Soda Syphon Kayser, silver Co2
Kayser Soda Siphon Silver Please note the bulbs are sold separately With the Kayser soda siphon you can prepare sparkling water quickly and cheaply. It is very straightforward and can be usedwhen and wherever you wish! A pack of 10 Kayser Co2 Chargers – weighing just over ½ a pound – provides 10 liters of soda water that you can easily carry home. The attractive, modern design makes this gadget a real eye-catcher on any table. Compliment your favorite Scotch or mix with healthy fruit juices, and for the wine fans – make a refreshing spritzer ! Capacity: 1 liter Colors: Silver For best results, we suggest to use KAYSER CO2 Soda Chargers: ADVANTAGES OF USING A KAYSER BRAND SODA SIPHON: Keeps you from having to carry home all those heavy bottles from the grocery store. Allows you to control exactly what you are drinking. When making homemade club soda (seltzer water), you can use clean filtered water that contains no preservatives or sodium. The fizz in yo...    
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