LeapFrog App Centre Download Card
LeapFrog App Centre download card lets you go online and choose from more than 50 learning apps from the LeapFrog App Centre. Each app offers endless ways to play, like games, ultra e-books, videos,flash cards and more. Download to your Leapster Explorer handheld or LeapPad Explorer tablet and learn on the go. Contains 1 LeapFrog App Centre Download Card. Requires Leapster Explorer handheld unit or LeapPad Explorer tablet unit...    
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Mini Spider 787 Animal Toys for Children Birthday GiftFrom $18.99
Mini Spider 787 Animal Toys for Children Birthday GiftNoteThis item is an authentic parallel-import and items will be shipped from our suppliers warehouse and may take 1 to 2 days processing after payment confirmation. Parcel will be sent out by International Registered Post Courier Service and may take 4 to 10 working days for delivery. Please click here to track. If this product requires a charger An Australian Certified Charger will be provided with this product instead of the original charger.Selected product only
Growing Dinosaur in an EggFrom $9.95
Always wanted a pet Dinosaur? Watch in awe as your jumbo dino egg hatches into your favourite prehistoric creature when submerged in water. Then watch, as your cute 6-8cm dino hatchling grows to a whopping 5 to 10 times its original size! It works like Magic, but the secret to these growing wonders is that they are made out of a special superabsorbent polymer that soaks up water like a sponge. The polymer, or hydrpgel, is similar to the non-toxic chemical used in baby nappies. So dont overlook the educational value of these popular toys. Age: 6 + with adult supervision What you get 12cm dinosaur egg with a 6-8cm growing dinosaur inside. Dinosaurs vary. How does it work? Completely submerge the speckled dino egg in a container of water. Within 12-24 hours the egg shell will crack and your baby pet will begin to hatch. Then watch your 5-8 cm baby dino grow into a 40cm monster over the next couple of days. To take full advantage of the science angle, take some measurements of your new born hatchling. One of the easiest ways to take measurements is to place the baby dino on a piece of graph paper and trace around it. Simply count the squares to determine the area and size of the object. It's fun to watch your dino grow for the first 24 hours... but don't be disappointed if it's not huge. It takes about 5 days for it to get really big. After 24 hours, remove the dino from the water and carefully dry it off with paper towel. Take measurements and record your data on your graph paper. Back to the water they go for another 24 hours. Continue gathering data until the creatures stop growing after about 7 days. Teach Superabsorbent polymers or hydrogels and their use in everyday life: baby nappies and agriculture/gardening to retain water in soil. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic substances. Measurement and graphing. FAQ Why did it fall apart?If your water is too hot, it will cause the creatures to disintegrate. Warm water works best, but make sure that it isn't too hot. How long w
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Spruce up your room with this fantastic Toy Story Full Wall Mural. Key Features The Pro Art Full Wall Mural measures 3600mm in width x 2430mm in height, making it ideal for most wall spaces. Pro Art murals are made of pre-pasted non-woven wallpaper and require only water for and easy installation that involves no chemicals, fumes or odours. Installation requires 30 minutes for one person and full installation instructions are included. When it's time for a new look, Pro Art Wall Murals are easily removed with water.
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Join Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger in a big embrace with the Winnie the Pooh Tigger's Hug Door Mural. Key Features Measuring width 850mm x height 2070mm, the Winnie the Pooh door mural suits a standard flat panel door or wall All ProArt wall murals are printed on premium quality material and are designed, printed and manufactured here in Australia. The ProArt mural installs easily with water, no glue required Washable, no chemicals, fumes or odours. Full installation instructions included.
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This wonderful music box features Mimi the Fairy dancing on top. The box is predominately pink, with darker edging around the 'dancing area' for the two fairies with flowers and bees painted on the side. Listen to the tune of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' whilst watching the enchanting fairies dance and spin.
Ribbon Sticks (Set of 6)From $36
If you need 18 ribbon sticks you can purchase an additional set of 6 for $36.
4m Kidz Labs - Solar System Mobile Free ShippingFrom $16.76
Make and hang your own 42cm x 42cm glow Solar System mobile. Watch it glow and revolve in the dark.Contains 1 set of cardboard Solar System planets, squeeze to draw glow paint, 1 set of stencils for applying glow paint, hanging structure including joints, rods and thread, detailed instructions and a bonus wall chart of fun facts about our Solar System. Contains small parts.