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A step-by-step guide to creating a sustainable global shift in consciousness starting with an inner-world shift at the… more info
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HOW WOULD LIFE LOOK IF YOU WERE READY TO RELEASE: Fear, Jealousy, Power, and Control?Sisterhood of the Dove explores… more info
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“Wilhelm really knows students and knows how to teach them to craft a professional story.”—“The Oregonian”Part memoir,… more info
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“Fairies chapter books fit for a queen”Queen Clarion is missing One minute Prilla was flying right behind her, then… more info
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Concise Oxford Thesaurus by Oxford DictionariesFrom $29.35
This is a new edition of the Concise Oxford Thesaurus, with updated and improved text, new choices of synonyms, and a new design. The Concise Oxford Thesaurus is a comprehensive reference text for the bookshelf at home or in the office. Its usefulness means that it won't stay on the shelf, however. The thesaurus is the perfect tool to use to improve your writing style, whether you are composing a letter, essay or report, or writing creatively. It is also great for finding the word on the tip of your tongue, or for word games. The new centre section in this Concise Oxford Thesaurus contains lists of nouns from illnesses to insects, and vegetables to veins to give you the edge in solving crosswords and word puzzles, as well as being a useful encyclopedic reference. The Concise Oxford Thesaurus also contains Word Links to help you find related words. So, for example, look up the word 'night' and you will find 'nocturnal'; look up 'light', and you will find 'optics'. Hundreds more have been added new to this edition, helping you find the word you need every time. Explore our language resources on, Oxford's home for dictionaries and language reference.Updated regularly with the latest changes to words and meanings, the site provides hundreds of thousands of definitions, synonyms, and pronunciations in a range of languages. Access the highest quality language content, built from our extensive research, for free on your desktop or device.
Little Oxford Thesaurus by Oxford DictionariesFrom $11.25
This is a major new edition of the Little Oxford Thesaurus offering the most accurate and up-to-date coverage of essential vocabulary for all your writing needs. It provides 140,000 alternative and opposite words, and gives the closest and most frequently used synonyms first, making the thesaurus quick and easy to use. Thousands of real examples of usage from the Oxford English Corpus show synonyms in context and help you to identify the correct sense. A brand-new Wordfinder centre section provides lists of extra words eg. types of food, clothes, transport and more, and helps you to expand your vocabulary. The Little Oxford Thesaurus is perfect for word games and for anyone who wants to increase their vocabulary or improve their writing skills. Its robust and durable format make it ideal for use at home, school, and the office. Explore our language resources on, Oxford's home for dictionaries and language reference. Updated regularly with the latest changes to words and meanings, the site provides hundreds of thousands of definitions, synonyms, and pronunciations in a range of languages.Access the highest quality language content, built from our extensive research, for free on your desktop or device.
Oxford Dictionary of Current English by Oxford University PressFrom $7.5
The Oxford Dictionary of Current English is the most comprehensive paperback dictionary of its kind, providing full and up-to-date coverage of English as it is used today around the world. The Dictionary offers over 120,000 words, phrases, and definitions, and uses a straightforward writing style that avoids technical language, ensuring that definitions are even clearer than before. This edition includes over two hundred new definitions, words from technology, current events, or popular culture that have only recently become part of our mainstream language, such as "A-list," "domain name," and "WMD." It uses thousands of examples to illustrate idiomatic usage, showing how words and phrases are used in everyday speech. In addition, all irregular noun, verb, and adjectival inflections are spelled out in full, while in-text notes provide guidance on grammar and good usage. All of these features are presented in new layout designed to be as clear as possible, making information easily accessible and the definition you are looking for a snap to find. Compact and portable, with high quality binding and covers, the Oxford Dictionary of Current English is perfect for everyday reference, at home, at school, or in the office. No one should be without this incredibly useful volume, while students and authors will find it an indispensable tool. Features: ??« The most comprehensive paperback dictionary of its kind ??« Over 120,000 words, phrases, and definitions ??« Simple writing style makes definitions even clearer than before ??« Full and up-to-date coverage of English as it is used today around the world ??« Over 200 spelling notes give advice on commonly misspelled words, such as 'accommodate' and 'receive' ??« Additional usage notes offering advice on good English and commonly confused words
Sounds Irish by Dymphna LonerganFrom $9.25
This book traces Irish language words, phrases and references in Australian newspapers, poetry, novels, and in Australian English. It begins with a discussion of the written evidence we have of Irish speakers in Australia, from convicts to priests. Readers will be surprised to learn how some of the most iconic Australian words, such as 'sheila' and 'brumby', are revealed to be Irish words in disguise. A detailed glossary of Irish words in Australian writing shows just how important this contribution to Australian English has been.About the Author Dymphna Lonergan was born in Dublin, Ireland, where she studied the Irish language in school. She immigrated to Australia in 1972 and since then has continued to research the Irish influence on Australian English. Dr Lonergan has contributed Irish derivations for English words to the Oxford English Dictionary.
