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LeapFrog App Centre Download Card
LeapFrog App Centre download card lets you go online and choose from more than 50 learning apps from the LeapFrog App Centre. Each app offers endless ways to play, like games, ultra e-books, videos,flash cards and more. Download to your Leapster Explorer handheld or LeapPad Explorer tablet and learn on the go. Contains 1 LeapFrog App Centre Download Card. Requires Leapster Explorer handheld unit or LeapPad Explorer tablet unit...    
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Latest Products
Crayola Qwikflip Double Sided Easel - Flip And Choose Between 1 X Magnetic Dry Erase Side And 1 X ChalkboardFrom $49.95
Crayola Qwikflip Double Sided Easel. This easel is an essential for kids' art time! Each of the boards includes a clip to hold paper, so your little one can draw on the paper to create permanent artwork, while the chalkboard and dry-erase surfaces easily wipe clean. Four detachable storage bins are located on the easel to place chalk pieces, markers or crayons. Use the magnetic letters and numbers to teach your child about reading and mathematics, and watch as he or she begins to develop a deeper understanding of these concepts. This easel is ideal for encouraging your little one to express his or her creativity in unique ways. Features Double sided easel for kids Kids can get creative on the whiteboard side or the chalkboard side Easily flips between the two surfaces Folds flat for easy storage Includes storage tray for markers, chalk and erasers Simple adult assembly required Kids' art essential Cute crayon friends design Eraser included alternate between using crayons, dry-erase markers and chalk with this versatile easel Dimensions: Approx. (H) 113cm x (D) 6.5cm x (W) 59cm Model: 5034 Brand: Crayola Please note: this product contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years old Package Contents 1 x two-sided easel for kids 1 x storage tray 1 x large paper clip 1 x eraser
Disney Princess Frozen Table LampFrom $20
Light up your little princess' room with this adorable Disney Princess Frozen Table Lamp. Key Features Your little princess will be delighted with this cute Frozen Table Lamp which features her favourite royals: Anna and Elsa. TheDisney Princess Frozen Table Lamp features a fully enclosed lamp shade so even the littlest fingers cannot reach the bulb. Fitted with a large on/off switch, the lamp is simple and easy to operate. This product comes in assorted designs (pictured), and unfortunately it is not possible to select a specific design online. Instead, we'll surprise you!
Gyroscope Rotating PlatformFrom $44.95
This sturdy platform allows students to stand and freely rotate as they explore the giant gyroscope wheel. This giant gyroscope wheel is ideal for physics demonstrations as it is large enough to demonstrate the theories of forces, motion and momentum, yet light enough for even primary students to play with! The extra wow factor really comes from the rotatable platform as it allows the whole class to observe what the user is experiencing. Your science students will be entertained as they observe the user rotate in reaction to the forces applied by the gyroscope! Age: 4 + What you get 1 x platform with diameter of 25cm and weight of 500 g. The platform is strongly made with ball bearings to permit the surface to easily turn when a heavy user is standing upon it. How does it work? This platform allows the student to stand and freely rotate as the Gyroscope is used. As the student tries to change the position of its axis they will experience a strange resisting force. While the Gyroscope wheel is spinning, the reaction causes the user to rotate on the platform! Teach Forces and motion Momentum
Chem Bit - Photochromic PaintFrom $6.95
Become a UV detective with our photochromic paint, which detects ultraviolet rays from the sun! Instead of using your delicate skin as an ultra-violet light (UV) detector, use this special photon detecting paint that changes colour when exposed to UV light! What does photochromic mean? Well, "photo" comes from the greek word light, and "chromo" comes from the greek word for colour... meaning that it is colour changing when exposed to different light wavelengths! This little photochromic paint kit is sure to provide hours of fun with photons. Paint different objects and see how they change colour in different light and dark environments, all while learning about photochemical reactions! Try painting stars or love hearts on your favourite accessories to add an impressive colour-changing dynamic! Age: 8+ with adult supervision. What You Get 4 grams of Photochromic paint Paint brush Instruction booklet Teach Light energy Reversible photochemical reactions Electromagnetic spectrum WARNING: Paint is non-toxic and safe when used as directed, refrain from painting directly on skin. Wash off with water.
Chem Bit - Thermochromic ThingsFrom $6.95
Are you hot? Are you cool? Settle down, I'm talking about your temperature Did you own a mood ring? Were you ever confused as to why it would turn blue, even when you didn't feel the slightest bit sad? Or why it would turn blue-green, even though you had mountains of homework to complete? SPOILER ALERT: This is because the material found in your mood ring does not actually read your mood - it's actually made from a thermochromic material that changes colour based on your temperature. Explore and experiment with these colour changing materials in this interesting chemistry kit. Also investigate exothermic and endothermic reactions using everyday materials. A fun little kit! Age 9+ with adult supervision. What You Get A sheet of liquid crystal film Sheets of thermochromic paper Periodic table Instruction booklet Teach Reversible thermochromic changes Liquid crystals Leuco dyes Heat transfer WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD � Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.
