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Measuring & Other automotive dmm with inductive

A multimeter for all your automotive diagnostic needs. Features an inductive pickup for RPM measurement, dwell angle,… more info
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Automotive DMM with Inductive Pickup more info
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Accu Measure Fitness 3000 Personal Body Fat Tester An original Accu-Measure Personal Body Fat Tester Body Fat… more info
+ Shipping: $7.50
Desperate Measures Cabernet Shiraz from Coonawarra gives a fragrant nose full of plum, red berry, spice and mint which… more info
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Sales questions Support Email: Genuine Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper- Fitness- Body Building-… more info
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ACCU-MEASURE FITNESS BODY FAT CALIPER JUMP ROPE - Alpha Fitness and Sports STORE HOME ABOUT US Add to Favourites… more info
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This measuring jug from Leifheit has a capacity of 1 litre and non-slip stability due to a rubberised base. Features: … more info
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The Chef'n brand puts the fun in functional with this Chef'n SleekStor Measuring Beakers Set of 3. These SleekStor… more info
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Features & Benefits Measurement In Cm And Inch Non-Slip Surface For Better Grip Flexible Magnetic Hook Makes Measuring… more info
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$10 Off Your First Order - use code WELCOME - When you spend Over $50. Set of four measuring spoons made from stainless… more info
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Nested Hens Measuring Cups. Set of 6 Dry-Measuring Cups Open the mother hen to reveal an egg and open the egg to see… more info
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Featuring a large, easy-to-read LCD display, this measuring wheel is the ideal way to accurately check any distance. … more info
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With an impressive accuracy of 99.9%, the Baumr-AG Digital Measuring Wheel will literally give you a perfect handle on… more info
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Tuffsteel 12PC Mix and Measure Stainless Steel SetTuffsteel 12PC Mix and Measure Stainless Steel SetThis Value for… more info
+ Shipping: $11.95
MEASURER ROAD C/W BRAKE & STAND 5000 Features 5000 and 5500 • Precise,… more info
+ Shipping: $9.95
Here's a fun gift for the lovers of wine. A wine glass that holds a whole bottle of wine! Yes, that's right 750ml of… more info
+ Shipping: $9.99
Contains a measuring jug, a set of 4 measuring spoons and a set of 4 measuring cups, clearly marked with graduations… more info
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Contains a measuring jug, a set of 4 measuring spoons and a set of 4 measuring cups, clearly marked with graduations… more info
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Kas Kids Tool Belt Measuring Tape Novelty Cushion Measuring TapeNovelty Cushions by Kas Kids in design Tool Belt… more info
+ Shipping: $9.95
Description: Can measuring 0.5-6g yeast … more info
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Product Description:Doctors, personal trainers, and nutritionists recommend the periodic measurement of body fat for… more info
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KitchenAid introduces the Glass Mixing and Measuring Bowl. For the first time, KitchenAid now offers the addition of a … more info
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This Cuisipro Liquid Measuring Cup 1L measures volume from the top! Microwave-safe, adjustable clip, oversized numbers,… more info
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MyoTape Body Measurement - Tape Measure Our girth measurements are true indicators of our body's future fat loss. Body… more info
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Product Description:Calliper stores 3 measurements, calculates and displays body-fat percentage. Uses 2 AA batteries. more info
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Features & Benefits Measurement In Cm And Inch Non-Slip Surface For Better Grip Flexible Magnetic Hook Makes Measuring… more info
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Product Description:Inexpensive skinfold calliper. Shows results in digital form. Calliper stores 3 measurements and… more info
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$10 Off Your First Order - use code WELCOME - When you spend Over $50. A free flowing spirit measure. Black. Pack… more info
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For decadent choc-chip cookies or fudge brownies, whip it up in a flash with the durable stainless steel of the… more info
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Product Description:Documented Accuracy- A clinical study published in the journal of strength and conditioning… more info
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This versatile, all-in-one Jug is perfect for accurate measurements, whether you need large or small quantities of… more info
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ACCU-MEASURE BODY FAT CALIPER BMI EASY MEASURE - Alpha Fitness and Sports STORE HOME ABOUT US Add to Favourites… more info
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Gucci Made To Measure 50ml EDT (M) SPspicy oriental fragrance features notes of bergamot, orange blossom, lavender,… more info
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Gucci Made To Measure After Shave Lotion - 90mlA fragranced after-shave lotion for men Instantly soothes & pacifies… more info
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The Cuisipro Measuring Spoon 4pc Set Red of sturdy polypropylene. Rounded shape of Cuisipro's Red Measuring Spoons… more info
+ Shipping: $7.50
Simple and functional, the D.Line Multipurpose Measuring Glass is a must have in every kitchen. The D.Line Multipurpose… more info
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Description: Precise Measuring Tools Aluminium Combination Square DIY Workshop Hardware Features:   Use as an outside… more info
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The Salter Digital Bakers Scale are a highly versatile set of scales that you will find endless uses for. Use the handy… more info
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Sauced Measuring Wine Glass.12-ounce lead-free crystal all-purpose wine glass,accurately marked in1/4 cups and 2-ounce… more info
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Product Description:Accu-measure Accu-measure Fitness 3000 more info
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Canon EOS 5DS Digital CameraFrom $3679

