High Pressure Carpet Steam Cleaner Steamer w Accessories Pk
The Steam Cleaner - 1.5L / 1500W is an essential tool for household cleaning. There isn't a single household that cannot benefit from this amazing yet simple machine! Using just ordinary water, thesteam cleaner heats the water into steam for terrific cleaning power. You'll discover a huge number of uses for the steam cleaner, and a number of included attachments help you take full advantage of the power of steam. A high pressure nozzle gives you ultra-concentrated steam for those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, such as around the bathroom sink or kitchen stove. Brush attachments in two different sizes give you scrubbing ability along with steam cleaning for counters and other flat surfaces. A fan-shaped window brush gives you the right tool for bringing the sheen back to your windows, and a floor brush is perfect to clean floors in record time. The steam cleaner features a water tank capacity of 1.5 liters, and a power rating of 1500 watts. The power cord is 2.5 meters long. Simple accessories for measuring and pouring water into the unit are included. Upgrade to the Steam Cleaner - 1.5L / 1500W, and experience for yourself the power of steam! Specifications of the Steam Cleaner - 1.5L / 1500W: Power: 1500W Tank capacity: 1.5 L 2.5 meter power cord Pressure: 4.0 - 4.5 bars Included Accessories: Extension tube Cloth Measuring cup Floor brush Window brush Funnel High pressure nozzle Small round brush Big round brush...    
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