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Coola Can M3CCR Refrigerator
The Coola Can M3CCR Refrigerator is compact. This is perfect for easy transport. The 40-litre net capacity will be… more info
TEAM BFG52 Bar Refrigerator
This great looking Glass Door Bar Fridge will add class to your bar area. It features an adjustable shelf and will hold… more info
Smeg FAB28 Refrigerator
This refrigerator has a top freezer. This refrigerator's total volume is 271 litres with a 247-litre fridge section and… more info
Electrolux ETM4200SD Refrigerator
Experience the joy of owning the Electrolux ETM4200SD Refrigerator. With a top freezer, you'll be able to efficiently… more info
Electrolux EBE4300SD Refrigerator
The bottom freezer will be great for families with children, putting frozen food within their reach. The Electrolux… more info
Electrolux EBE5107SD Refrigerator
The Electrolux EBE5107SD Refrigerator has a bottom freezer. It has a mark-resistant finish, intended for families… more info
Westinghouse WIM1000WC Bar Fridge
This small fridge is compact. This will be excellent for easy transport. The 100-litre total volume will be ideal for… more info
Westinghouse WBM4300WB Refrigerator
Experience the joy of owning the Westinghouse WBM4300WB Refrigerator. It features an ice maker and features a bottom… more info
Smeg FAB10HR Refrigerator
This refrigerator is compact making it perfect for easy transport. The 135-litre net volume is ideal for small… more info
BEKO DN151120 Refrigerator
This refrigerator's ice maker will be ideal for making cold drinks. It has a door alarm and features spill-resistant… more info
Westinghouse WSE6100WF Refrigerator
The Westinghouse WSE6100WF Refrigerator has side by side doors. It features 2 crisper drawers and a mark-resistant… more info
Westinghouse WRM3700WB Refrigerator
This refrigerator is all fridge. The 370-litre total capacity is great for any home. With this refrigerator's 1… more info
Westinghouse WRM4300 Refrigerator
Increase your fresh goods storage space with the Westinghouse WRM4300 Refrigerator. It is all fridge. It features a… more info
Heller BFH116 Refrigerator
The Heller BFH116 Refrigerator is compact. This is excellent for easy transport. Encompassing 116 litres, this small… more info
Westinghouse WSE6100SF Refrigerator
The Westinghouse WSE6100SF Refrigerator has side by side doors. Totaling at 610 litres, this refrigerator features a… more info
Westinghouse WHE7670SA Refrigerator
This sleek refrigerator has 3 doors. It features a water dispenser and a mark-resistant finish. The ice maker enables… more info
Westinghouse WSE6970SF Refrigerator
Keep refrigerated goods organized with the Westinghouse WSE6970SF Refrigerator. It has side by side doors and features… more info
Electrolux EHE5167SB Refrigerator
The 3 doors enable optimally organising your refrigerated goods. Containing 510 litres, the Electrolux EHE5167SB… more info
Smeg FAB32 Refrigerator
Give your kitchen a face-lift with the Smeg FAB32 Refrigerator. It has a bottom freezer, for lowered access. Totaling… more info
Westinghouse WSE7000SF Refrigerator
Keep refrigerated food organized with the Westinghouse WSE7000SF Refrigerator. It features side by side doors, for… more info
Fisher & Paykel E249TL Refrigerator
This refrigerator features a water dispenser and features a top freezer. The ice maker is perfect for cooling you off.… more info
Westinghouse WIM1200WC Bar Fridge
This space-efficient fridge is compact, which will be perfect for small spaces. With its 1 crisper drawer, you won't… more info
Electrolux ESE6107SG Refrigerator
The Electrolux ESE6107SG Refrigerator features side by side doors. The 610-litre net capacity will be ideal for big… more info
Electrolux ETM5200SD Refrigerator
The Electrolux ETM5200SD Refrigerator features a top freezer. Encompassing 520 litres, it is ideal for large families.… more info
Westinghouse WBM5100WC Refrigerator
This refrigerator has a bottom freezer, for more easily accessing all your refrigerated food, and this refrigerator… more info
Airflo AFR115C Refrigerator
This refrigerator is compact, which is excellent for small spaces. With its humidity control crisper drawer, you don't… more info
Electrolux EBE4307SD Refrigerator
Keep refrigerated goods organized with the Electrolux EBE4307SD Refrigerator. With a bottom freezer, you can store your… more info
BEKO DNE25020S Refrigerator
Reinvent your kitchen with the BEKO DNE25020S Refrigerator. With a top freezer, you can efficiently store and organize… more info
Westinghouse WRM1300WC Bar Fridge
This small fridge is compact. It is excellent for easy transport. Encompassing 130 litres, it will be ideal for small… more info
LG GC306NW Refrigerator
The LG GC306NW Refrigerator has a bottom freezer. This refrigerator's total capacity is 306 litres with a 185-litre… more info
Westinghouse WTB2800WC Refrigerators
The Westinghouse WTB2800WC Refrigerators has a top freezer. Encompassing 280 litres, it will be ideal for any home. It… more info
Electrolux EQE6207SD Refrigerators
Reinvent your kitchen with the Electrolux EQE6207SD Refrigerators. This stylish fridge has an ice maker, for making… more info
Electrolux EBM5100SD Refrigerator
Total Capacity (L) 510 Refrigerator Type Bottom mount Exterior door finish Stainless steel Handle design bar handle… more info
Westinghouse WTB2300WC Refrigerator
Reinvent your kitchen with the Westinghouse WTB2300WC Refrigerator. With a top freezer, you can store all of your… more info
Electrolux ESE7007SG Refrigerator
Reinvent your kitchen with the Electrolux ESE7007SG Refrigerator. It has side by side doors, for efficient organization… more info
Westinghouse WHE5100WA Refrigerator
This sleek refrigerator features 3 doors. With a 510-litre total capacity, you can efficiently organise and store large… more info
