Eagle Tresos B with Selenium - Large
Eagle Pharmaceuticals Tresos B with Selenium Eagle Pharmaceuticals Tresos-B with Selenium is a multimineral, multivitamin and amino acid complex, with selenium as a potent anti-oxidant, for use asa daily nutritional supplement. Eagle Pharmaceuticals Tresos B with Selenium is a varient on the very popular original formula of Tresos B. Many clients use either product an often alternate between the two. Eagle Pharmaceuticals Tresos B with Selenium is a stronger antioxidant formulation, so if you are looking to prevent cancer, inflammatory changes etc. then consider this formula. Eagle Pharmaceuticals Tresos B (the original formula) contains a greater range of minerals therefore it is a slightly more comprehensive multimineral. Both are great products and some of the most popular B group vitamin mixes in Australia! Active ingredients Nicotinamide 220 mg Calcium ascorbate 121 mg (equiv. ascorbic acid 100mg) Calcium pantothenate (B5) 100 mg Zinc gluconate 100 mg (equi...    
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