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? Shhh The best part about keeping a secret is the secret thrill you get from hiding it. Turn off your guilt sensors and indulge yourself of course the question is when its this good can youkeep a secret?This is the only Espizedo?video. Adult stars also making their debut in this video: Alex Rio.?...    
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Ouch Soft EyemaskFrom $9.99
You can use this eye mask as a nightshade for yourself or try it on your lover to create an exciting mysterious experience. Bring your lover in a enjoyable state
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Keep your submissive incognito with this 3-Hole Hood Mask. This comfortable open-mouth and eyes hood is designed to stretch completely over the head and closes easily at the back with a
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You love a naughty game? Keep you lover quiet with this distinctive breath ball gag. This gag has quality leather straps with elegant stitching down the length of the straps. The
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Looking for a cuff that can do it all and made to play hard? Look no further. The comfortable furry hand and leg cuffs easily adjust with velcro to fit snug
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Perfectly bound deluxe neoprene cross cuffs - a revolutionary cuffs for the next level of bondage play. Firm hold for instant control and passionate power play Unique pivoting cuffs give total comfort however much you resist Strong velcro fastening fits all allowing you to take turns being charge Strategically placed D Ring to expand restraint options 
Icicles No. 65From $48.95
Marrying incomparably hygienic, amazingly smooth and temperature receptive glass with supple, gorgeous leather straps, this extremely enviable piece of must-have fetish gear hails from Pipedreams' signature Icicles line. Classically restraining and definitely advanced, the Gags decidedly firm sphere very effectively stifles sound and establishes perfect order, filling the mouth of the wearer with silky, taste-free, naturally warming glass.This luxury piece is traditionally styled, buckling securely around the back of the head with adjustable straps. The glass ball portion is completely unyielding in texture and suited to players with experience- it measures in at1 1/2 inches (4cm) wide. Spot clean.Gag Diameter: 1.5 in. (4 cm)Length: 27.5 in. (70 cm)
Fetish Fantasy Series Nipple Clamps and Cock Ring SetFrom $19.95
A sexy, bondage inspired kit for him, the Nipple Clamps and Cockring set keep your man effectively trussed up and in a constant state of excitement. The clamps themselves are classically styled with an alligator shape that features completely adjustable tension. They're weighted by hardy metal chains that connect to a sturdy O-ring, which in turn connects to a sexy leather-look height strap and metal cock ring. Fits most. Includes: Alligator Nipple Clamps Metal Cockring Adjustable Vinyl Height Strap
Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Wartenberg WheelFrom $9.95
'The sharp tips of the wheel gently pressed against my neck, while his hands fondled my breasts and his tongue tickled both ear lobes. He ran the prickly wheel across the slope of my shoulder, sending chills down my spine and all over my body.' A prickly, teasing tool from Fetish Fantasy's Limited Edition collection, the Wartenberg Wheel is a sensory treat for couples who crave a little pain along with their pleasure. Perfect for all kinds of bondage and dominance scenarios, the Wheel is meant to be lightly rolled over the skin, creating an exhilarating, endorphin-releasing sensation that's completely unique and entirely unforgettable. Weighty and ergonomically shaped, the spiky wheel rolls smoothly on a slim red handle that's comfortable and secure in hand, allowing for perfect placement and easy maneuvering.
Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Ultimate Bondage KitFrom $59.95
Incredibly sexy and versatile enough to satisfy even the most adventurous couples, the 11 Piece Ultimate Bondage Kit has your pure bound-up pleasure in mind. Inspired by the nation-sweeping success of the Fifty Shades series, the kit contains all you'll need to carry out favorite scenes from the scathingly sexy books. A pair of classic, incredibly sturdy metal cuffs starts things off, they're perfect for wrists and may work on ankles too. In traditional lock-and key style, these cuffs defy escape, and keep the submissive playmate in order. Next up is a classic breathable ball gag, if you're new to this kind of restraint, it's a less intimidating, safe place to start experimenting with gag tools. This gag is a perfect sphere perforated with holes throughout, making sure the wearer has constant airflow, while still holding the mouth open and restricting speech. The design has comfort in mind, a soft 10 inch leatherette strap with a fuzzy lining is perfectly adjustable via a classic buckle, it's reinforced with rivets and metal rings on either side of the ball. Non-toxic. A Mini Mite vibe is also included, this classic pocket rocket style treat is discreet, travel friendly and no-nonsense, with one orgasmic speed to get you off quick and easy. Over top of the triple studded head that delivers powerful clit pleasure on its own, you can place one of three included heads, each boating a unique texture. Vibe requires 1 AA battery, which is sold separately. The kit's Butt Plug is a starter-friendly classic as well, perfect for beginners to anal play, it's a small, manageable toy that offers an extra slim body with a very gentle taper that's non threatening to anyone just starting out. An ultra flexible, forgiving feel lends even more beginner friendliness; the soft, pliable PVC allows the plug to bend and flex for comfortable, easy positioning. Nipple Chain Clamps are up next, these are standard fare in bdsm play, and are simple and user friendly with easy clothes-pin styli