Double Brown PU Leather Deluxe Bed Frame
New bed frames are one of the easiest ways to add a touch of personal style to your bedroom. They’re much more than just a stylish accessory, as they’re a near-necessary addition to your home.Without a bed frame, your mattress would be more susceptible to dust and pests, would look bare and unfinished, and would fail to properly support your body while you sleep. Whether you’re moving into a new home or just want a new frame to give your bedroom a new lease of life, this choice is a great investment. The wooden frame of our Double Deluxe Bed Frame in Brown PU Leather is easy to assemble, exceptionally sturdy, and will support your mattress for many good night sleeps to come. Both frame and headboard are finished with stylish Brown PU Leather covering, which has been attractively stitched and padded for a timeless yet modern finish. Note: - Mattress and linens are NOT included. - Assembly required; instructions included. Specifications: Dimensions of frame: 190 x 147 cm Height of headboard: 98 cm tall (6cm leg & 92cm headboard) Height of bed frame: 24.5 cm Width of footboard: 7 cm Width of headboard: 10.5 cm Width of bed frame: 3 cm Can accommodate mattresses of 137 x 187cm...    
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