Silver Screen Era Collection, The (25 Disc Box Set)
Featuring 25 classic film masterpieces, this collectors edition box set contains over 45 hours of classic cinema from Hollywood?s Silver Screen age, including multiple Oscar and BAFTA Award winningfeatures: The African Queen, Oliver Twist, Black Narcissus, King Solomon?s Mines, and more....    
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Six hours of Best Bits from the classic ABC comedy plus six hours of audio commentary from the entire Late Show cast! This 'Champagne Edition' contains: The Best Bits of the Late Show Vols 1-3, 50 mins of previously unreleased material, A behind-the-scenes Stills Gallery, andA Commentary Track where the cast and special guests drone on and on about the show that kept Australia laughing during those dark days.Here on one massive 2-DVD set is a gorgeously remastered treasury of vintage Champagne Comedy which will - if nothing else - remind you just how awful fashion was in the early 90s! Rated: M Released: 2001 PAL Format - Region 4 DVD (for use on Australian DVD players) Click here for World DVD Standards Sale information: Sale price may not be available at ABC Shops and/or ABC Centres
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The I Dream of Jeannie DVD box set includes every episode from all 5 seasons in this special 50th anniversaryedition.Season 1 introduces us to the madcap world of Captain Anthony Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman) an astronaut who finds himself Master to a beautiful and crafty genie (Barbara Eden) whom he unknowingly released from a bottle he discovered while stranded on a desert island. Dedicating her services to her newfound master, Jeannie follows Tony back home where she uses her dazzling abilities to try to please himmost often with the exact opposite result. Season 2 brings 31 fantastic episodes where every day is a new adventure. From changing the weather to learning her birthday and battling an evil Blue Djinn, there is nothing Jeannie will not do to conquer her masters heart and prove they are a match made in space! Season 3 Jeannie turns a chimpanzee into a human, transfers her powers to Tony for a day, is assigned to train a new genie and loses her memory after being hit on the head while visiting Tony at work. But the biggest surprise is when her mischievous and jealous sister, Jeannie 2, is introduced to the show. Season 4 Jeannies magical and invisible dog from over a thousand years ago returns to terrorize NASA and Jeannies wicked twin sister returns to take another go at Major Nelson. Season 5 Watch as Jeannie and her master, Tony, finally say I Do in one of televisions most memorable weddings. Jeannie is crowned Queen of her own country, Dr and Mrs Bellows meet Jeannie as Major Nelsons fiance and Tony house gets a mod makeover! Making her final appearance, Jeannies wicked twin sister tries to wreck the newlyweds marriage, while Dr Bellows nephew discovers Jeannies secret and Tony becomes the spokesman for his own canned chilli. Plus Dr Bellows finally catches Major Nelson, an astronaut with a genie!
24 disc foot locker box set of Gomer Pyle DVD.The collectible re-mastered 24 disc collection features 150 laugh-filled episodes from all five seasons. Loaded with laughs, this wildly popular, highly rated show will command your attention for hours.In the expertly remastered GOMER PYLE, U.S.M.C. the dim-witted yet appealing Pyle has left Mayberry to join the Marines. Stationed at Camp Henderson in California, his country bumpkin ways repeatedly get him into hot water with his hilariously short-fused superior, Sergeant Vince Carter (Frank Sutton), as he foils every attempt by Carter to keep him in line. But as much as Carter wants to dislike Pyle, they can’t help but develop a special kinship. Honest to a fault, Pyle’s misadventures and naïve determination confounds yet endears him to his most savvy platoon mates. This collection is a twenty-one fun salute to one of the greatest comedy series in television history. Shazaam!Special Features:Foot-locker style packagingEpisodic promos
WaterfrontFrom $14.99
1928, Australia faces one of the toughest battles in history. It’s not a fight against an enemy on a far off shore, but a struggle within – a climate of class divisions, industrial disputes and rising unemployment – disarming realities of the Great Depression. With waterside workers on strike for better pay and conditions, Italian labourers are brought in to cross the picket line and get the work done. Caught in the crossfire of unrest are tough wharfie Maxey Woodbury (Jack Thompson) and upper-class Italian migrant Anna Chieri (Greta Scacchi) – two people from opposite sides, who find romance in the most unlikely of places. Sale information: Sale price may not be available at ABC Shops and/or ABC Centres
History Of The Royal Navy Collector's SetFrom $39.99
Since its creation under orders of King Henry VIII, the Royal Navy heralded Britain’s emergence as a global superpower, presiding over what was the largest colonial empire in world history. This documentary explores the evolution of British sea power from wooden galleons and ships-of-the-line, through to ironclad dreadnoughts and modern aircraft carriers.