Westinghouse WTE5200SB Refrigerator
Reinvent your kitchen with the Westinghouse WTE5200SB Refrigerator. With a top freezer, it stores all your frozen food… more info
Fisher & Paykel E522BRE4 Refrigerator
Reinvent your kitchen with the Fisher & Paykel E522BRE4 Refrigerator. Its bottom freezer enables comfortably accessing… more info
Fisher & Paykel E442BRE4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel E442BRE4 Refrigerator features a bottom freezer. The useful open door alarm of this fridge will… more info
Fisher & Paykel E522BLX4 Refrigerator
Designed with comfortable access in mind, the Fisher & Paykel E522BLX4 Refrigerator is what you're looking for. It has… more info
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Canon PowerShot SX60HS Digital CameraFrom $444
The Canon PowerShot SX60 HS Digital Camera is Canon’s most powerful SuperZoom yet! Boasting a huge 65x Optical zoom and 130x Zoomplus, equivalent to a huge 21-1265mm, it’s never been easier to quickly and properly frame your subject from far away – perfect for travelers. Explore distant detail like never before with a huge 65x zoom Fast and flexible, so you always get the shot you want Designed with big zooming and your comfort in mind Enjoy beautiful, crisp shots and smooth Full HD movies - day or night Shoot remotely and share easily using Wi-Fi and NFC
HP AC300W Action CameraFrom $372
Easy to mount, extremely durable, flexible camera with a clam shell case and waterproof enclosure. Real watch remote control with LCD screen to display the video recording live Wi-Fi Connectivity with Live viewing, Remote, Controlling, Sharing, Editing & DMS Full HD 1080P 60frsec 16MP Sensor Built in Microphone App support smartphone iOS™ or Android™ Multi-Mounts available
HTC RE Action CameraFrom $210
The HTC RE (henceforth referred to as the HTC Re camera) is a small, handheld camera that works as a standalone device, as well with Android and iOS. It's a 16-megapixel shooter using a Sony DSC sensor that is pretty fun to use — just hit the button up top to start shooting. It does still pictures as well as video and includes a slow-motion mode, and time-lapse mode.
Olympus Stylus SH-2 Digital CameraFrom $379
A retro vibe for a stylish look. Advanced technology for brilliant imaging, lifelike video, and wireless sharing. The Stylus SH-2 combines design, performance, and convenience in ways no other camera can. With sophisticated features like RAW capture, 5-Axis Image Stabilization, and Live Composite technology, capture incredible shots in any light, everywhere you go.
Casio Exilim EX-ZR3500 Digital CameraFrom $390
In addition to EXILIM Engine HS Ver. 3, the camera features a high sensitivity 11.7 type CMOS sensor and a newly developed lens with excellent optical properties to provide superior image quality and definition. Also featured is 5-axis image stabilization which compensates for any blur caused when holding the camera. All this comes together to ensure outstanding resolution even for difficult shots such as those involving less than satisfactory lighting conditions such as darkness and backlighting. Without making any complicated setting adjustments, you can enjoy beautiful results not only for selfies, but for any subject that you choose to take.
Canon EOS 1DX Digital CameraFrom $5568
With the EOS 1DX, you accept no compromise. This is a Digital SLR Camera that revolutionises the world of professional photography, bringing you faster DiG!C5 imaging processing, and superior image quality with its 18.1MP Full Frame CMOS sensor and standard operation ISO range of 100-51,200. With a 55-millisecond shutter release, 12 frames per second high speed continuous shooting, and 14 frames per second in super high speed mode, the EOS 1DX is always ready for action. You can find the focus you need with an innovative new Auto Focus system, utilising 61 Auto Focus points and Live Face Detection Auto Focus Mode.
Fujifilm X-A2 Digital CameraFrom $588
The FUJIFILM X-A2 allows you to capture important moments perfectly with the superb image quality Fujifilm's X Series is famous for. Self-portraits, landscapes, macro shots, low-light or flash photography. The FUJIFILM X-A2 will provide you with all the creative settings you need to develop your own creative style. It truly is a camera you will grow into.
Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FT30 Digital CameraFrom $100
The Panasonic Lumix FT30 is a ruggedly built 16.1-megapixel camera with a 25-100mm equivalent lens. Dustproof, waterproof to 8 metres, shockproof to 1.5m and freezeproof to -10 ?; the new FT30 sports a 2.7" LCD screen and a new Torch Light function for illuminating the subject in dark underwater conditions. With the Creative Panorama function you can shoot a horizontal or vertical panoramic image, while Creative Control and Creative Retouch modes featuring a total of 12 filter effects give you the tools you need to enhance any scene you’re looking to take a picture of.
Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GF7 Digital CameraFrom $485
The stylish new Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GF7 makes photography fun with the new ‘Self Shot Mode’. In addition, the camera’s high-performance sensor provides the excellent image quality that’s a hallmark of Panasonic G Series cameras. Responsive, fast shooting means you won’t miss the opportunity to capture those special moments.
Sony ILCE-5100 Digital CameraFrom $590
The Alpha a5100 Mirrorless Digital Camera from Sony combines a high-resolution sensor, hybrid AF system, and apt video recording capabilities, pairing a 24.3MP APS-C-sized Exmor HD CMOS sensor and BIONZ X image processor, this camera is able to record up to 6 fps continuous shooting with notable sensitivity to ISO 25600.
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