Makita 60m Laser Distance Measuring Device
Makita 60m Laser Distance Measuring Device
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Digital LCD Breathalyzer Alcohol Breath Tester + Portable Tester + FREE BonusFrom $78.98
The Portable Breathalyzer is an advanced alcohol tester that checks and measures your Blood Alcohol Content BAC accurately. Its portable size makes it very convenient to bring and keep permanently in your car or bag. Its also very easy to use Just insert a mouthpiece turn the breathalyzer on blow into it for 5 seconds and youll receive audio and visual warnings if youre over the limit. By controlling yourself before driving you will spare a lot of troubles - both physical and economicalNo more accidents. No more fines. No more disqualification from driving. It is what we offer you with this great Digital Alcohol Breath Tester. And all this is brought to you at an unbeatable priceNoteThis item is an authentic parallel-import and items will be shipped from our suppliers warehouse and may take 1 to 2 days processing after payment confirmation. Parcel will be sent out by International Registered Post Courier Service and may take 4 to 10 working days for delivery. Please click here to track. If this product requires a charger An Australian Certified Charger will be provided with this product instead of the original charger.Selected product only
Mini 100g/0.01 Digital Pocket Jewellery ScaleFrom $24.95
Measure your jewellery and other small items with accuracy with this small portable digital pocket scale.
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Mini 30g/0.001 Digital Pocket Jewellery ScaleFrom $44.95
Measure your jewellery or supplements with accuracy with this high precision milligram digital pocket scale.Operation Place scale on a horizontal flat surface press ONOFF button switch on Wait until 0.000 is displayed Put the object on the weighing tray Automatically switch off after 3 minutes or press ONOFF key when display zero to switch offTare Weighing Turn on scale as described above Place the tare item on the tray Please TARE and wait until zero and 0.000 is displayed Add the net-weight-itemCalibration Process Turn the scale on and when it shows 0.000 press and hold ON for a couple of seconds until ZERO is displayed. When it starts flashing 10.000 put the weight on the scales. When it stops flashing after a couple of seconds and shows the weight and you can take the weight off
Metal DetectorFrom $95.95
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Agreto Temperature measuring probe (1.5 m) for measuring compost, grain and hay - IC-AG2From $299
Features: • Reliable temperature measurements of your stores - Monitor the temperature in your stores with the AGRETO temperature probe. This allows timely intervention and prevents storage losses because of insects and fungi. • Robust measuring instrument for everyday use - The lance and handle are made from stainless steel, the temperature sensor and cabling are situated in the stainless steel tube. • For flexible use up to 110 °C - The AGRETO temperature probe can be used for checking temperatures in compost, hay, straw, grains, wood chips, compost and many other bulk materials. Specifications: • Lance length: 1.5 m • Lance diameter 16 mm • Stainless steel lance and handle • Electronic temperature display on the handle • LCD display with 10 mm high digits • Temperature sensor in the lance tip • Measurement range -50 to +110 °C • Accuracy +/- 1 °C • Continuous display of the measured value • Power supply through battery (1x LR44)
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Wile Grain Moisture Meter with Test Weight - IC-WILE-200From $1219
Features: • Fast, easy and accurate measurements for grain moisture, test weight and temperature • LCD display with backlight • Scale upgrade with USB port • Automatic temperature compensation • Integrated leveling system • Non-compaction design Specifications: • Moisture range: 4% - 45% depending on grain • Temperature range: 5° - 45° C • Repeatability: ±0.3% in normal moisture range for stored grain • Display resolution: 0.1% units
IC-Wile-78 - Grain Moisture Meter - "The Crusher"From $1089
- Measures over 20 grains and seeds specific to each country - Measurement takes only 20 seconds - Interactive LCD display in user’s own language - Wide moisture measurement: 3...40% dependent on the grain or seed - Accuracy: +/-0,5% under normal conditions - Easy to use and adjust calibration - Automatic temperature compensation - Calculation of average values - Specially coated teeth for longer life - Ergonomically designed cap
Wile-65 - Grain moisture meter used for controlling the harvesting, drying and storing of grainFrom $859
The Wile 65 measures the moisture of grain and seeds rapidly and precisely and is easy to use due to its menu driven display. The meter can also be used for temperature measurements of different substances with the help of the optional W-651 temperature probe. Measurement with the Wile 65 is simple and fast. The meter is operated with the use of two buttons and it has an easy to read display that guides you while doing the measurements. The display shows the grain type and helps you make the possible settings before measurement. A quick reference guide is located on the side of the meter to remind you of the basic steps in measuring grain. The meter is ready for measurement after the correct grain type is selected. Measurement is done by simply filling the test cell with grain, compressing it by the help of the cap of the meter and pressing the test button. Testing is extremely quick and easy. The Wile 65 always shows the temperature of the grain sample and it has an outlet for the additional external temperature probe (W-651) that can be used for various temperature measurements from grain, silage, compost and other substances. When using the external temperature probe the result is shown in large numbers on the display. Technical Data ? Microprocessors-controlled measurement of whole grain, kernels & seeds ? Alphanumeric display in user’s own language ? External temperature probe Wile-651 as an option ? Moisture % for 16 grains and seeds ? Wide range of moisture: Grain 8...35%, Oil Seeds 5...25% ? Accuracy: +/-0,5% moisture at storage condition ? User can adjust calibration to “match” commercial meter ? Automatic temperature compensation ? Stores test results and displays average reading Wile 65 pre-programmed with 16 Australian grains 1. Wheat: 8-35% 2. Corn: 8-35% 3. Barley: 8-35% 4. Oats: 8-35% 5. Canola: 5-25% 6. Rice: 8-35% 7. Sorghum: 8-30% 8. Lupin: 8-35% 9. Triticale: 8-35% 10. Linseed: 5-25% 11. Soya beans: 5-25% 12. Oil Seed Sunflower: