Help children discriminate between colour, shape and size. Measures 25.5 x 27 x 8.5cm. For 2 years plus.
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Brachiosaurus Dinosaur - Papo FigurineFrom $54.95
An impressive replica of the Brachiosaurus designed by Papo of France. Meticulously hand painted, this special figurine is a realistic green-tan in colour with detailed body features from its unusually small head, down to its long neck, right down to its sturdy tail. This dinosaur has a remarkable presence with a friendly expression, sure to please any fan of this beloved and gentle dinosaur! The Brachiosaurus was the largest known dinosaur, with a length of 26 metres and weighing in at 30 tonnes. Create a stomping prehistoric scene with a range of quality Papo dinosaurs! Age: 4 + Model Dimensions Length: 30cm Height: 8cm Brachiosaurus Facts Diet: Herbivore ate between 200 and 400 kilograms of plants every day! Period: Late Cretaceous Period Time Span: 75 million years ago WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD � Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.
Giant Gyroscope WheelFrom $179.95
Make your your next forces demonstration one-to-remember with this super-sized gyroscope wheel! Actually a modified bicycle wheel, it's easy to see from a distance making it ideal for exciting physics demonstrations in the theories of forces, motion and momentum. Yet, it is light-weight enough for even primary students to hold and use! Measuring 50cm in diameter, your students will be amazed at how it resists motion once set spinning, and how a large wheel can so easily balance on the narrow handle through the axis. A smaller scale version of this gyroscope was invented in the weightless environment of a space shuttle by a group of astronauts. If gyroscopes were engaging enough for NASA, they're sure to bring a wealth of fun to your physics lessons! Check out the rotating platform as it is the perfect accompaniment for demonstrations. Age: 4 + What you get 1 x bicycle wheel with a durable tyre that is supported by a steel frame and two strong handles. The gyroscope has a diameter of 50 cm, weighing 2.2 kg. The wheel is fitted with a special pulley around which a thin rope can be wound. How does it work? This simple gyroscope toy demonstrates the remarkable behaviour of angular momentum, which is a property involving the speed of rotation and how mass is distributed. While the wheel is held by one person, the other person can pull the rope firmly and progressively from the pulley to cause the wheel to accelerate to a high rotational speed, thus producing the gyroscopic effect. You can try to change the position of its axis by moving the handles, but the user will experience a strange resisting force! This is the same amazing effect that the astronauts who invented this toy experienced! Even when the astronaut gave the gyro a shove, the toy's axle stubbornly resisted to changing its direction. For an extra wow factor purchase the rotatable platform, which allows the whole class to observe what the user is experiencing. Your science students will be entertained as they