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S'well Insulated Drink Bottle Silver Lining 750mlFrom $47
Have you noticed that, nowadays, no one uses the word ‘swell' to describe something positive? Well bringing the word ‘swell' back into popular usage is S'well - and it couldn't be more positive! These S'well Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles do a whole lot of good in every way. As well as keeping your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, they save the endless use of plastic water bottles, while looking great at the same time! The sleek design of these bottles makes them easy to use and extremely easy on the eye. Bring it into the office with you for a board meeting, or bring it on your adventurous mountain hike! The aim is to instil a sense of appreciation for the water we all have, with 10% of sales going straight to WaterAid - building safe and hygienic water sources in Africa and India. For the hottest and the coolest trend out there - it's simply S'well! Insulated Drink Bottle features: Designed in the US. Made from 18/8 stainless steel. Keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Safe for you and the environment - non-toxic, non-leaching and BPA free. Looks sleek and stylish. Ergonomically designed to fit in your hand and a cup holder. Water won't bead on outside - hands, bags and papers stay dry. Mouth-size is large enough to insert ice cubes and small enough for drip-free sipping. 10% of all sales go to build safe and hygienic water sources in Africa and India through a partnership with WaterAid. Design: Silver Lining. Capacity: 750ml. Height: 26cm.
Falcon White & Black Enamel Teapot 950mlFrom $20
There's something oh-so rustic and charismatic about enamel. It awakens images of campfires and outdoor picnics, country kitchens and dawn fishing trips. For some, Girl Guides and Scouts camps sound like the ringing of enamel cups as they're scrubbed after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enamel is distinct - especially if it's Falcon enamelware. Since the 1920s, Falcon has filled British homes and kitchens with its pure white enamel bowls, tumblers and baking dishes, all with their tell-tale royal blue rim. It looks the part, and it's incredibly tough, as each piece is made by fusing porcelain onto heavy-gauge steel. If you drop it, it won't break. It's resistant to chemicals. You can put it in the oven, and you can use it on gas and electric hobs. With ninety years to their name, Falcon has decided to revitalise their range by adding new colours and concepts to their timeless collection of kitchenware. From tumblers to mixing bowls, Falcon's got it made and ready to work some retro charm on your kitchen. Falcon enamelware.consider it vintage that never goes out of style! White & Black Enamel Taepot features: Designed in England. Made from enamel - each piece is made by fusing porcelain onto heavy-gauge steel. Incredibly durable, with long-lasting colour if cared for correctly. Cannot burn, and resistant to chemicals. Shaped rim for easy pouring. Not recommended for use in the microwave. Oven safe up to 270ºC. Dishwasher safe. Care & Cleaning: It is not recommended that you scrub your Falcon enamelware with abrasive materials. To remove burned-on stains and grease, use a soup-filled scouring pad or sponge. Use sharp-edged metal objects with care around your Falcon enamelware, in order to prevent scratching. When cooking with your enamelware, do not allow it to boil dry. Doing so may damage the enamel surface. If enamelware is left empty on a hot burner or in a heated oven, switch off the appliance and allow for the enamelware to cool before adding liquid. Enamel o
Breville Nespresso Gran Maestria Titanium Coffee MachineFrom $683
There's little doubt by now that you know what the name ‘Nespresso' implies... Sleek, gorgeous looks, innovative design and functionality, and of course, really good coffee; Nespresso harnesses it all, along with its famous coffee capsules, which contain finely ground, non-freeze dried coffee perfect for a cup of golden brown espresso. These capsules are sealed so as to preserve the life of the coffee for months on end, and there are sixteen different flavour blends - from a bold ristretto to sweet vanilla infusions - for you to delight in. Now, Breville are all too happy to bring Nespresso to your home, with the Nespresso Gran Maestria. The master of the Nespresso capsule world, the Gran Maestria offers unsurpassed control, luxury and convenience. From its solid die cast aluminium body to its integrated Aerochino4 milk frother and everything in between, the Gran Maestria will deliver all your favourite coffee recipes with its adjustable coffee