Poolrite Smart Valve
Spare parts for Poolrite sand filters. Poolrite Smart Valve. Buy Online now. Australia wide delivery.
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Pool Light in Stainless Steel 558 LED RGB 7 ColourFrom $165
Modify the swimming pool lighting to suit your mood and create your own environment with this 558 LED Stainless Steel 7 colour swimming pool light Give your swimming pool a boost and turn it into a unique and luxurious centre piece. Easy assembly and installation. Featuring stainless steel shell for a contemporary look, the 558 LED Lights gives Super bright with crisp and vivid colours. Comes with RGB 7 Colour System - green, sea blue, red, purple, yellow, white and is environmentally friendly with Eco Power Saver Option for low energy consumption. The 558 LED Lights can be installed safely in concrete, ceramic and fiberglass. We highly recommend the use of a professional electrician to carry out installation.
BESTWAY Deluxe Splash Frame Large Outdoor Pool - 259cm x 170cm x 61cmFrom $139.95
Now you can have your very own kids adventure play pool set up in minutes with the BESTWAY Deluxe Splash Frame Large Outdoor Pool - 259cm x 170cm x 61cm Easy to set up the Bestway Deluxe Splash Frame Pool is large enough to play a sunny afternoon away. Featuring a rust-resistant galvanised metal frame that can accommodate a small backyard without having to spend a fortune. Put it in the perfect spot and fill with water. Youre all set to go.Great for introducing children to water in the safety of your home and under your careful supervision. There is ample room for everyone to move around and enjoy a cool water play time. Sturdy and safe to use no sharp edges. Easy to drain with a flow control drain valve.Made from heavy gauge PVC and polyester mesh 3-ply side walls to prevent puncturing. Should the pool need repairs a heavy duty repair patch is also provided. Fun for the whole family with a large 2321 litre capacity. Dont be left out in the cold during the warmer months. Have your very own pool for the fraction of the cost
Bestway Deluxe Steel Frame Above Ground Swimming PoolFrom $1199.95
Stay cool have a summertime dip in your own backyard with this Bestway Deluxe Steel Frame Above Ground Swimming PoolNow you can have your very own day at the pool without the hassle of entry costs crowds and cloudy water. This above ground pool is a snap to set up and is a great way for the whole family to play a sunny afternoon away.Featuring a rust-resistant galvanised metal frame the swimming pool also features heavy-duty PVC polyester three-ply side walls meaning your pool is puncture-proof secure and splash-worthyHave a large backyard or a wide open space youre tired of staring at This swimming pool is the way to goThe steel frame pool is great for introducing children to water in the safety of your own yard there is ample room for everyone to move around and enjoy a cool water play time. The pool comes equipped with pool ladder as well as powerful filter pump for constantly clean clear water. With a convenient flow control drain that attaches to a garden hose you can easily drain your pool and store it for the off season. And just in case the unexpected happens the pool comes equipped with a heavy-duty repair patch maintenance kit DVD instruction discWith the Bestway Deluxe Steel Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool you get to be the King of the Beach in your own backyard Required Yard Space for Pool is Approx. 783cm x 413cm
Bestway Inflatable Swimming Pool Set 457x457x91cmFrom $299
Gather friends and family for a fun pool party with this Inflatable Swimming Pool Set. With an inflation time of 10 seconds, you'll get the party started in no time! Featuring a large inflatable fast set pool for you and your family to enjoy the hot weather this summer. The pool is easy to maintain and once finished for the season the water can be drained away via the built in valve. With this fast set pool, you don't need to get cramped up at the public pool and worry about the water quality. You can all have fun at home with the family and friends.
Bestway Pool Accessories Set - Includes Pole With Vacuum And Skimmer Heads Chemical Floater Test Strips ThermometerFrom $39.95
Bestway Pool Accessories Set. Summer is coming, and what better time to get your pool clean and ready for the warmer weather than right now! This great pool accessories set from Bestway comes complete with a pole with skimmer and vacuum heads, a thermometer, test strips and more to keep your pool in great condition. Also included is a handy chemical floater that easily releases chlorine or bromine tablets into your pool so that there's no mess and no fuss! Get this great set today before they sell out! Product Features Bestway pool accessories set Get your pool ready for the warmer weather Includes pole with vacuum and skimmer attachments, chemical floater, thermometer, 50 test strips and heavy-duty repair patches Chemical floater releases chlorine or bromine tablets Chemical floater has a convenient adjustable dial to control the sanitizer level Includes a handy floating pool thermometer that shows both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures Lightweight pole design Attach the vacuum brush to your garden hose! Measure free chlorine, alkalinity and pH with the included test strips! Colour coordinated pool accessories look great when not in use Suits all 244cm x 305cm x 366cm pools Colour: Blue, white and silver-tone Thermometer Material: ABS plastic Repair Patch Dimensions: 42.3cm square patches Model: 58195 Brand: Bestway Product Contents 1 x Skimmer attachment 1 x Vacuum Attachment 1 x Lightweight pole 1 x Floating thermometer 1 x Chemical floater 50 x Test strips 10 x Heavy duty repair patches 1 x Reusable debris bag (for vacuum)
