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The LEIMO Personal Hair Laser is a medical device specifically designed for hair regrowth using Low Level Laser Therapy… more info
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The LEIMO Personal Hair Laser is a medical device specifically designed for hair regrowth using Low Level Laser Therapy… more info
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Leimo For Her Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit more info
+ Shipping: $8.95
Leimo For Her Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit more info
+ Shipping: $8.95
Starter Kit Contains:  1 x Leimo For Her Personal Hair Laser1 x Leimo For Her Vitality Shampoo1 x Leimo For Her… more info
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Leimo Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit Only $699.00 from more info
+ Shipping: $9.99
Leimo For Her Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit Only $694.00 from more info
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Leimo For Her Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit Only $695.00 from more info
+ Shipping: $8.95
Leimo Starter Pack Hair Loss Brand In Box Clearance Laser Shampoo Care Only $529.95 from more info
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Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit By Leimo Only $544.95 from more info
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The Leimo Personal Hair Laser Mens Starter Kit Only $644.00 from more info
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Foltene Supplement for Men and WomenFrom $36.99
Foltène Hair Supplement for Men and Women Foltène products have over 40 years clinical experience using key ingredients to encourage natural hair and nail growth. A twice yearly treatment that strengthens hair, reduces hair loss and promotes growth. Use in combination with the thinning hair shampoo for optimum results. Results after 1 month Does not contain minoxidil Hair Loss in Men: Hair loss in men is often hereditary (androgenic alopecia) and it’s passed on genetically. It is generally characterised by a progressive baldness in particular areas of the head such as the sides, the front and top. In men the main symptoms leading to hair loss are: an excessive loss of hair during washing or brushing, thinner and weaker hair and thinning areas on the scalp. Aggravating factors such as stress, incorrect diet, prescription medicines, frequent dandruff and seborrhoea and long sun exposure weaken the hair and accelerate it’s fall. Hair Loss in Women: Hair loss in women has many causes and is characterised by a general overall lack of condition and density of the hair. Factors that have an effect on the health of women’s hair are: stress, incorrect diets, pregnancy, medications and excessive colouring and styling. In women at the onset of menopause the problem is accelerated resulting in a condition similar to men (alopecia genetica). Foltène Supplement for Men and Women is an exclusive supplement based on the synergic action of 3 actives: Tricosaccaride – Foltène’s patented mixture of natural polysaccharides, normalizes the life cycle of hair. It encourages the hair’s natural growth, strengthens hair and helps feed the follicle. Zanthin – a powerful anti-oxidant, extracted from micro-algae has a protective action against free radicals. Revitalising Nourishing Complex – a balanced mixture of amino acids and vitamins A, B5, C, E and PP necessa
Minoxidil Extra Strength 5% 60ml x6From $89.99
Minoxidil Extra strength Minoxidil extra strength solution contains  5% minoxidol to help with hair loss. It contains the same active ingredient of Regaine at a fraction of the price. Buy 6 Months supply and save even more!   Do not use if:   You do not have a family history of hair loss   Your hair loss is sudden or unexplained   Your scalp is red, inflamed, irritated, painful or infected.   You have an allergic reaction during use.   You are under 18 years or over 65 years of age   You are breastfeeding or pregnant.   External use only, do not take orally. Avoid contact with eyes.       Store below 25c
Lice Blaster 200MlFrom $15.99
Lice Blaster 250Ml
Kp 24 Soaking Soln 500MlFrom $11.99
All personal articles that have been in contact with the patient’s head need to be deloused. Soak all bed linen, towels, hats, clothes, brushes etc. in very hot water using K.P.24 Soaking Solution for 30 minutes prior to normal washing.
Head&Shld Con Smooth 200MFrom $4.99
Head&Shld Con Smooth 200M
Bioglan Superfoods Organic Coconut Oil Virgin Cold Pressed 300gFrom $11.99
Bioglan Coconut Oil, Virgin Cold Pressed is an amazingly versatile product, rich in MCTs - medium chain triglycerides which are beneficial fats, boosting your metabolism and help your body use fat for energy, so it can actually help you become leaner. The body metabolises these MCT fats in the liver, immediately converting this into energy (fuel for the brain and muscle function) rather than being stored as fat and raising cholesterol, or storing as weight. Bioglan Coconut Oil is Rich in Lauric Acid which has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, for a healthy immune system and to help fight infections and boost general health. Dosage Take 1 tablespoon 1-4 times daily , coconut oil can also be used in cooking as a replacement for oils, butters, fats, having a very high cooking temperature it’s better to use for deep frying and becomes flavourless during cooking. Can be added to salad dressings and smoothies. Hair & Skincare You can also use coconut oil as body moisturiser, applying directly to skin to soften. To use as a hair conditioner; place jar in warm water to liquefy the oil then apply 2 teaspoons to hair 1-2 hours before washing for intense moisturising benefits. You can also apply to dry ends and leave in for added moisture. Active ingredient Virgin cold pressed Organic Coconut Oil 300g  No added yeast, salt, gluten, milk derivatives, preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. Warnings & Cautions - Store below 25°C.
