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The iPad is a tablet computer that is stylish, versatile and easy to use; and there is no reason why it should be the preserve of the......

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Discover all the incredible things your iPad can do! So you have an iPad and youre excited to use it, but where do you begin? With this......

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A handy guide for any senior new to the iPad ? covers iPad 2 and the new iPad.The iPad is a tablet computer that is stylish, versatile and...

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The new iPad can do even more - get up to speed with this updated guide! Get the most out of the newest iPad and iOS 6 software with this...

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Networks and Network Analysis for Defence and SecurityFrom $166.5
Networks and Network Analysis for Defence and Security discusses relevant theoretical frameworks and applications of network analysis in support of the defence and security domains. This book details real world applications of network analysis to support defence and security. Shocks to regional, national and global systems stemming from natural hazards, acts of armed violence, terrorism and serious and organized crime have significant defence and security implications. Today, nations face an uncertain and complex security landscape in which threats impact/target the physical, social, economic and cyber domains. Threats to national security, such as that against critical infrastructures not only stem from man-made acts but also from natural hazards. Katrina (2005), Fukushima (2011) and Hurricane Sandy (2012) are examples highlighting the vulnerability of critical infrastructures to natural hazards and the crippling effect they have on the social and economic well-being of a community and a nation. With this dynamic and complex threat landscape, network analysis has emerged as a key enabler in supporting defence and security. With the advent of big data and increasing processing power, network analysis can reveal insights with regards to structural and dynamic properties thereby facilitating greater understanding of complex networks, their entities, interdependencies, vulnerabilities to produce insights for creative solutions. This book will be well positioned to inform defence, security and intelligence professionals and researchers with regards to leading methodologies and approaches.
Variational Regularization of 3D DataFrom $109.95
Variational Regularization of 3D Data provides an introduction to variational methods for data modelling and its application in computer vision. In this book, the authors identify interpolation as an inverse problem that can be solved by Tikhonov regularization. The proposed solutions are generalizations of one-dimensional splines, applicable to n-dimensional data and the central idea is that these splines can be obtained by regularization theory using a trade-off between the fidelity of the data and smoothness properties.As a foundation, the authors present a comprehensive guide to the necessary fundamentals of functional analysis and variational calculus, as well as splines. The implementation and numerical experiments are illustrated using MATLAB®. The book also includes the necessary theoretical background for approximation methods and some details of the computer implementation of the algorithms. A working knowledge of multivariable calculus and basic vector and matrix methods should serve as an adequate prerequisite.
Resource Management for Heterogeneous Networks in LTE SystemsFrom $91.25
This SpringerBrief provides an in-depth look at the key issues that affect the performance of heterogeneous networks and presents schemes that can effectively tackle these issues. In particular, this book discusses unbalanced traffic load among the macro and micro Base Stations (BSs) caused by the transmit power disparity, and a load-balancing based mobile association scheme to balance the traffic load among the macro and micro BSs. This book also introduces a fractional frequency reuse (FFR) scheme with proper power control to help reduce interference at the UEs which are most vulnerable to such intra-cell interference. The last section investigates radio resource allocation issues for heterogeneous networks with cooperative relays, and proposes a resource allocation framework that could achieve proportional fairness among the UEs. Numerical results are provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed solutions in tackling the problem and improving network performance. Resource Management for Heterogeneous Networks in LTE-A Systems is designed for researchers and professionals working in networking and resource management.The content is also valuable for advanced-level students in computer science and electrical engineering.
Accelerated Lattice Boltzmann Model for Colloidal SuspensionsFrom $195.8
Colloids are ubiquitous in the food, medical, cosmetics, polymers, water purification, and pharmaceutical industries. The thermal, mechanical, and storage properties of colloids are highly dependent on their interface morphology and their rheological behavior. Numerical methods provide a convenient and reliable tool for the study of colloids. Accelerated Lattice Boltzmann Model for Colloidal Suspensions introduce the main building-blocks for an improved lattice Boltzmann-based numerical tool designed for the study of colloidal rheology and interface morphology. This book also covers the migrating multi-block used to simulate single component, multi-component, multiphase, and single component multiphase flows and their validation by experimental, numerical, and analytical solutions. Among other topics discussed are the hybrid lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) for surfactant-covered droplets; biological suspensions such as blood; used in conjunction with the suppression of coalescence for investigating the rheology of colloids and microvasculature blood flow.The presented LBM model provides a flexible numerical platform consisting of various modules that could be used separately or in combination for the study of a variety of colloids and biological flow deformation problems.
Playful User InterfacesFrom $254.25
The book is about user interfaces to applications that have been designed for social and physical interaction. The interfaces are playful, that is, users feel challenged to engage in social and physical interaction because that will be fun. The topics that will be present in this book are interactive playgrounds, urban games using mobiles, sensor-equipped environments for playing, child-computer interaction, tangible game interfaces, interactive tabletop technology and applications, full-body interaction, exertion games, persuasion, engagement, evaluation and user experience. Readers of the book will not only get a survey of state-of-the-art research in these areas, but the chapters in this book will also provide a vision of the future where playful interfaces will be ubiquitous, that is, present and integrated in home, office, recreational, sports and urban environments, emphasizing that in the future in these environments game elements will be integrated and welcomed.
