Luxa2 H5 Car Mount Holder for iPhone 4
The Luxa2 H5 is an aluminium car mount holder designed for connecting people on the go with flexible and versatile rotation and viewing angles. Mechanically designed with corrosive resistant anddurable aluminium ensuring better durability than other car mount holders. It can withstand the sunshine and heat that is reflected by the windshield of the car. With six claw support the H5 is adjustable to hold iPhone 4 and all types of cell phones, PDA, smart phones, GPS, MP3/MP4 and PSP devices and with 360 degree vertically or horizontally rotation your mobile device is in view and within easy reach of you or your passenger. The suction lever provides more secure adhesion and it is easy to unlock with a one touch lock & release button. The dimensions of the H5 car mount are 295mm x 230mm x 325mm (HxWxD) and it weighs 194g....    
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