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New Point of Sale System.Includes PC with 15" Touch Screen monitor/printer/scanner/cash drawer Win 7HP OS. (MANY OTHER… more info
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New Point of Sale System. Includes New PC with 15" Touch Screen LCD monitor/printer/scanner/cash drawer Win 7HP OS and… more info
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A soft-as-silk natural loose powder Improve makeup wear by fixing foundation Enhances your complexion with a… more info
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Swisse Ultiboost Hair Skin Nails liquid is a comprehensive formula containing premium quality ingredients to support… more info
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Buy Cheap Monday - Air Overlock Shirt - Casual shirts (Sunbleach Wash) at THE ICONIC with free overnight delivery over… more info
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Buy Cheap Monday - Air Overlock Shirt - Casual shirts (Core Wash) at THE ICONIC with free overnight delivery over $50… more info
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Emergency Assembly Area Sign in Polypropylene is available in only single size of 60cmx45cm. Ideal for indoor and… more info
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Antibacterial Mop Refills are available for Antibacterial Mop. Sizes available in M, L or XL. Provided with… more info
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Sale Sparkling Only from Cellarmasters more info
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Stocktake Sale Mix Plus 2 Bonus Bottles Only from Cellarmasters more info
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No wires, no worries! CLEARANCE SALE! GET 5 FOR $12 (WAS $19) GET 10 FOR $16 (WAS $29) GET 15 FOR $20 (WAS $39) GET 20… more info
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With all the parties coming your way and all the reasons to celebrate, here's the gadget that will make you popular… more info
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Silicone Wristbands Including Artwork and Printing / One Colour.Printed Silicone Wristbands Adult Size 202*12*2mmStep… more info
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Be a better salesperson! Start a new business or grow an existing one Advance your job prospects; develop your… more info
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Frygia is a brand new design by Roza lingerie. The deep lace embroidery design goes all the way back. Smooth, shining… more info
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Advertise your sales promotions with the QuikStik Sale Sign. Each sign is printed with bright, vibrant colours to… more info
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Economical price marker - saves you timeEFFICIENT AND RELIABLE. Mark thousands of items quickly.EASILY ACCESSIBLE. Load… more info
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Party decorating accessories that add a little punch! Gorgeous pink striped cupcake cases are perfect for gifting… more info
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Party decorating accessories with a twist from Talking Tables. Add colourful crafty food flags to brighten up home… more info
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A soft, classic polo shirt crafted with wicking FlashDryfibers for a casual look that delivers breathable performance… more info
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Frame measures 10 x 7cm and is made of resin. (Choose between jumper and dress design) more info
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Each frame measures 10cm x 7.5cm and features black velvet backing. more info
+ Shipping: $13.95
Features: A soft-as-silk natural loose powder Improve makeup wear by fixing foundation Enhances your complexion with a… more info
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Avery Dispenser DMR4463Sw 44X63Mm *SALE - WAS/NOW* more info
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Avery Dispenser DMR2432S1 24x32mm *SALE PRICE* Label more info
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Learn how to play your favourite songs with the Music Sales Play Bass with Paul McCartney Songbook. Spanning Paul… more info
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Make learning to play the 5-string banjo easier than ever with The Absolute Beginners award-winning teaching method. more info
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Colours and designs may vary. Mat measures 240 H x 180cm W. more info
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Colours and designs may vary. Measures 150 H x 200cm W. more info
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836848 replacement fridge filter on sale Free delivery more info
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Buy 3 Get 1 FREE !Suitable for Epson Stylus Photo R800, Epson Stylus Photo R1800 more info
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Buy 3 Get 1 FREE !Suitable for Epson Stylus Photo R800, Epson Stylus Photo R1800(only if you have our Two Parts… more info
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Fantastic value dust covers to protect your sewing machine and overlocker. Sewing Machine 40 x 30 x 21 cm 37390… more info
+ Shipping: $7.90
For fast and professional edging, hemming, seaming and decorative stitching, you can’t beat an overlocker. Here’s the… more info
+ Shipping: $7.90
Global Knives are made in Japan from the finest CROMOVA 18 Stainless steel, ice tempered, and hardened to Rockwell C56… more info
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Kasumi knives are made in Seki City, the historical heart and soul of Japanese knife and swordmaking. The Japanese… more info
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Hot Sale NO.WS9109 EPP Airplane Glider Radio Remote Control Glider RC Model Plane more info
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Hot Sale Small Lovely Intelligent 2.4GHz Built in Gyroscope Remote Control Red Electronic Ladybug more info
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Omega BL330 - 1 HP High Performance Blender - SALE more info
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Ecological Economics: An IntroductionFrom $85.62
Ecological economics is an exciting interdisciplinary field of study that combines insights from the natural sciences, economics, philosophy and other fields to develop innovative approaches to environmental problems. It draws on a wide range of analytical perspectives, some radical others more conventional, to build a more complete understanding of human-ecosystem interactions. Current research in the field includes work on nature conservation, land use planning, pollution control, natural resource management, and environmental impact assessment/evaluation.“Ecological Economics” provides a comprehensive introduction to the core themes, presented in a clearly structured style, with chapters tailored specifically to readers without any economic or philosophical training. There is an emphasis throughout on the complementary roles of economics, ethics and ecology in environmental decision-making processes. The book reviews the evolution of important ideas in the field, explores the fundamental philosophies underlying different approaches to environmental problems, explains in detail the specific tools and techniques used in these approaches, and gives numerous examples of how they can be applied. Special importance is attached to understanding both the advantages and limitations of different analyses, in order to provide a balanced and coherent view of how these different approaches interrelate and how their roles vary in different contexts.Written by three authors specializing in ecology, economics and philosophy, this textbook provides an excellent introduction to the field of ecological economics for students in the natural sciences and other environmental disciplines. It will also be of interest to a wide range of professionals and researchers involved in environmental management and policy, and thers including economists seeking to broaden their knowledge of new met
The Fortex StoryFrom $24.77
Fortex, a small South Island meat processing company, captured the public imagination when it became Company of the Year in 1990. Four year later it was bankrupt and its founder sentenced to imprisonment for fraud. This was a company determined to make a difference, only to find itself a victim of the fiercely competitive meat industry.
