Ravensburger Hello Kitty Combo Puzzle - 100pc Puzzle & 54pc PuzzleBall
Ravensburger puzzles are quality puzzles made from 100% recycled cardboard. The special linen finish paper prevents glare. The puzzle ball is well rounded with perfectly curved puzzle pieces madeof sturdy plastic. Two great Ravensburger Hello Kitty puzzles in the one pack. 100 piece puzzle measures approx 36cm x 26cm. Puzzleball is 7cm in diameter. Suits ages 7 years and over....    
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Instant Brain Game PuzzlesFrom $11.99
PUZZLE CARDS | INSTANTDo you suffer from itchy brain syndrome? The complication where your mind is always buzzing in delight at problems to be solved, puzzles to be sorted and enigmas to be unravelled? Luckily we have the perfect medicine to ease your restless mind. Choose between four brain straining boxes of puzzling pleasure for instant itchy brain relief! Each box contains 50 puzzle cards (complete with answers, no peaking!) and offers the ultimate exercise in brain training. The Brain-Teasing box is guaranteed to befuddle even the smartest super-sleuths. The I.Q puzzle deck taxes your brain while testing your intelligence. The Mind Boggling cards will make scrambled eggs of even the most well trained brains. Lastly, there’s the Classic Logic puzzle box, giving you a good dose of side-ways thinking. FEATURES Choose between four boxes of brain straining surprises Each box contains 50 puzzles with answers Perfect for playing at the pub, on a train, on your couch, anywhere! SPECIFICATIONS Each box measures 10cm high x 7.5cm wide x deep Perfect for active minds of all ages
Guinness World Records Construction ChallengeFrom $14.99
CONSTRUCTION CHALLENGE – GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Swim with dolphins. Climb Mount Everest. Hold a Guinness World Record.These are some pretty common Bucket List staples, sadly they’re also all a tad bit unrealistic for us couch potatoes who prefer breaking a sweat while watching Jon Snow get stabbed (spoiler alert!) as opposed to avalanche-dodging, extreme-hiking escapades.Well here’s your best bet at ticking off the coolest goal on your list! This Construction Challenge kit by Guinness World Records lets you try your hand at breaking two World Records. Tackle both the Tower (build the tallest tower in a minute) and Bridge Challenge (build a one metre long bridge in the fastest time) using the provided construction straws and plastic connectors. Engineer and design the best models to beat the clock. Instructions are included to help kick start your record breaking career. So go for glory! Leave your mark on the world! Failing that, you’ll still have incredible fun as the inventor in you comes out to play. FEATURES Try your hand at breaking a World Record Release your inner engineer Construct, create and conquer SPECIFICATIONS Not suitable for children under 3 years old An official Guinness World Records product
London Jigsaw Puzzle Map - 1000 piecesFrom $53.99
LONDON PUZZLE MAP From Leicester Square to Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street to Buckingham Palace, London is chokka block full of legendary landscapes! The best way to orientate yourself with one of the world’s oldest cities is by building this 1000 piece London map jigsaw puzzle. Perhaps you need some practise before you visit, or maybe you know some expats that have a touch of home sickness, one thing’s for sure: by the time you’ve finished building this masterpiece you’ll definitely know your Waterloos from your Westminsters. FEATURES A detailed jigsaw puzzle of central London’s road network Perfect for framing A wonderful present for homesick expats or happy travellers SPECIFICATIONS Completed size: 68cm wide x 48cm high 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle Made of post –consumer recycled material
New York Jigsaw Puzzle Map - 1000 piecesFrom $53.99
NEW YORK PUZZLE MAP There’s an artful elegance when it comes to Manhattan’s street layout. Who would’ve thought something so logical could come from America? Everything west of Park Avenue is a West Street. Everything east is… you guessed it, an East Street. Then running from north to south you have iconic names like “Avenue of the Americas” and “Canyon of Heroes”. Peeking out at the very top is the world’s most famous wedding venue, Central Park. This 1000 piece puzzle is real mind bender. Piece together the near perfect grid shape formation of New York’s Manhattan street layout and learn all about the Big Apple’s beating heart. You’ll feel like a real NY City expert once you’ve completed this cartography challenge!FEATURES A detailed jigsaw puzzle of Manhattan’s road network Perfect for framing A wonderful present for homesick expats or happy travellers SPECIFICATIONS Completed size: 48cm wide x 67cm high 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle Made of post –consumer recycled material For ages 10 and up
4D Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur PuzzleFrom $14.99