Hairdresser's Formula Dry Shampoo 150mlFrom $9.39
Hairdresser's Formula Dry Shampoo 150ml ? Contains Rice Milk * Rice milk contains proteins, vitamins and minerals for nourishing,  moisturising and strengthening. - Rice milk fortifies the hair, preventing it from breakage ? Ideal for use between washes ? Leaves hair feeling clean and full of body Size: 150mL
Nature's Own Hair Skin & Nails Tablets x60From $13.99
Nature's Own Hair Skin & Nails Tablets are a comprehensive formula combining vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and other nutrients to offer a natural way to help maintain the health and strength of hair and nails, as well as promoting a clear complexion. This complex also contains antioxidant ingredients including retinyl palmitate and vitamin E for enhanced benefits. Benefits Assists with nail growth and strength Assists with hair growth and strength Assists in the alleviation of skin complaints and skin repair Directions for Use Take one tablet twice daily with food, or as recommended by your healthcare professional. Phenylketonurics are warned that this product contains phenylalanine. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. The recommended adult daily amount of vitamin A from all sources is 2500IU. Medical Caution WARNING: When taken in excess of 8000IU vitamin A can cause birth defects. If you are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, do not take vitamin A supplements without consulting your doctor or pharmacist.Phenylketonurics are warned that this product contains phenylalanine. Ingredients Vit A (retinyl acetate 862.5mcg) 2500IU, Vit B1 (thiamine HCl) 5mg, Vit B2 (riboflavine) 5mg, Vit B3 (nicotinamide) 7.5mg, Vit B5 (calcium pantothenate) 16.5mg, Vit B6 (pyridoxine HCl) 6.5mg, Vit B12 (cyanocobalamin) 25mcg, Vit C (ascorbic acid) 50mg, Vit D3 (cholecalciferol 1.25mcg) 50IU, Natural Vit E (d-alpha-Tocopheryl acid succinate 20.7mg) 25IU, Folic acid 25mcg, Calcium (as hydrogen phosphate 230mg) 53mg, Iron (as ferrous fumarate 10.5mg) 3.29mg, Potassium (as sulfate 2mg) 898mcg, Zinc (as gluconate 5mg) 653mcg, Magnesium (as oxide-heavy 35mg) 20mg, Iodine (from potassium iodide 150mcg) 115mcg, Manganese (as sulfate monohydrate 2mg) 650mcg, Herbs: Watercress (Nasturtium officinale) herb powder 20mg
David Babaii Blow Out Spray 150gFrom $20.99
David Babaii Blow Out Spray 150g David Babaii Blow Out Spray is a heat protection spray designed to speed up blow dry time (cutting it in half) and add extra bang to your blow out. This double-duty spray banishes frizz and imparts intense shine while reducing drying time. Luxurious Bamboo extract works to absorb excess oils and create texture, while Panthenol acts as a moisturiser to maintain natural shine and hydration. DIRECTIONS: Spray evenly all over wet hair. Comb through and dry as usual. This is a base product and you can use other styling products on top. WARNING: Use only as directed. Do not spray into eyes. Keep away from painted or polished surfaces. INGREDIENTS: Ethanol, Octylacrylamide/Acrylates/Butylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer, Adenosine Monophosphate, Isopropyl Myristate, Bambusa Arundinacea (Bamboo) Stem Extract, Octyl Dodecanol, PEG-12 Dimethicone, Deliciosa (Kiwi) Fruit Extract,Ocimum Basilicum (Basil) Herb Extract, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Evening Primrose Oil (refined), Panthenol, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Butane/Propane, Benzyl Benzoate, Coumarin, Limonene.
Apivita PROPOLINE Hair Softening Conditioner for All Hair Types 150mlFrom $24.9
Light texture cream for everyday smooth care, ideal for thin hair that gets heavy easily. Moisturizes, leaving hair fluffy and easy to comb. Protects against the adverse effects of the environment and the damage caused by styling products. Ideal for everyday use for all hair types, including oily hair. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED
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