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We have listed some tips below that might help you when using the Getprice site. There is also a help video showing how to find, compare and buy products using Getprice.

Find the Right Product

There are a number of ways to find the product you are looking for on Getprice.


If you know exactly what you are looking for, the easiest way to find it is to enter the search term into the search box on Getprice. You can search for a generic product, such as ‘Mobile Phone’, or for a specific model, such as ‘iPhone 6’. You can also use the product’s unique identifier if you know it. This might be a SKU or Manufacturer Part Number such as ‘MG4J2X/A‘.



If Getprice does not immediately find the product you are looking for, you have several options. Firstly, try entering another similar search term.

If you still don’t find the right product, use some of the suggested alternatives that the Getprice product recommendation engine displays.


Browsing through the categories and products on Getprice is a great way to find what you are looking for if you are a bit unsure of the exact product name or model. We list the main generic categories such as ‘Electronics’, ‘Computers’, ‘Fashion’, and ‘Home & Garden’ on the homepage of Getprice. By clicking on one of these categories you can narrow the range of products you’re looking for and browse the sub-categories. In the case of ‘Electronics’, the sub-categories include, for example, ‘Digital Cameras’, ‘Televisions’ and ‘Mobile Phones’.



As you browse and reach the deeper categories, we will display the most popular products within those categories so that you can see what others have been reviewing.

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Compare Products, Prices and Merchants

On Getprice you can compare products, prices and merchants.

Compare Products

Getprice allows you to compare similar products using a wide range of product features and specifications. Once you have a list of products that are close to what you want, you can select several to compare against each other by checking the boxes on the left-hand side.

You can also find product reviews on Getprice, submitted by other people that have bought and/or used the product you’re interested in. It can be very helpful to read through other people’s experiences of the pros and cons of products before deciding what to buy.

For some products, Getprice also displays reviews by professional reviewers. This are clearly marked and provide a detailed analysis of the product and are useful when viewed in combination with the consumer reviews.


Compare Prices

Being able to find the cheapest item for sale is central to the purpose of Getprice. Once you have selected the product of interest, we list all offers on that product, ordered from cheapest to most expensive.

On Getprice, we endeavour to show you the ‘total price’, which is the price of the product plus the price of any delivery charges. In some cases it’s difficult for merchants to know how much delivery charges might (for example if you are interstate the delivery might cost more).

Getprice also shows whether items are in-stock or not.

In some categories it is not so useful to show direct price comparisons because the products are not exactly the same. If, for example, you want to compare ‘earrings’, it is unlikely that two pairs are exactly the same. In these instances we will simply display all of the items matching your search.


Compare Merchants

Often prices are the same or marginally different, in which case the store you buy from will become an important part of your decision-making process. Indeed, many people buy not only based on price, rather they make the decision based on a combination of factors, including price, brand, perceived trust, customer reviews, payment options etc. Recognising this, Getprice lists several points of comparison between stores.

• Shipping charges: Getprice tries to ensure that prices listed are ‘final prices’ that include shipping and other charges. In some cases, merchants will list the price of the item and shipping charges separately, so we display this at the point of comparison in order to provide a fair comparison.

• Trust rating: Based on other consumers’ experiences with the store, this can form an important part of your decision.

• Payment methods accepted: alternative methods of payment provide a wider choice and flexibility for shoppers, so Getprice lists the methods accepted by each store for comparison:

• Item in stock: if you genuinely intend to buy an item, there is little point visiting the online store if the item is not in stock. Sometimes our shop partners will list products that are not in stock just to show you that they normally have this item, perhaps in the hope that you will return. To avoid disappointment, we show you on Getprice whether a particular item is in-stock or not.

• Location: normally not critical if you want to buy online, as all stores on Getprice will send the product to a nominated address in Australia. Sometimes, however, it's nice to know who you are dealing with and where they are located.

• Estimated delivery time: knowing how long it will take to receive your order can often be an important part of the decision-making process, so we display estimations provided by the retailers as well. Getprice also provides reviews on each online store, written by consumers who have interacted with that store. These are useful indicators of reliability, trustworthiness and timeliness.

• Shoppers can rate stores on a variety of criteria that result in a total rating from 1 to 5. The criteria used are:
- Ease of ordering
- Customer support
- Timely delivery
- Products met expectations


Once you have used Getprice to decide on the product you want and which online store you want to buy it from, buying the item is simple!

In order to complete the purchase, you will leave Getprice and go to the relevant retailer’s website.


For comparable products, click on the "Go to shop" button


For unique items, click on the store logo or the "Go to shop" link under the store logo.



Use to shop simply, safely and smartly online! Our merchants have the best prices in Australia and you will be pleasantly surprised at the savings you can make on a huge range of products.