Sportsheet Queen Size Bed Sheet Cuff and Pad Set
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Robotic Love Machine (220V - 240V)From $769.93
The Robotic Love Machine is also known as the Matrix Multi-Angle Fucking Machine. This unique machine provides unlimited positions and an ultra powerful motor. The two legs can be moved apart, or closer together to adjust the height of the machine. The arm that holds the motor has two steel poles that allow you to further adjust the height and the angle of the machine. Finally, the motor can be moved for even more control over the thrusting dildo. Each moving part can be locked into place with capped screws. The powder coated black steel frame is extremely strong and will completely support the machine during intense trusting. The stroke range is completely customisable and can reach up to 250 strokes per minute. Starting off at just 50 RPM (about 1 stoke per second) all the way up to 4 strokes per second (250 RPM). The stroke length is 0 to 18 cm (0 - 7 inch), enough to pleasure any willing contestant. If you're after a little bit more depth, the included extender bar will take the stroke length all the way up to an incredible 38 cm (15 inches). The Robotic Love Machine includes: 1 x Easy bend dildo attachment 1 x Silicone anal stimulator 1 Dual attachment connector 1 x Silicone, vibrating control 1 x Extension arm (8 inches) 1 x Silicone attachment connector This extremely versatile sex machine will pack up to 76 cm in length, 51 cm in width and just 15.2 cm in height. The unit is powered by a 240 wall socket.
Bondage Love Machine (220V - 240V)From $769.93
Strap yourself in for the ride of a lifetime. The Bondage Love Machine is like nothing you've ever experienced before. This ultra-powerful machine plugs into your wall socket, giving it an endless supply of high voltage power. The machine features a stand that allows the user to be strapped in as they experience the trust of the dildo. In the centre of the steel stand is a padded rest that will keep the user at the right height. The motor height and angle can all be adjusted with easy, at the back of the stand. Each end has ringlets that hold metal chains with leather cuffs, keeping the user's hands and feet in place. The Bondage Love Machine is perfect for solo play, or make it a feature in your bondage retreat. The machine comes with an EZ bend TPR dildo that is ultra realistic. For the anal lovers, the anal thrusting silicone stimulator will fit directly onto the thrusting arm. For those that love double penetration, attach both the realistic dildo and the anal perpetrator to the double penetration holder and attach that to the thrusting arm of the sex machine. Both the dildo and anal stimulator will be thrust into the user with unstoppable force. The motor's speed is controlled by the included remote remote control that doubles as a vibrator. The remote is connected to the machine so it does not need any batteries. The vibrator can be used for stimulation of the clitoris, nipples or testicles.
The Tool Box Lover Machine (220V - 240V)From $559.93
The Tool Box Lover Sex Machine gives a whole new meaning to tool box meetings. The Tool Box Lover Sex Machine is a fun, incognito travelling companion which comes with two exciting attachments: A perfectly sized penis dildo with balls and a sexy, ergonomically designed anal toy for anal pleasure. The speed controller allows you to control the thrusting action and also powers a silicone multi-function vibrator. Features: Provides hours of pleasure Discreet carrying case EZ On/Off Attachments Powerful Dual Stimulation Snap-Locks for privacy Includes full-colour instruction manual
Caesar 3.0 Love Machine (220V - 240V)From $769.93
The Caesar 3.0 Love Machine comes with three accesories: A realistically looking and feeling, feelsoft TPR penis easily attaches to the thrusting arm. A rigid soft-skin silicone stimulator attaches to the thrusting arm for anal fun. A hi-powered electronic silicone vibrator (ergonomically-designed) also controls the speed of the thrusting arm with an easy to rotate dial.Unlimited Positions Go vertical, go horizontal, go crasy the caesar 3.0 love machine slides between your mattress and box spring for fun usage in the bed or simply place it on the floor with its non-marring, non-skid base. There is complete angle adjustability as the thrusting arm rotates 180 degrees, so you can have any position that you can imagine. Quiet And Powerful The flat, wide legs have a thick rubber base for strong adherence to the floor or mattress. The motor operates very quietly at a safe, low voltage and contains a gear system that is able to achieve nearly 300 strokes per minute.
