Sumabe Acai Berry Gelcaps for slimmers, Weight Loss Supplement, 30 x 650mg Capsules
Sumabe™ deliver to you this sensational product targeting ingredients to promote beautiful skin and healthy weight management utilising the two base ingredients; Acai Berry and Ganoderma. AcaiBerry for Slimmers gelcaps – for those on the go or non coffee drinkers. Together with the existing anti-ageing and weight management, our gelcaps also contain Evening Primrose Oil to further support healthy skin structure. The Ultimate Antioxidant Complex. Sumabe Acai Berry for Slimmers contains Acai Berry and Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi), which are potent antioxidant herbs, along with the goodness of Cassia tora, Coixlacryma-jobi, Citrus Aurantium for metabolism support and Evening Primrose Oil for healthy skin, hair and nails. Acai Berry for Slimmers gelcaps is a nutrient dense food that provides a feeling of fullness. Directions for use: Adults: Take 1 daily with meals, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Contents: 30 gelcaps (30 daily serves) Acai Berry The under estimated quiet achiever, and recently discovered Acai Berry with its extreme anti-oxidant properties for cell protection directly promote anti-ageing. Its natural combination of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, amino acids, phytosterols, and amino acids work together to help your body function better, process food easier, and burn fat more efficiently. Acai Berry boosts your metabolism thanks to the Omega vitamins and reportedly suppresses appetite due to its high fibre content. Ganoderma (LingZhi) The so called ‘herb of deathlessness’ traditionally uses include overall wellbeing and to promote longevity. This gift from the gods has been used through the ages to combat almost every ailment known to man. Trials for its anti-cancer properties have proved promising in the treatment of certain f...    
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