Fundamental Tax Legislation 2009From $76.99
This book contains the essential provisions from Australia's taxation legislation in a single invaluable volume, making it the complete legislation resource for tax students. This edition has been updated to reflect all legislative changes up to 1 January, 2009.
Great FoundationsFrom $31.49
Great not-for-profit organisations are built on a solid foundation of knowledge, creativity, experience, and agreed values purpose. Great Foundations is a practical guide for people working in not-for-profit organisations, especially aspiring board members and CEOs and people for whom this is new territory. It is for people who want to make the most effective contribution they can to their chosen not-for-profit organisation.
Listen to Me, Listen to YouFrom $60.49
This step-by-step guide is a companion to the popular Listen to Me, Listen to You: A Practical Guide to Self-awareness, Communication Skills and Conflict Management. It is designed for use by anyone working in communication skills and personal development training. Resource material is grouped under major headings: Orientation; Self-esteem; Self-awareness and self-knowledge; Effective listening; Self-assertion; Managing conflict collaboratively; Reflection and closure.
Leadershift: The Work-Life Balance ProgramFrom $52.49
An original Australian leadership program designed to shift the way people think about their personal and professional life. Leadershift promotes a work-life balance through a personal and practical program of self-leadership. It includes a unique model that HR professionals and managers can also use as a structured professional and personal development program in any workplace. The Leadershift program has two components: The Leadershift book provides a wealth of information and analysis on the personal and working lives of Australians today. Don Clayton draws on the latest research in personal development and management theories, actual case studies, his own personal and professional experience, and profiles of well-known leaders to provide a witty and engaging approach to leadership. The Leadershift Workbook provides information and worksheets for self-evaluation that will help people manage and implement their personal goals.
Crossing the Ether: Pre-War Public Service Radio and Commerical Competition in the UK [With CD]From $39.96
Histories of British broadcasting suggest that the BBC monopoly was never seriously challenged until the coming of ITV in 1955. “Crossing the Ether” counters this view, telling the story of commercial radio's first challenge to the Public Service monopoly between 1930 and 1939. In the telling, this account provides substantial primary evidence that radio in Britain during the 1930s was a battleground between continental-based stations, run by British and American commercial interests, and the BBC. Legal, land-based independent radio in Britain first began in October 1973. Prior to this, Radio Luxembourg and the offshore 'pirate' stations of the 1960s had challenged the BBC's monopoly of the airwaves. It is, however,a lesser-known fact that the debate between public service and commercial interests in UK radio goes back much further - in fact to the very beginnings of the medium.Between 1920 and the outbreak of World War II, radio listening in Britain was a battlefield fought over on one hand by a somewhat paternalistic BBC, and on the other by Europe-based commercial stations, broadcasting populist sponsored English-language programmes.This book explores fully for the first time the importance of the tension between the two in terms of the cultural and technical evolution of British sound broadcasting. In so doing, it questions the traditional historical view of the BBC as an unchallenged monopoly during the period, providing evidence that a number of crucial areas of broadcasting development in pre-war Britain resulted directly from the pressure of competition.
Communications Media, Globalization, and EmpireFrom $43.6
In Communications Media, Globalization, and Empire, an international team of experts analyze and critique the political economy of media communications worldwide. Their analysis takes particular account of the sometimes conflicting pressures of globalization and “neo-imperialism.” The first is commonly defined as the dismantling of barriers to trade and cultural exchange and responds significantly to lobbying of the world's largest corporations, including media corporations. The second concerns U.S. pursuit of national security interests as response to “terrorism,” at one level and, at others, to intensifying competition among both nations and corporations for global natural resources.