Silver Screen Era Collection, The (25 Disc Box Set)
Featuring 25 classic film masterpieces, this collectors edition box set contains over 45 hours of classic cinema from Hollywood?s Silver Screen age, including multiple Oscar and BAFTA Award winningfeatures: The African Queen, Oliver Twist, Black Narcissus, King Solomon?s Mines, and more....    
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The smash hit series based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth. Back to 1950s East End London for more touching and compelling stories from the nurses and nuns of Nonnatus House. It’s 1958 and the hard-working midwives of Nonnatus House continue to serve the crowded tenements and slums of Poplar. As they struggle with the challenges of poverty, domestic abuse and the spectre of TB, the midwives also face crises of their own. A chance encounter reunites Jenny with Jimmy; Chummy and P.C. Noakes face a dilemma over their imminent future; a tragic birth puts Cynthia in the spotlight and Trixie enjoys an all-too-tantalising taste of celebrity lifestyle. Back at Nonnatus House, Sister Julienne struggles to keep the beleaguered convent on an even keel as dementia-stricken Sister Monica Joan finds comfort in the friendship of new orderly, Jane; Sister Bernadette experiences a spiritual crisis and Sister Evangelina puts her foot down regarding pain relief.
The Commish DVD Box Set includes all 4 seasons.A desk job? Not the way HE does it. Emmy Award Winner Michael Chiklis stars as Tony Scali, a no-nonsense police commissioner revered by his officers and community for his unorthodox style and compassionate nature. As a former Brooklyn cop, Tony uses tough and, at times, controversial methods to bring perpetrators to justice in his small town, where solutions to difficult situations often require considerable creativity. From parenthood to politics, from sex crimes to murder cases, one man takes it day-to-day with offbeat humour and street-smart skill.Includes all 5 seasons.
Strain: Season 1 Free ShippingFrom $64.18
All 13 episodes from the first series of the American horror drama starring Corey Stoll and David Bradley. When a plane lands at John F. Kennedy Airport with no lights on and the doors sealed shut, Dr Ephraim Goodweather (Stoll) and his team of epidemiologists are consulted and asked to investigate. When they discover that 206 of the 210 passengers on board are dead, the four remaining survivors are their only hope of finding out what happened on the plane. The episodes are: 'Night Zero', 'The Box', 'Gone Smooth', 'It's Not for Everyone', 'Runaways', 'Occultation', 'For Services Rendered', 'Creatures of the Night', 'The Disappeared', 'Loved Ones', 'The Third Rail', 'Last Rites' and 'The Master'.
Doors, The - Feast Of Friends Free ShippingFrom $20.41
Feast Of Friends, filmed in 1968, was the first and only film produced about The Doors by The Doors. It offers a cinematic look at The Doors on the road during their summer 68 tour. Whilst never truly completed, the film provides a stylistic approach in true 60s cinema style. Concert performances are intercut with fly-on-the-wall footage of the group in their natural habitat, sometimes playful, sensitive, chaotic and touching. Other than a few appearances in film festivals in 1968, an official release has never been seen until now. Completely restored from the original negative, as supervised by Jim Morrison, the film has been colour corrected and cleaned in high definition with the soundtrack totally remixed and remastered by long-time Doors collaborator Bruce Botnick.
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Extensive profile of the WWE wrestler Randy Orton, including coverage of a number of his toughest matches. As well as features on Orton's training methods, rise to prominence and the way he deals with injuries and the media, the collection contains fights including his 'Legend Killer vs Legend' match against Hulk Hogan and the 'Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship' in which Orton faced off against Triple H and John Cena.
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Contains 4 titles:1. Mission Impossible2. Mission Impossible 23. Mission Impossible 34. Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol
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Alien Abduction is a sci-fi thriller capturing the story of the Morris Familys disappearance in the Brown Mountains of North Carolina. While on a camping trip in the remote region, youngest son Riley, sees mysterious lights in the night sky, which he is able to record on his hand held video camera. The film is the recovered footage from the boys camera.