Novel Insights in Agent-Based Complex Automated NegotiationFrom $195.8
This book focuses on all aspects of complex automated negotiations, which are studied in the field of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems. This book consists of two parts. I: Agent-Based Complex Automated Negotiations and II: Automated Negotiation Agents Competition. The chapters in Part I are extended versions of papers presented at the 2012 international workshop on Agent-Based Complex Automated Negotiation (ACAN), after peer reviews by three Program Committee members. Part II examines in detail ANAC 2012 (The Third Automated Negotiating Agents Competition), in which automated agents that have different negotiation strategies and are implemented by different developers are automatically negotiated in the several negotiation domains. ANAC is an international competition in which automated negotiation strategies, submitted by a number of universities and research institutes across the world, are evaluated in tournament style. The purpose of the competition is to steer the research in the area of bilateral multi-issue, closed negotiation. This book also includes the rules, results, agents and domain descriptions for ANAC 2011 as submitted by the organizers and finalists.
Introduction To Systems Analysis And DesignFrom $164.5
This Cengage Technology Edition is the result of an innovative and collaborative development process. The textbook retains the hallmark approach of this respected text, whilst presenting the content in a print and digital hybrid that has been tailored to meet the rapidly developing demands of todays lecturers and students. This blended solution offers a streamlined textbook for greater accessibility and convenience, complemented by a bolstered online presence, for a truly multi-faceted learning experience. Now in its sixth edition, Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design: An Agile, Iterative Approach continues to be a market leading text in its field, teaching both traditional (structured) and object-oriented (OO) approaches to systems analysis and design. The text provides a thorough treatment of such topics as use cases, object-oriented modeling, comprehensive project management, the unified modeling language, and Agile techniques. This new edition uses an innovative approach to teaching systems analysis and design, taking advantage of the new teaching tools and techniques that are now available.
The Black Art Of Multiplatform Game ProgrammingFrom $48.95
Until recently, most independent or hobbyist game programming took place on the Microsoft Windows platform. Mac OS and Linux werent nearly as popular, and programming on home game consoles was out of the question. Todays game-programming world is more diverse. THE BLACK ART OF MULTIPLATFORM GAME PROGRAMMING is for developers working across a variety of platforms--Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, etc. Using SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer), a cross-platform software library, this book features demos and video tutorials for each chapter, and, in addition to multiplatform game programming, covers game engine development, software design, and programming a complete game. Get started in cross-platform development today with THE BLACK ART OF MULTIPLATFORM GAME PROGRAMMING.
Introduction to Reference and Information Services in Todays School LibraryFrom $159.95
Students come to the school library every day with questions ranging from "How many people live in China?" to "I need to find out how the Sun began for my science paper." Helping students find the answers to their questions is one of the most important responsibilities school librarians have. In Introduction to Reference and Information Services in Todays School Library, one of Americas premier school library educators covers the A-Z of both reference and information services for todays library. Everything from teaching students how to use sources to both in-person and virtual reference service is covered. A key feature of the text is an annotated bibliography of core print and electronic sources for elementary, middle, and high school collections. Yes, reference and information services are vital library functions in the digital age. Even students who appear to be tech savvy have trouble finding the right information efficiently - and knowing what to do with it. This book examines information needs and behaviors, and provides strategies for assessing and meeting the informational needs of the school community.The book also addresses the conditions for optimum service: physical access (including virtual access), effective interaction and collaboration, instructional design, and systematic planning. Newer issues such as embedded librarianship, curation,collective intelligence, and web 2.0 intellectual property are also addressed. This book introduces the entering professional, and updates practitioners, to current standards and useful strategies.
Statistical AnalysisFrom $43.95
Use Excel 2013s statistical tools to transform your data into knowledge Conrad Carlberg shows how to use Excel 2013 to perform core statistical tasks every business professional, student, and researcher should master. Using real-world examples, Carlberg helps you choose the right technique for each problem and get the most out of Excels statistical features, including recently introduced consistency functions. Along the way, he clarifies confusing statistical terminology and helps you avoid common mistakes. Youll learn how to use correlation and regression, analyze variance and covariance, and test statistical hypotheses using the normal, binomial, t, and F distributions. To help you make accurate inferences based on samples from a population, this edition adds two more chapters on inferential statistics, covering crucial topics ranging from experimental design to the statistical power of F tests. Becoming an expert with Excel statistics has never been easier! Youll find crystal-clear instructions, insider insights, and complete step-by-step projects-all complemented by extensive web-based resources.* Master Excels most useful descriptive and inferential statistical tools * Tell the truth with statistics-and recognize when others dont * Accurately summarize sets of values * Infer a populations characteristics from a samples frequency distribution * Explore correlation and regression to learn how variables move in tandem * Use Excel consistency functions such as STDEV.S() and STDEV.P() * Test differences between two means using z tests, t tests, and Excels Data Analysis Add-in * Use ANOVA to test differences between more than two means * Explore statistical power by manipulating mean differences, standard errors, directionality, and alpha * Take advantage of Recommended PivotTables, Quick Analysis, and other Excel 2013 shortcuts