Elgato EyeTV Diversity Dual Tuner DVB-T Stick CLEARANCE
Innovative Antenna Diversity & Multi-Tuner Technology for Superior DTT ReceptionThis amazing USB 2.0 stick provides superior television reception deep indoors, in conditions that are challenging forreception outdoors, and at high speeds. EyeTV Diversity contains two integrated receivers and two portable antennas. They work together to achieve optimal reception in Diversity mode, or independently as two distinct tuners in Dual Tuner mode.Dual-Tuner Mode:Even if you live in an area with strong DTT reception, EyeTV Diversity is an attractive choice. In Dual-Tuner mode, EyeTV Diversity becomes two conventional DTT receivers in one. Its the only EyeTV product that enables you to watch two live TV channels Picture-in-Picture, or watch one show while you record another.Diversity Mode:In Diversity mode, the two integrated tuners are set to the same frequency. EyeTV Diversity contains a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), which uses information from both tuners to generate the best signal poss...    
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The young-and-fun-designed AVerTV Volar HD adopts concealed connector to decrease the damage possibilities, and the compact exterior remains the usability of other USB ports. Besides, the equipped portable high gain antenna, which constructs wide angle signal reception to present you a remarkable PCTV viewing experience. The latest AVerTV 3D ensures that users are perfectly entertained. By supporting up to 1080i high definition TV viewing, AVerTV Volar HD offers users to watch and record HDTV programs. Even better, you can plan the recording schedule, or record directly in iPod format to make your favorite shows on-the-go.AVerTV Volar HD is Windows 7 ready and certified by Windows Media Center Additional Qualification (WMC AQ), which guarantees the enhanced superb performance and stability on Windows Media Center (WMC) and the first-rate PCTV experience. Introduction of AVerTV3D Intuitive User Interface AVerTV 3D provides you an intuitive user interface with frequent-used function buttons listed right on the toolbar. You can easily switch channel, adjust volume, or watch the astonishing and immersive live 3DTV with one click, just like the same way you do with TV. Transform 2D Live TV into 3D If you can’t wait until 3DTV to be broadcasted, the exclusive see3D technology can transform all the 2D live TV recordings and movies into a fantastic 3D experience! Comprehensive 3D Display Mode To get the immersive 3DTV viewing experience, we recommend you to watch 3DTV with NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit. Besides, AVerTV 6 3D also supports anaglyphic and polarized 3D display modes. Exclusive Color Enhancement The Color Enhancement adjusts video quality and show the astonishingly sharp and vivid video color. De-interlace with Smooth Edge Option gives you the stable and smooth video quality without overeating CPU resource. Certified by Windows Media Center Additional Qualification Support H.264 / MPEG-2 HDTV formats up to 1080i / 720p Direct iPod / PSP format Recording Digital Subtitle
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