DVI-I Female to DVI-I Female Adaptor (DVI-I Coupler)
Gender change is nothing to be embarrassed about, and the latest technology has made it easier than ever to go from male to female in the blink of an eye! DVI-I Male to DVI-I Female, that is! Whatdid you think I was talking about? This DVI-I Female to DVI-I Female Adaptor (DVI-I Coupler) is ideal for both changing your DVI-I, DVI-A and DVI-D Male terminating cables or plugs into a matching DVI female socket, or for joining two male-ended cables together for extended runs. As always, check your......    
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Yamaha Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Bluetooth Streaming -...From $449.95
Sophisticated design characterised by an elegant, smoothly curved form. Bluetooth® wireless music streaming compatibility and a dedicated smartphone app for convenient control. Unique bass extension processing technology for an immersive, detailed sound that fills the room. Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer delivers superior surround sound from TV and BDs - Advanced Bass Extension Processing delivers a surprising abundance of bass sound - Large volume cabinet reproduces TV sound with high sound quality Soundbar produces expansive and clear surround sound Wireless Subwoofer with A-YST II reproduces deep bass with clarity and power Bluetooth wireless music streaming from smartphone/tablet HOME THEATER CONTROLLER App for easy touch-and-select operation - Basic function control, such as volume updown, input selection and setting mode selection - App surround modes provide more choices than remote unit - App supports Movie, Music, Game, Sports, TV program IR Flasher for TV remote signal transmission Elegant and stylish design featuring a combination of high gloss and textured finishes Slim, low-profile soundbar design allows positioning in front of a TV Wireless Subwoofer allows flexible placement AIR SURROUND XTREME Provides Spacious Home Theatre Experience AIR SURROUND XTREME is Yamaha’s unique virtual surround technology, delivering full, rich sound with a cohesive sense of surround placement. Enjoy immersive surround sound from all kinds of audio sources, from music to movies and sports. Soundbar Produces Expansive and Clear Surround Sound The soundbar houses a digital amp and two 5.5cm (2-1/8”) cone speakers with large magnets to ensure high sound clarity. Its superb structural design allows high capacity cabinet volume for very powerful and clear sound, even though the body is very slim. Yamaha’s original Advanced Bass Extension Processing delivers a surprising abundance of bass for the size, so you never...
Yamaha 5.1 Speaker Pack with Subwoofer - NS-PA40From $499.95
With a graceful, curved design, this 5.1 channel speaker system will look stylish in any home, while providing full enjoyment of both music and movies. Features 5.1 channel speaker system compatible with HD Audio sources 2-way, 3-speaker front speakers deliver rich lows, clear dialogue and expressive vocals Advanced YST II subwoofer Slim, striking design of front speakers add a smart touch to any interior Glossy black cabinets match the latest TVs Designed to enable clean and neat wiring (cable hidden inside front speaker) Surround and center speakers can be wall mounted 5.1 Channel Speaker System Compatible with HD Audio Sources In addition to being able to reproduce multichannel (5.1 channel) audio, these speakers are capable of the high performance necessary to fully convey the power and detail of high definition audio sources. 2-Way, 3-Speaker Front Speakers Deliver Rich Lows, Clear Dialogue and Expressive Vocals The front speakers have dual woofers tuned to match the center and surround speakers and a balanced dome tweeter, ensuring that they cover a wide frequency range. Utilizing high quality materials and parts, they deliver strong, punchy bass, clear dialogue and vocals and clear highs for maximum enjoyment of any source. Advanced YST II Produces Awesome Bass Advanced YST II combines negative-impedance and constant current principles to drive the speaker cone with tight control. It optimizes effective speaker impedance to maintain stable and accurate low range response and high sound pressure levels for more natural and energetic bass reproduction. Front Speakers Have Slim, Strikingly Attractive Design Just 3-1/2" (90 mm) wide and with round stands, the front speakers are easy to position in any room. The curved form has the elegant beauty of a fine musical instrument and will add a smart touch to the interior. Glossy Black Cabinets Match the Latest...