English Thesaurus by Geddes & GrossetFrom $7.95
The English Thesaurus is an essential reference tool containing over 10,000 entries, and over 100,000 synonyms. An ideal companion for all those interested in language and communication. Useful appendices - phrasefinder containing over 4,500 English idioms, abbreviations and eponyms.
Oxford English-Hindi Dictionary by Director S K VermaFrom $11.95
With over 25,000 words and phrases, the Oxford English-Hindi Dictionary offers comprehensive coverage of everyday vocabulary. Each English headword is translated into Hindi, and expressions and phrases illustrate how words are used in context. Words are labelled in Hindi according to subject, and whether the language is formal or informal, and there is plenty of useful information on the usage of various English words. Other helpful features include grammatical information on irregular verbs, nouns, and adjectives, and easy-to-understand pronunciations in Hindi script for every headword. The dictionary also contains useful appendices on Roman numerals, weights and measures, and chemical elements. All of these features are packed into a compact, portable format, making this the ideal dictionary for learners and teachers of English, and those who want to improve their command of the English language.
2000+ Essential Spanish Verbs by Living LanguageFrom $16.75
Spanish Verbs JUST GOT AS EASY AS 1-2-3Great news! Whether you're learning Spanish for fun, school, or work, 2,000+ Essential Spanish Verbs makes everything simple-conjugations, tenses, irregulars, and even conversation. 2,000+ Spanish verbs in alphabetical order Translations, prepositions, and regional usage ALL major tenses and regular and irregular verb forms covered Help with forming tenses, explained in clear English Sample sentences that show verbs in action 40 engaging dialogues that bring verbs to life More than 100 practice exercises Special help for tough verb questionsAnd for extra practice, FLASH CARDS help you memorize key verbs!
Junior Illustrated Dictionary by Oxford DictionariesFrom $18.8
This new 2011 edition of the Oxford Junior Illustrated Dictionary features over 4,000 entries in alphabetical order, new illustrations and photographs in a contemporary and easy-to-use design. Entries are simple and clear, and include numbered meanings, word classes, inflections and example sentences. Easy to find design with the full alphabet on every page, and coloured tabs dividing the alphabet into quartiles, the letter of the page ishighlighted, and guide words show the words starting and finishing each page. Children quickly learn how to find their way around and build their alphabetical reference skills. What's more there are linked fun word activities for school and home on the website.
Macquarie Compact Dictionary by MacquarieFrom $25.5
Based on the full Macquarie Dictionary, which is in its sixth edition, the Compact is completely up-to-date. In a convenient format, it features: more than 50,000 words and phrases more than 75,000 definitions up-to-date items such as apera, blade runner, diabesity, digital archaeology, green tape, homesteading and virtual choir clear pronunciations idiomatic phrases free six-month subscription to Macquarie Dictionary Online
The New Oxford Guide to Writing by Thomas S. KaneFrom $26.5
Many books on writing tell you how to think more creatively, how to conjure up an idea from scratch. Many, once you have an idea, show you how to express it clearly and elegantly. And many handbooks offer reliable advice on the use of commas, semicolons, and so forth. But The New Oxford Guide to Writing does all three, so that no matter where you find yourself in the writing process--from the daunting look of a blank page, to the rough draft that needs shaping, to the small but important questions of punctuation--you will find what you need in one handy volume. Highlighted by numerous examples of successful prose--including marvelous, brief excerpts from Mark Twain, Joan Didion, H.L. Mencken, E.B. White, and Annie Dillard--this stimulating volume covers the entire subject step-by-step, clearly and authoritatively. It shows: * How to use commonplace books and journals to store ideas, how to brainstorm, how to explore a potential topic systematically * How to use a statement of purpose or an outline to give preliminary shape to your material, how to use drafts and revisions (and more revisions) to refine your ideas * How to open an essay clearly and interestingly, how to lead the reader subtly, how to use qualifications to express complexity without sacrificing impact * How to organize ideas into a coherent paragraph, how to vary sentence structure and length for variety and emphasis * How to select words that convey both information and point of view * And much, much more In addition, it contains a useful appendix on punctuation, ranging from commas and periods to underlining and capitalization. Whether you write for business or for pleasure, whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro, The New Oxford Guide to Writing is an essential addition to your reference library, providing abundant assistance and encouragement to write with more clarity, more col