RedLeopard Diaphragm Casette suitable for Orbit, Baracuda and Zodiac Pool CleanersFrom $18
Baracuda Style Diaphragm Casette - Made by RedLeopard Replacement Diaphragm for your RedLeopard Orbit Pool Cleaner. It is also suitable for Zodiac Baracuda pool cleaners. Suits G2, G3, G4, Aquasphere, Contractor, Genie, Zoom, Pacer, Ranger 1500, Manta II, Genius, Kontiki and many other Zodiac and after market brands. Replace it to maintain its efficiency making your cleaning routine easy and worry-free.Highlights: Long lasting, Long Life builtSilent operation1 Year Warranty
Baracuda Aquasphere Pool Cleaner by Zodiac + Cyclonic Leaf CatcherFrom $315
Baracuda Aquasphere Pool Cleaner by Zodiac + Cyclonic Leaf CatcherBaracuda Aquasphere Pool Cleaner by ZodiacThe Aquasphere is one of Zodiac's best kept secrets: It is an incredibly durable pool cleaner that performs quite well in all pool surfaces - and yet its priced very attractively. The excellent results it delivers are a product of its classic, time-tested design. It is basically a mature product that is robust, effective and works well. Seeing how satisfied customers are with the Aquasphere pool cleaner performance and durablity, one can only conclude this is simply Zodiac's little known quiet achiever. Benefits:Efficient & Effective: Armed with a heavy duty performance finned disc, proven diaphragm technology, a delfector and a high quality flexible hose it cleans the pool floor and walls with ease.Quiet: Thanks to its sturdy design and use of proven Baracuda diaphragm technology.Exceptionally Durable: Built using a classic, time-tested design with no moving parts and high quality materials.Ready to Go: It is very easy to assemble and set up. Comes with complete instructions and diagrams.2 Years WarrantyKey Features:Works on all surfacesNo moving parts to jam, wear or come adriftThe diaphragm system sucks up dirt and debris with easeFinned disc scrubs the pool surfaceAutocontrol valveComes with 10m hoseLow Noise LevelsExcellent CoverageIncreased Efficiency with Weir ValvePackage Contents:Aquasphere Pool CleanerWheel AdaptorAD Flow ValveWeir AdaptorHose WeightWheel DeflectorLeader Hose AdaptorHose Protective Mesh10 x 1M Hose Sections 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf CatcherLess work and less to worry about.Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Catcher works together with your pool cleaner and helps it do a better and faster job.It catches leafs and debris before they get to the pool filtration system, preventing it from clogging and getting damaged.As it always maintains the level of suction thanks to its Cyclonic technology, it prevents the filtration system
Bestway Deluxe Blue Inflatable Family Pool - Rectangular - 305cm X 183cm - Suitable For Ages 6 Years & UpFrom $39
Bestway 305 X 183cm Deluxe Inflatable Family Pool. This large rectangular Bestway inflatable pool provides hours of activity and entertainment for the whole family. Soft walls make it safe for children (under adult supervision) and the 56cm depth makes it comfortable for adults. Great family fun, right in the backyard! Features Bestway Deluxe inflatable pool Perfect for the whole family! 3 Equal rings Sturdy I-beam construction Quick deflation valves Extra wide side walls Heavy-duty repair patch Water Capacity: 1,302L @ 75% Colour: Blue Dimensions: (L) 305cm x (W) 183cm x (H) 56cm Model: 54009 Brand: Bestway Suitable for children ages 6-years and up Adult supervision required Please note there is a new safety standard for portable/above ground swimming pools - Check with your local councils for approvals and fencing requirements Package Contents Bestway Deluxe inflatable pool Repair patch
BullShark Pool Cleaner by Onga Europe with Leaf Canister - Above & In Ground - Wall ClimberFrom $449
BullShark Pool Cleaner by Onga (Made in Europe) with a Leaf CanisterFollowing our passion to source the most advanced, effective and reliable pool cleaners we are proud to exclusively offer the BullShark in Australia. This is a premium quality pool cleaner made in Europe by Onga which is one of the world’s most reputable and popular pool equipment companies.The designers of the BullShark had in mind quality and dependability. They took the design features of the world’s most popular Pool Cleaners, added performance features, and delivered a robust and elegant product second to none.Benefits:High Performance: Its sleek and compact design lets it travel around the pool in a fast and efficient manner, cleaning all areas including floor, walls, steps and sides.Silent Operation: Thanks to its patented Silent Flapper technology, it relentlessly picks up dirt and debris with no fuss.Sensationally Dependable: Proven on more than 2 million pools worldwide, with only one moving part and an elegant minimalist design comprised of just a few parts.Easy to Setup: Comes almost fully assembled out of the box. Just add the seal, and plug the hoses and it is ready to go.3 Years Warranty: Backed by the largest pool equipment company in the world.Leaf Canister: Traps leaves and debris to prevent clogging of pump basket and filter and reduce pump and filter maintenance. Suitable for all Pool SurfacesKey Features: Silent Flapper: This sole operational moving part creates the kinetic energy that powers Hammer Head around your pool. It is a simple and dependable propulsion system.Patented seal design: With slots and curved “fingers” navigate over and around pool obstacles for total coverage and uninterrupted performance.Built-in bumper: ensures freedom of movement around steps, ladders and other obstaclesDurable parts: All parts are UV stable and chemical resistant for years of dependable service. Only one operational moving part, and only a few parts. This Pool Cleaner is based on Onga's M