Marking a new standard in high-resolution digital SLR photography, the Canon EOS 5DS camera shatters the status quo with a new 50.6 Megapixel, full-frame CMOS sensor. Perfect for commercial and fine art photography, or any other application that calls for extremely high-resolution, the EOS 5DS is the ultimate combination of EOS performance and ultra-high megapixel capture. It features an advanced, 61-point High Density Reticular AF system that includes 41 cross-type AF points and EOS iTR AF for precise AF in numerous situations. An anti-flicker function helps provide consistent exposure and color during continuous shooting under certain lighting conditions, while a built-in bulb timer and intervalometer expands creative opportunities without the need for an additional remote control. A refined mirror control mechanism reduces vibration and a Time Release Lag setting minimizes camera shake for sharp image capture when using mirror lock-up. New features like a crop function of 1.3x and 1.6x and a Custom Quick Control screen are complemented by advanced, multi-featured Full HD Movie capture, with Time Lapse Movie, and much more. With EOS performance and 50.6 Megapixel Capture, the EOS 5DS revolutionizes high-resolution photography!

Canon EOS 760D Digital CameraFrom $739

This DSLR camera features a 24-megapixel resolution, designed for producing professional-level pictures with breathtaking detail. Sharing made easy with built-in WiFi. In burst setting, it can shoot up to 5 frames/second. This Canon camera weighs 555 g and features 1080p video capabilities, which allow you to shoot videos in Full HD. Thanks to the mounting point, you can effortlessly attach a compatible external flash. It features a CMOS sensor and features built-in camera-based image stabilization, which enables omitting blur. This camera has an APS-C sensor. It features an exceedingly-high max ISO of 12800.

Canon EOS 100D Digital CameraFrom $397

This digital camera features a 18-megapixel resolution, which allows you to get high quality prints, and it is also a DSLR model, which enables capturing professional-quality photos. Weighing in at only 400 g, it shouldn't weigh down your bag. It can take up to 4 frames per second in burst mode. The mounting point will be a great fit for every photography professional. The 1080p video capabilities enable you to shoot videos of events and occasions in high resolution. This digital camera features a CMOS sensor and comes equipped with a maximum ISO of 12800. This is perfect for taking pics in problematic lighting conditions. Thanks to its APS-C sensor, you can snap amazing photos,even in lesser lighting conditions.

Canon EOS 7D Digital CameraFrom $1034

This DSLR camera comes equipped with a 18-megapixel resolution, making it perfect for avid photographers. It weighs 820 g. This camera has 1080p video capabilities. This enables shooting films in high res. The hot shoe is great for photographing actions shots. This digital camera can shoot up to 8 fps in burst mode. It features a CMOS sensor.

Canon EOS 6D Digital CameraFrom $1497

This is a DSLR digital camera and it features a 20.2-megapixel resolution, enabling you to photograph high quality pictures. This digital camera weighs 755 g. With 1080p video capabilities, you can capture videos of occasions and events in Full HD. The max ISO of 25600 will be great for capturing photos in problematic lighting conditions. This camera has a Full Frame CMOS sensor, which allows for capturing spectacular pictures, in all lighting conditions.

Canon EOS 700D Digital CameraFrom $449

This is a DSLR camera and it comes equipped with a 18.5-megapixel resolution, allowing you to photograph high quality pics. This camera features an APS-C CMOS sensor, which enables capturing highly-defined pictures in non-optimal lighting conditions. The max ISO of 25600 is ideal for capturing pics in problematic lighting conditions. With 1080p video capabilities, you'll be able to shoot clips of friends and family in high res. This digital camera weighs 580 g.

Canon EOS 70D Digital CameraFrom $923

During the early days of digital SLRs, Canon was pretty much the undisputed leader in CMOS image sensor technology. Almost every new EOS model came with an increase in resolution and high ISO range, and when the EOS 7D appeared in late 2009, the company had progressed from 3MP to 18MP, and ISO 1600 to ISO 12800, in just over nine years. But since then Canon's APS-C cameras have all sported variants on the same basic sensor design, to the extent that you could be forgiven for wondering what on earth their engineers were doing all day. Now we know.

Ricoh Theta Digital CameraFrom $545

Capture the entire 360° space with a single shot. Use a PC or smartphone to have fun with the space!  This is a new world that revolutionizes conventional photos and videos.Experience the excitement of capturing images that exceed the concept of "photographing."  

Ricoh WG-5 Digital CameraFrom $375

Both DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras saw an increase in sales as people today slowly become obsessed with taking photos. Whether it’s the inescapable selfie or a scene from your last vacation, everyone will try their hands on photography. But not everyone will have the chops to go professional--and there’s nothing wrong with settling for a simpler digital camera, especially when you’re using the Ricoh WG-5 16MP 4x Optical Zoom Camera

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital CameraFrom $2724

High resolution 22.3-megapixel images of superb quality and detail are attained from Canon's cutting-edge full-frame CMOS sensor technology. New photodiode construction, gapless microlens array and on-chip noise reduction circuitry on the CMOS keep image data clean and clear even at high ISO settings and long exposures, so your photographic vision is never compromised. No matter your exposure requirements, the EOS 5D Mark III allows flexible ISO speed settings of ISO 100 – 25600 and expandable to L: ISO50, H1: 51200 and H2: 102400 to adjust the camera's sensitivity to light. From low light indoor environments to the great outdoors in broad daylight, the EOS 5D Mark III captures every picture in the best possible light.