Excite Sex Machine (220v - 240v)From $769.93
The Excite Sex Machine is the most powerful and versatile sex machine yet. The machine has been designed for 140 degrees of penetration, with the ability to work horizontally, vertically and anywhere in between. The steel frame has been designed with precise craftsmanship and superior attention to detail. The frame is extremely strong and is guaranteed to last a lifetime if looked after. The height of the thrust can be adjusted, simply slide the working level up the two horizontal arms on either side of the sex machine. The position can be tightened and locked into place, allowing you to enjoy the Excite Sex Machine as slow, or fast as you like. The ultra powerful motor can vary from 70 to 300 rotations per minute (RPM). The machine will stand on four study pads that reduce noise and protect your floors. The Excite Sex Machine will work on 220v and 240v, making it completely safe to use with the included Australian wall adapter, or take it overseas where the voltage is lower. The sex machine is 53 cm long, 30 cm wide and 43 cm high. The included dildo is 18 cm long and 4.5 cm thick. The included anal dildo is 16 cm long and 3 cm thick. The remote control is 19 cm long and 3.5 cm thick. The remote control doubles as a vibrator and has 11.5 cm of insertable length.
Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Fantasy StrapFrom $44.07
Tease and please your submissive with this incredible Fantasy Strap. This over-the-arm restraint is perfect for turning your bedroom into an erotic chamber, just by adding a screw in the ceiling. The heavy-duty nylon strap features a padded neoprene handle, a sturdy metal o-ring, and adjustable nylon comfort cuffs. Install the eyelet screw into a ceiling beam or doorway frame, slide the strap through the eyelet hole, pull on the strap, and watch your subject's arms raise quickly above their head! The Fantasy Strap instantly hoists your subject's arms and legs into the air, allowing you to do whatever you like next. The strap is 244cm long, held together with sturdy metal hardware, and requires a few common tools for installation. The comfortable cuffs easily adjust to fit most sizes and can be worn on the wrists or ankles. Try it on your subject's feet and use your imagination - the pleasure possibilities are endless!
Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Wraparound Mattress RestraintsFrom $39.16
Transform your bed into a passion playground and let the games begin! These wrapoaround mattress restraints open a world of possibilities for you and your lover. Experience the thrill of bondage and take turns role-playing -- one minute you're in control, the next, you're at the mercy of your lover! The durable nylon tethers connect to 4 satin-lined cuffs, which easily adjust to securely hold your partner in place. Explore your deepest fetish fantasies! �Straps Tuck Beneath Mattress!�Multiple Restraint Positions!�No Bedposts or Headboards Required! Restraint System Includes:-4 Adjustable Tethers-2 Velvet Hand Cuffs-2 Velvet Leg Cuffs-Adjustable Bed Strap-Love Mask
Love SwingFrom $209.97
Swing into action with this Love Swing, it's fully adjustable sex harness means you can enjoy positions you never thought were possible. It conveniently includes a hanging hardware and instruction manual to help you set it up in your own home or bondage playground. Made with a comfortable neoprene cushioned seat, as well as back and foot supports. The kit comes complete and fully assembled. Love positions manual included.
Universal Sex Swing StandFrom $399.99
Freestanding steel Sex Swing Stand supports up to 400 lbs. The wide support stance provides total stability and freedom of movement. Built-in steel loops are ''bondage ready'' Stand assembles and disassembles
Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Love LoungerFrom $489.99
Explore new and exciting sexual positions with the Inflatable Love Lounger from the Fetish Fantasy range. The Inflatable Love Lounger is perfect for couples bedroom play, or use it on a solo mission. The sex machine at sits at the end of the lounge can be removed, making the vinyl lounge a comfortable area for getting into those otherwise impossible positions. The sex machine has an octagon base that is weighted, making it extremely versatile. The machine can be moved into the perfect position with ease and stay there, even when play gets rough. On either side of the inflatable lounge are easy-grip handles that allow you to stay on when the ride gets rough. With three included vibrators, you'll never run out of sexual possibilities. One vibrator is a realistic pink number with a firmly flexible feel, while the other is a flexible straight vibe, and the third is g-spot curved. Includes Inflatable Sex Machine Wireless remote Cat O' Nine Tails whip Feather tickler Hot wax candle 3 vibes 29.5 ml Moist lube 29.5 ml antibacterial toy cleaner Blindfold mask