Plan Toys - 73101 Kitchen Furniture
All Plan Toys are made from with clean, natural rubber wood from rubber trees which no longer produce latex. To keep the rubberwood pure, no fertilizer is added to the soil for 3 years before thesoil is cut. To strengthen the wood, Plan Toys uses a special chemical-free kiln drying process. PlanDollhouse is excellent for developing creativity and imagination through make-believe and pretend play situations. The kitchen furniture contains:...    
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Munchkin Giraffe Shampoo RinserFrom $11.99
Tear-free tub time. Keep soap out of your baby's eyes with our flexible shampoo rinsing cup that contours around baby's forehead as you rinse. Is bathing your baby a little bit like to trying to catch a slippery fish? Not to worry, there's a simple way to keep soap and water out of your little squirmer's eyes (and rinsing challenges out of your hair)! This convenient shampoo rinser features a soft, contoured rim that gently forms to your child's forehead, ensuring his eyes stay dry, plus an easy-grip handle so you can hold baby upright with your other hand - making sure shampooing is truly a tear-free affair.
Munchkin School Of FishFrom $17.99
School's in session! Float your little student's boat with our adorable School of Fish bath toy including three fish "student" squirts on a school bus boat that floats. All aboard, Bath Time University is now in session! 3 little fish are off to school in their floating yellow school bus - and your little one is at the head of the class! Dive right into school-inspired fun with our School of Fish, a bath toy set for those who love squirting, scooping and pouring water. The three fish "students" float, squirt water, and are sized just right for little hands to grasp and squeeze. Meanwhile, the floating school bus boat doubles as a shampoo rinser, too. Your little one will love driving the bus boat to school with his studious squirter friends. He'll be making such a splash, he won't even notice you rinsing the shampoo from his hair.
Munchkin Scooper HooperFrom $17.99
2 for 1 scores more fun. Double your child's fun in the tub with this 2-in-1 bath toy. The Scooper Hooper™ is a "scoop & catch" game that turns into a basketball hoop - making bathtime play a serious slam dunk. She scoops, she scores! Get two classic bath toys in one, helping develop hand-eye coordination while inspiring some good old fashion bath fun with The Scooper Hooper™. This fun set includes a net scoop with easy-grasp handle and three floating rubber balls. Your little one will have fun trying to catch each ball as it floats by. And when she wants a new challenge, use the suction cup base to attach the scoop to the wall, turning it into a basketball hoop! The dual functionality combined with bright colors and clever design make this toy a fun and winning combination.
Munchkin Safari StrainersFrom $11.99
Lion, elephant and giraffe, oh my! Keep baby wildly entertained with these safari animal bath toys! Little ones love to scoop and pour during bath time, and this set of two strainers and a funnel are sure to be a great addition to your trusty tub toy stash.
Munchkin Scrubee & Squeegee BuddiesFrom $20.99
Squeaky clean fun. Inspire good, clean fun in the tub with penguin-themed cleaning tools. This adorable bath toy set includes a scrubber and a squeegee, perfect for scrub-a-dub-dubbing your way through the bath time routine. Little ones love playing clean up - and with this adorable penguin-themed set, they can clean just like mom and dad! Help encourage your child's imagination with our Scrubby & Squeegee Buddies which includes a terry cloth scrubber that is great for soaping up bathtub walls and a squeegee that really works. Helping inspire imaginative play and developing hand-eye coordination, these bath toys redefine squeaky clean fun!
Munchkin Squirt n Strain Fruit BasketFrom $14.99
Serve up bathtime fun with this adorable toy set, Featuring three squirting fruit characters and a basket that doubles as a strainer, it's one refreshing way to play with food.
Munchkin Squirtin Barnyard Friends 8 PackFrom $21.99
Baaaathtime with barn animals! Add these adorable barnyard animal squirts to your bathtime mix and help baby learn to identify animal names and sounds. Old MacDonald had a farm, and now your little one does too! Bring farm-inspired fun to the tub with our 8pk Squirtin' Barnyard Friends. This fun 8 pack of bath squirts includes a chicken, sheep, cow, pig, horse, owl, duck and frog. Help baby develop fine motor skills while learning to identify animal names and sounds! These brightly-colored farm bath toys float, squirt water, and are sized just right for little hands to grasp and squeeze. They're also durable, so you don't have to worry about chipping or breaking. Add these barn friends to your bath time mix and watch the adventures unfold!
Munchkin Magic Colour Change Lilypad StackerFrom $14.99
A bath toy that squirts, strains and changes a frog into a prince - because there's always room for magic, even in the bath. It's the little things. Delight and inspire your little one with this color-changing bath toy set. The three lily pad strainer cups reveal secret nautical images when submerged in warm water. And the squirting frog toy turns into a prince when a crown appears on his head! Talk about a magical bathtime experience. In addition to conjuring imaginations, these bath toys offer a great way to teach cause and effect as well - just add warm water and watch the transitions happen before your child's undoubtedly wide eyes. These bath toys also stack, nest, strain and squirt for tons of good, clean fun in the tub. Set includes four stacking cups and one frog prince squirter.
Munchkin Bath DunkersFrom $21.99
Toss three squirtin' puffer fish into a tubside hoop - your child will be a 'bath'ketball star in no time. It's the little things. Your mini basketball star can squirt, shoot and score with this fun, skill-building bath toy. The backboard and net secure to the tub wall with two strong suction cups, and the 3 colourful puffer fish "balls" squirt water too, creating hoop-loads of bath fun. An added bonus? While your sports lover plays, she builds hand-eye coordination and basketball skills to boot. With Munchkin Bath Dunkers, bathtime is a developmental slam dunk!