Gregory's Car Manual Jackaroo / Rodeo - 532
Ultimate DIY guide for service and repair
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Workshop Service & Repair Manual Toyota Landcruiser, 523From $55
This is a new Workshop Service & Repair Manual to suit Toyota Landcruiser 60 Series, 70 Series & 80 Series 1980-1998. This includes HJ60, HJ61, HJ70, HJ75, HZJ80 & HDJ80. It is a Gregory's Manual and covers Hardtop, Wagon, Utility, Cab Chassis, Troop Carrier, Standard, RV, GXL & Sahara. Diesel Engines Covered: 4.0 litre '2H' 6 Cylinder OHV Indirect Injection 4.0 litre '12H-T' 6 Cylinder OHV Direct Injection Turbocharged 4.2 litre '1HZ' 6 Cylinder SOHC4.2 litre '1HD-T' 6 Cinderyl SOHC Direct Turbocharged 4.2 litre '1HD-FT' 6 Cylinder SOHC Direct Turbo 24v.This Manual features lots of diagrams, information and so forth to service, maintain and repair your vehicle, saving you money. Gregory's Manual: 523This is another quality new product from All Four x 4 Spares, Kotara where we stock new & exchange parts and dismantle four wheel drives. If you have any queries please send us an email or phone Terry on (02) 40414018. 523 Workshop Repair Manual Toyota Landcruiser 60 Series 70 Series 80 Series Diesel
Formula 1 Technical AnalysisFrom $32.27
achievements and technical developments.
Formula 1 Technical Analysis 2000From $29.74
Discover the technical wizardry behind the dominant Ferraris and McLarens, as well as F1's other custom-built race cars. Piola, an Italian TV journalist and F1 expert, analyzes every car in the 2000 grid, including the mechanical and chassis evolutions during the season. Regulations, cockpit designs and aerodynamics are addressed with detailed sketches and insightful analysis.
Allied Rotorcraft of the Ww2 PeriodFrom $24.71
One of the first attempts to relate the development of rotorcraft, both helicopters and autogiros, in Allied countries during the WWII period. American, British, French and Russian rotorcraft are included. The book describes and illustrates the development and evolution of rotorcraft and contains: scale plans, photos and drawings from Technical Manuals, superb color illustrations of camouflage and markings, walk-around color photographs and b+w archive photographs. Essential reading for aviation enthusiasts and scale aeromodelers.
Gloster GladiatorFrom $32.41
Survivors and Airframe Details.
Automobile YearFrom $84.92
The 57th Edition of this leading motoring annual from innovative new publisher ETAI will continue the same format and high standards of production and content that have been established over half a century. As before, the book will be clearly divided into three sections: firstly, Industry and Markets, which focuses on concept cars, design, new models, economy and markets. Next comes the Sport section, with details of the FIA championships including Formula 1, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the World Rally Championship and the World Touring Car Championship and lastly, the Culture section, which highlights various important events, auctions and automobile history. Packed with ever more stunning photographs this book remains an essential buy for the true motoring enthusiast.
Dyno Testing and TuningFrom $27.68
Dyno Testing and Tuning is the first book to explain the proper testing procedures that everyone should use to get accurate and useful results from either an engine or chassis dyno. Authors Harold Bettes and Bill Hancock, recognized experts in the performance and racing industry, apply their wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver the definitive work on dynamometers and dyno testing. This book will be useful to anyone who wants to squeeze more power out of their car or engine, but should also be required reading for performance shop owners and dyno operators.This book explains how a dyno works, describes what kinds of data a dyno test can produce, and then shows you how to plan a test session that will give you the results you re looking for. You ll learn what to look for in a dyno facility, how to conduct a dyno test and ensure the accuracy and repeatability of your test, and how to troubleshoot any problems that arise. Sample forms and checklists round out what is sure to be an indispensable book for anyone who wants to make the most of their dyno testing.The photos in this edition are black and white.
Super Stock: Drag Racing the Family SedanFrom $33.51
Super Stock takes a look at what was the most popular class of drag racing - factory Super Stock. It traces the evolution of the cars, the engines, the rules, the personalities, and many of the teams, from its beginnings in the mid-1950s through to the 1960s and the era of the Super Stock 409s, Ramchargers, 421 Pontiacs, and 406 Fords. This was a time when Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors competed on a weekly basis at local drag strips throughout the country, and the saying on Sunday, sell on Monday... had real significance in the marketplace. This is also the period that saw emergence of the term musclecar and the production of a whole class of American automobiles - which are now the most sought after by collectors, restorers, and performance enthusiasts.
How to Build Max-performance Chevy Big Blocks on a BudgetFrom $27.15
Master engine builder and veteran author David Vizard imparts his 50 years of engine building experience and unique insight, so the reader can invest wisely in a maximum performance Chevy big-block build-up. Like the top selling Max-Performance Chevy Small-Blocks on a Budget, readers are shown how to get the optimal machining performed, select the ideal parts, and assemble the strongest engine package for a budget of $1,500 to $15,000. This book will provide a thorough, methodical, and revealing approach for disassembly, machining, preparation, modification, and assembly of a big-block Chevy.
How to Rebuild and Modify High-Performance Manual TransmissionsFrom $27.09
How to Rebuild and Modify High-Performance Manual Transmissions breaks down the disassembly, inspection, modification/upgrade, and rebuilding process into detailed yet easy-to-follow steps consistent with our other Workbench series books. The latest techniques and insider tips are revealed, so an enthusiast can quickly perform a tear-down, identify worn parts, select the best components, and successfully assemble a high-performance transmission. Transmission expert and designer Paul Cangialosi shares his proven rebuilding methods, insight, and 27 years of knowledge in the transmission industry. He guides you through the rebuilding process for most major high-performance transmissions, including BorgWarner T10 and super T10, GM/Muncie, Ford Toploader, and Tremec T5. This new edition also contains a complete step-by-step rebuild of the Chrysler A833 transmission.