Nilfisk GS80, GS90, GM80, GM90 Vacuum Bags
NelsonVacuums is an authorised Nilfisk agent. We can supply all the genuine spare parts and accessories you need for your Nilfisk vacuum cleaner. This packet of 5 genuine vacuum bags is made to suitthese Nilfisk vacuum cleaners: GS80, GS90, GM80, GM90 It is recommended that the bag in your Nilfisk vacuum cleaner be changed when it is 80% full. The premotor and exhaust filters in your Nilfisk vacuum cleaner should be changed at least every 6 months. At Nelson Vacuums we pride ourselves on offering great service, an extensive range, competitive pricing and reliable products. When you change the bag in your vacuum cleaner, theres going to be a difference that you will notice. Make sure you let someone else know by completing a Product Review for this item. Wed love the chance to help other people find what they need for their vacuum, the way weve helped you. HappyVacuuming! Click to write your own Product Review...    
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