories. The cordage is designed primarily for low capacitance as this has been identified by QED as a significant factor leading to a high fidelity experience and makes for a tight sound retaining the rhythm of the original piece. Add our Complementary Conductor TechnologyTM for high frequency detail and our Analoc TechnologyTM to maximise signal integrity and the result is what we feel to be the most innovative interconnect ever made by QED. Please see our 'cables matter' section below for more in-depth information on this ground breaking design. FEATURES AND BENEFITS COMPLEMENTARY CONDUCTOR TECHNOLOGYTM This innovation utilises two conductors of different diameters to carry the same audio signal. This has the effect of providing an alt...
QED Profile eFLex HDMI 3 MetreFrom $85.99
QED’S MULTI-AWARD WINNING PROFILE HDMI CABLE JUST GOT BETTER. The class leading compact HDMI cable which won the Product of the Year Award 2010 in What Hi-fi? has been constantly developing since - with all lengths being designated Deep Colour capable in 2011 and the HDMI Ethernet and Audio Return channel added in 2012. Now QED have added an eFlex™ jacket and a miniature plug to the already versatile design so that the cordage is at once more pleasing to handle and even better at fitting into those confined spaces behind wall mounted large flat screens. At QED, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our cable products. FEATURES AND BENEFITS ACCURATE VIDEO AND AUDIO PERFORMANCE Independently tested to 13.5Gb/s* to deliver High Speed w/Ethernet and exceed the requirements of the latest HDMI specification. Supports Full HD, 3D, 4K and Deep Colour.   LOW JITTER Profile eFlex HDMI measures at less than 70ps of jitter to deliver accuarte timing of video and audio data. ...
QED Performance M to M Aerial Cable 1.5mFrom $59
GET MORE OUT OF WHAT YOU WATCH WITH PERFORMANCE AERIAL Performance Aerial Male to Male  delivers superior picture quality with unrivalled noise immunity. It works to block out any external interference to give you the best quality picture possible from your television.  At QED we use a top down design approach so that the Performance cable benefits from many of the features in the more expensive Reference range. This ensures that you always receive an enhanced experience, and that is why at QED we offer an lifetime guarantee on this product. 
Ortofon Stylus 5EFrom $69
Ortofon Stylus 5E fits OM 5 E, OMP 5 E, OMB 5 E, OMT 5 E. Interchangeable with Stylus 10, 30 and 40.TECHNICAL DATA  Frequency range: 20-25,000 Hz  Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz +/- 2 dB  FIM distortion at recommended tracking force, DIN 45,542: < 1%  Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force: 65 um  Compliance, dynamic, lateral: 20 um/mN Stylus type: Elliptical  Stylus tip radius: r/R 8/18 um  Equivalent stylus tip mass: 0.5 mg  Tracking force range: 1.5-2.0 g (15-20 mN)  Tracking force, recommended: 1.75 g (17.5 mN)  Tracking angle: 20 degrees  Stylus colour: Black
Ortofon Stylus 20From $230
Ortofon Stylus 20 fits Ortofon Concorde 20, LM 20, LM 20 H, OMB 20, OM 20, OMP 20, Super OM 20, TM 20 H. Interchangeable with Stylus 5E, 10, 30 and 40.TECHNICAL DATA:  Frequency range: 20-27.000 Hz  Frequency response: 20-20.000 Hz +/-2 dB  FIM distortion at recommended tracking force, DIN 45.542: < 1%  Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force: 80 um  Compliance, dynamic, lateral: 25 um/mN  Stylus type: Nude elliptical  Stylus tip radius: r/R 8/18 um  Equivalent stylus tip mass: 0.4 mg  Tracking force range: 1.25-1.75 g (12.5-17.5 mN)  Tracking force, recommended: 1,5 g (15 mN)  Tracking angle: 20 degrees  Stylus colour: Black
Marantz UD5007 Blu-Ray PlayerFrom $850
Enjoy Blu-ray discs, DVDs, CDs, and more--also stream digital content to your TV--using the UD5007 Networking Universal Disc Player from Marantz. This versatile machine plays a variety of discs and allows you to watch online video services such as YouTube, Netflix, VUDU and Hulu, as well as stream digital media from your home computer. Other features include a gold-plated RCA analog output. The player sports a black finish for a sleek look. Play Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, and MoreWell suited for your living room, play room, or home theater room, the UD5007 Networking Universal Disc Player from Marantz lets you enjoy Blu-ray discs along with DVDs, CDs, Super Audio CDs (SACDs), and DVD-Audio (DVD-A) discs--making the device extremely versatile. The UD5007 is also 3D capable, allowing you to watch the latest 3D Blu-ray discs. Stream Videos and MoreThanks to advanced networking capabilities, the UD5007 not only plays discs but can stream digital content from the Internet and your home network...
Flexson SONOS PLAY:1 Floorstand - WhiteFrom $100
The exciting new PLAY:1 Bracket by Flexson can be positioned exactly where it's needed using either a FLEXSON wall bracket or floorstand. Perfect for a stereo in a kitchen, conservatory or study or as part of a home cinema system. Secure fittings to ensure safe and secure placement on wall or ceiling. This bracket allows easy re-routing of cable through the wall. Made in a powder coated finish to ensure correct match of Sonos speakers.  Holds speaker securely at 820mm Perfect for stereo or rear 5.1 speakers Option of spiked feet or domed rubber feet Powder coated steel Black or white finish to match PLAY:1
Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 Upsampling Network Music Player & Pre-amplifierFrom $1199
The perfect way to connect your digital music collection and hi-fi – Stream Magic 6 gives you more music and makes your digital audio sound better than ever! Wherever your digital audio comes from, whatever format you store it in, the Stream Magic 6 network music player makes it sound stunning! From smartphones/tablets and laptops, to Blu-ray players, TVs and games consoles, and with support for audio streaming services including BBC iPlayer, Aupeo, and Pandora plus with access to over 20,000+ internet radio stations – the Stream Magic 6 doesn't just stream audio on to your hi-fi amp and speakers, but dramatically improves it as it does – bringing out the ultimate in detail, clarity and quality from your digital audio. Key to this is our unique ATF2 upsampling. Everything passing through the Stream Magic 6 is upsampled to highest-quality 24-bit 384 kHz with jitter and other digital audio issues eliminated. The result is stunning – we guarantee you'll be impre...