4D TYRANNOSAURUS PUZZLE If we were to translate Tyrannosaurus rex from its Greek and Latin routes back into English, he would literally be called Tyrant Lizard King. You can see why, with the 23cm long teeth, bone breaking strength and appetite for flesh. Pay homage to this monarch of the Jurassic period with a super challenging 4D puzzle. Build your own T-Rex from the inside out using the 23 provided parts. There’s no need for paint or glue with this model, just some deep thinking. Bonus points if you can finish it under the six minute ‘advanced’ time limit! FEATURES A 23 piece 4D puzzle of the lizard king! A challenge for minds of all ages Once completed, enjoy your anatomically accurate T-Rex model! SPECIFICATIONS Contains 23 puzzle pieces Not suitable for ages 0-3 years Completed model stands 8cm tall Highly detailed with detachable parts No need to paint or glue
Munchkin Core Edition – Family Card GameFrom $39.99
MUNCHKIN CORE EDITION – FAMILY CARD GAMEAll you other role-playing games can keep your silly 20 sided dice and Psicrowns of the Crystal Mind (whatever that is). Give us Boots of Butt-Kicking and Magic Missiles! We want to slay the Great Cthulhu, not those boring flumphs and faeries. For lovers of fantasy tabletop role-playing games, Munchkins cuts straight through all that pretentious, fantastical drivel and launches you straight into a world of monster slaying, treasure stealing and buddy stabbing awesomeness.Winner of the 2001 Origins Award for Best Traditional Card Game, Munchkins has captured the hearts and imaginations of board game enthusiasts across the globe with its hilarious characters, endearing artwork and practical game play time. Finally, a card game about dragons and dungeons without all that silly role-playing! FEATURES The monster killing, treasure stealing game that everyone loves Perfect for ages 10 and up A dedicated deck card game that’s quick to play and excellent fun Fill of dragons, gnomes, wizards and Cthulu SPECIFICATIONS Recommended for ages 10 and up Game play lasts 1 to 2 hours 3-6 players needed to play
Londji Massive 3 Metre Long 'My River' PuzzleFrom $59.99
LONDJI MASSIVE 3M ‘MY RIVER’ PUZZLE Kids will have a ball assembling the river Londji! Designed and produced in Spain, this huge 54 piece puzzle winds and meanders to create a colourful river. Illustrated by innovative artist Txell Darne, there is plenty to see as you work your way up river. The creative and in depth illustrations depict a Panda fishing, a wallowing hippo, a pirate ship and a giant floating teapot. Darne’s images are slightly absurdist and heaps of fun, a mix irresistible to children. FEATURES Massive elongated puzzle Illustrated river with fun images 54 pieces Measures 3 meters in length Heaps of fun for kids Highly detailed Designed and made in Spain SPECIFICATIONS Puzzle dimensions: 300 cm x 9 cm Dimensions (packaging): 70 cm x 12 cm x 6.5 cm Material: Recycled cardboard and paper Not for children under 3
'Around My Planet' Reversible Puzzle I LondjiFrom $59.99
‘AROUND MY PLANET’ REVERSIBLE PUZZLE | LONDJI This is just about as cool as puzzles get. Period. Designed and produced in Barcelona, this 52 piece puzzle is masterfully illustrated by Spanish artist Txell Darne. From the company, Londji, whose ethos is to produce “original toys for kids from 3 to 103”, you know it’s going to be fun. Meet all the colourful characters on your journey around the world such as the hot air ballooning mice, the couple on their tandem bicycle and the woman flying the propeller aircraft with a thimble on her head. This puzzle brings together the kooky, the quirky and the outright bizarre. The coolest part about this puzzle though, is the central globe is reversible! Two puzzles in one! View the world from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. FEATURESS 52 piece puzzle Reversible inner globe Zany, abstract illustrations Frame for a cool wall piece Not just for kids! SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (packaging): 16cm x 16cm x 16cm Not for children under 3 (Choking Hazard) Material: Recycled cardboard and paper Gift boxed
Game Of Thrones Playing CardsFrom $9.99
GAME OF THRONES PLAYING CARDS There is no land in between; your two possible fates are either win or die. You won’t really die at the hand of your stronger opponent, but that doesn’t mean these cards shouldn’t be taken seriously. Only the most die-hard of Game of Thrones fans can handle these playing cards. You and your friends will experience heightened enjoyment while exploring each and every card of this deck; every card includes a different still image from the set of HBO Game of Thrones. FEATURES Images taken from set of GOT Great gift for GOT Geeks Play from the comfort of your own throne SPECIFICATIONS Standard playing card size Includes 52 cards Made by HBO in collaboration with Dark Horse Deluxe
Mensa Assess Your Personality Card GameFrom $19.99
ASSESS YOUR PERSONALITY | MENSA HIGH IQ SOCIETY Who are you? What moves you? Do you know why you are the way you are? These are questions that will be answered once you face the challenge and assess your personality. You may even find out something about yourself that you never knew! Have fun with friends or family and find out what’s buried deep beneath the surface. FEATURES Fun for the family and friends Great gift for a geek Find out the real you Self-discovery is only a card away SPECIFICATIONS For ages 14+ From Ginger Fox in collaboration with Mensa, The High IQ Society Includes 50 large-format cards Measures 15.5 x 11 x 2.5 cm