Chem Bit - Edible Magic Color CrystalsFrom $6.95
What was the first rule your teacher taught you in science. Let me guess� don't eat in the lab room and do NOT TASTE any chemicals!! Yeah, yeah� well this little chemistry kit's got attitude, so throw away the rule book and start experimenting with chemicals that you can drink! Go crazy and make a foaming, colour changing drink, while learning about acid-base indicators and pH! Use the friendly indicator to discover whether chemicals around your kitchen are acidic or basic. Once you've done that, pop your lab coat on and make your very own pH indicator in your very own lab - your kitchen! Then test out your home made indicator or any acid or base you can find! Now no science student is going to argue with that kind of learning. Age: 8+ with adult supervision. What You Get 28 grams of food grade stable red cabbage extract mixture (sugar, red cabbage extract, artificial flavouring) Scoop Instruction booklet Teach Ingestible Chemicals Acid-Base Reactions Indicators pH WARNING: Safe to ingest, check ingredients for food allergies.
Chem Bit - Quantum LeapFrom $6.95
Discover the secret behind glow - glowing necklaces, bracelets, fireflies and more. Explore and experiment with cool chemical reactions that generate and release light energy. When electrons move from one shell to another - the quantum leap - excess energy is release as light. In this kit paint your favourite objects with glow powder and watch them transform after-dark! Learn how to make an awesome glowing blue ball, and get hands-on with the chemistry behind phosphorescence and the real quantum leap! Age: 9+ with adult supervision. What You Get 5 grams of phosphorescent zinc sulfide powder Stirring stick Scoop Instruction booklet Teach Phosphorescence Quantum theory Electromagnetic spectrum WARNING: Powder is non-toxic and safe when used as directed. In case of contact, wash with water.
Cool Circuits JuniorFrom $39.82
Cool Circuits Junior takes the wildly popular Cool Circuits to the younger puzzlers. This junior version is less difficult than the original. Trigger the flashing blue LED lights and music by joining the 3D puzzle pieces into a complete circuit. Cool Circuits Junior includes 40 puzzle challenges. Age: 6+ What You Get Cool Circuits Junior puzzle set. Set includes: 8 3D puzzle pieces 1 electronic box 40 puzzles 6 barriers Instuction manual 3 AAA batteries Teach Basic electronic circuits and principles WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD � Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.
OWI 3-in-1 Solar StallionFrom $39.95
Triple your fun in the sun with the OWI 3-in-1 Solar Stallion. Understand the benefits of renewable energy while creating a moving, battery-free toy. Assemble and re-assemble these easy-to-build equine choices: 'Horse Trainer', 'Pegasus', or 'Chariot�. Then simply attach the solar panel and place the model in the sun and watch it come magically to life. This hands-on approach to science and building creates a tangible lesson in solar energy. Young horse lovers will especially enjoy assembling and re-assembling these lovely stallions. Age: 10+ What You Get OWI 3-in-1 Solar Stallion. Model OWI-MSK613. Comes with all the parts and instructions required to build three equine choices � Horse Trainer, Pegasus or Chariot. Solar panel included. Teach Understand the benefits of renewable energy Experiment with solar energy Importance of following visual diagrams and precision with small parts WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD � Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.
Innovative Kids Innovative Kids Now I'm Growing! Magnetic Puzzle & Play Boards: Shapes Colors Counting Puzzle Free ShippingFrom $34.99
With a sturdy wooden puzzle on one side and a magnetic write-on/wipe-off board on the other - with a marker included - this super versatile playset packs tons and tons of play value into one convenient, carry-along kit. The perfect combination of endless fun and learning, it's a must-have for every child. Kids will love playing with letters, exploring new words, and practicing writing with this all-in-one puzzle and play board! Each colorful letter fits into its magnetic puzzle space with a satisfying snap. They can carry it anywhere, and the pieces will not fall out. When they flip the board over, they'll discover a magnetic write-on/wipe-off board to use with the letters or with the dry-erase marker. With so many ways to use it, kids will never need anything else!<ul><li>Sturdy wooden puzzle on one side and a magnetic write-on/wipe-off board on the other, with marker included</li><li>Versatile playset is the perfect combination of fun and learning value in one convenient carry-along kit</li><li>Kids will love to play with the colorful numbers, shapes, & animals, explore new words, and practice writing with this all-in-one puzzle and play board</li><li>Each colorful number, shape & animal fits into its magnetic puzzle space with a satisfying snap and won't fall out no matter where or how you carry it</li><li>Flip the puzzle over for a magnetic write-on/wipe-off board to use with the numbers, shapes, and dry-erase marker</li></ul>