Dayton Audio Sub Link 2.4 GHz Wireless Audio Transmission System...From $145.95
The Daton Audio Sub-Link Wireless Audio System makes it easy to place your subwoofer exactly where it needs to be without the worry of needing to run a subwoofer cable back to your receiver. The option of being able to place your subwoofer in the optimal position will improve your overall home theatre experience. It will also make it alot easier to place a second subwoofer at the rear of your room to help spread out the low frequency effects of your move. With the price of long subwoofer cables and in-wall installation in an attempt to hide these cables you will find that alot of the time the Sub-Link will be not only more convenient but also more affordable. With a range of up-to 12m these should suit all size home theatre rooms. These products are powered by a usb connection and the included Australian power adapter can be used with the usb cable. The usb connection is not designed to be used for data purposes and is there to power the unit only. The Sub-Link can also be used to send a stereo signal to powered rear speakers or another stereo zone. Paring: The transmitter and receiver are paired from factory, but if for some reason they become un-paired then it is simple to re-pair them. First press and hold the button on the transmitter. Then press and release the button on the receiver. Finally release the button on the transmitter and the two units will be paired. Features: Wireless Audio Transmission Optimized For Subwoofer Use 12m Transmission Range Kit Includes: 1x Audio Transmitter 1x Audio Receiver 2x 3.5mm Stereo to Stereo Male RCA Cables 2x 3.5mm Stereo to Mono Male RCA Cables 2x USB-A male to Micro USB-B Charging Cables 2x USB 5V DC 2A Australian Power Adapters Specifications: Operating Voltage: 5V DC 1A Radio Frequency Band: 2.404 to 2.467 GHz Wireless Range: up-to 12m Transmitter Power: ≤ 10 dBm Receiver Sensitivity: -85 dBm Frequency Response: 15 - 20,000...
TV Plug to TV Plug 1.5mFrom $2.78
This TV Plug to TV Plug 1.5metre - Gold connects your antenna or VCR to your television. Featuring gold plated connector tips which provide better signal conductivity and strain relief which prevents breakage. The plugs are colour-coded for easy connection.RF, or antenna cables are the most common way of transferring radio frequency signals which contain both audio and video data. They are also referred to as flyleads.
BOSE Quiet Comfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones - BlackFrom $339
Express Delivery, No Payment Surcharge, GST Worry Free, 14Days Return, Up to 24M Warranty, Best Price!BOSE Quiet Comfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones - Black
JBL Flip3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - RedFrom $109
Express Delivery, No Payment Surcharge, GST Worry Free, 14Days Return, Up to 24M Warranty, Best Price!JBL Flip3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Red
JBL Flip3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - BlueFrom $109
Express Delivery, No Payment Surcharge, GST Worry Free, 14Days Return, Up to 24M Warranty, Best Price!JBL Flip3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Blue
HDBaseT HDMI Extender with IR - 4K Compatible - Up to 70mFrom $199.95
This HDMI Extender utilises the HDBaseT connectivity standard to deliver uncompressed high definition video and audio with absolutely no loss of quality. This exceptional unit supports resolutions up to 4K (Ultra HD) along with bidirectional IR pass through.
Shure PG28 w/ SVX2 Wireless Handheld Transmitter J9From $225
This product works on the J9 frequency band. This SVX Wireless Handheld Transmitter comes with a PG28 microphone, perfect for vocal applications. Features RF Level Switch between 1mW and 10mW 2 “AA” batteries Up to 10 hours of battery life Bottom on/off switch design Anti-rolling ring on grille for PG28 Power and battery status LED 6 color rings for microphone identification Transmitter Type: Handheld Dimensions: 254 mm X 51 mm diameter RF Output Power: 1 Battery, endurance: 10 h Weight: 270 g For more information, please visit
Resi-Linx Bluewave 20W Bluetooth Amplifier for In-Ceiling Speakers...From $179.95
Great little device just launched by Resi-Linx. This is a 20W RMS Amplifier which has a built-in Bluetooth Receiver and is perfect for use with a pair of your In-Ceiling / In-Wall Speakers. This product offers easy installaton and will work with all Bluetooth enabled audio transmitters. Common use is to stream all your music from your mobile or tablet to a pair of In-Ceiling Speakers. It's designed so it can also be retrofitted into existing installations, as the unit has a amplifier input and speaker output. The built-in amplifier will then only be used when playing a Bluetooth source and will be bypassed when playing from your existing sound system. Features: Built-in 20W RMS Amplifier. 3.0+ EDR Bluetooth receiver with up to 20m range. High Frequency Amplifier Input - Which overrides the built-in amplifier and Bluetooth Receiver. Can be attached to speaker directly. 15V Power Supply Included.