volumes and pivoting cup support. And let's not forget Nespresso's famous 19 bar pressure system and thermoblock heating element, which deliver optimal pressure and heat for a fast, delicious coffee experience. So, how to make the coffee? All you need to do is select your coffee, place the capsule in the machine, press a button.and you're done. Barista-style coffee in an instant. Want milky foam with that cappuccino? The Aerochino4 frother has four different settings for you to choose from! Finally, you can have your coffee just the way you like it. With a diversity of flavours for you to try, isn't it about time you discovered Nespresso for yourself? Nespresso Gran Maestria features: Made in Switzerland. Solid die cast aluminium body. High-pressure 19 bar pump system. Thermoblock heating element. Integrated Aerochino4 milk frother with four variable settings. Automatic and fine tunable coffee quantities. Fast thirty-second heat up, and automatic cup warmer. Descaling alarm. Pivoting cup holder for all cup sizes, and fo
Avanti Genius Tea Maker w/ Auto Stop 500ml - Grey SmokeFrom $29.95
- Tea Maker - Made of high quality borosilicate glass - Dishwasher safe - BPA Free
Avanti Genius Tea Maker w/ Auto Stop 500ml - ClearFrom $36.85
- Tea Maker - Made of high quality borosilicate glass - Dishwasher safe - BPA Free
Bodum Tea For One Glass with Off White StrainerFrom $29
If you consider yourself an avid coffee drinker, and you've not come across Bodum yet, you haven't been paying attention. Hailing from the snow-swept land of Switzerland, Bodum combine the best in affordable Scandinavian design (move over, Ikea!) with a whole collection of tea and coffee goods to help you get your caffeine fix or abate the cold. And if you're sipping for one during the day, then Bodum have a way for you to enjoy a cup of tea without having to use less than flavoursome teabags, too. Tea For One is just what it sounds like: tea for just you, during your alone time! This double-walled tea glass (read: you can pick it up, even when it's full of tea, without burning yourself) is accompanied by a strainer, which you can fill with your favourite loose-leaf tea before allowing it to brew in boiling water. Once the brewing is done, remove the infuser and place it neatly on the lid, and start sipping away. Now you can enjoy tea in a manner as stylish as that of coffee drinkers! Tea For One Glass with Strainer features: Designed in Switzerland. Made from mouth-blown, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, plastic and mesh. Double-walled tumbler insulates your hands against hot tea. Infuser can be removed and placed on lid for a tidy straining solution. Glass is dishwasher safe. Colour: Off White. Capacity: 300ml. Height: 12cm.
Cristina Re Signature Blush & Gold TeapotFrom $48
Attention, ladies who lunch. If you're never too far from your creature comforts, we're sure you'd be right at home in palatial surrounds, being waited on hand and foot, and seated squarely in front of an extravagant high tea spread. Yes, we know how things ended for Marie Antoinette. But they certainly won't be going the same way for you - you can eat all the cakes you fancy, and sip fragrant, steamy tea while doing so. You might even want to whip up a batch of cucumber sandwiches to really complete the storybook picture. For a girl's afternoon like no other, look no further than Cristina Re's High Tea Collection. For a girl's afternoon like no other, Cristina Re's High Tea Collection is dainty, elegant, and beautifully chic. And with each piece - including this gorgeous teapot - rimmed in exquisite gold plating, the High Tea Collection is also family- heirloom special. Mix and match as you please - after all, it's your party, and you'll echo Versailles if you want to. High Tea Collection Signature Teapot features: Designed in Australia. Made from porcelain with 24 karat gold- plated rim detail. Beautiful teapot can be matched to other pieces in the High Tea Collection. Packaged in a charming Cristina Re gift box. Colour: Blush. Capacity: 1 Litre.
Aladdin Perfect Cup Tea InfuserFrom $24
Tea time is, literally, the best time for any individual to have during the day. Sometimes, life can get in the way and we just don't have time to wait for our cuppa to brew! What is a tea lover to do? This Perfect Cup Tea Infuser by Aladdin is here to change your life. The tea infuser lid has been equipped with a mesh basket, which you can fill with loose tea leaves or tea bags. Add hot water to the jug, then lower the basket into the water using the flip lever on the lid to start infusing! Once your tea has steeped to the intensity that you prefer, simply lift the basket away. The double walled insulated jug will keep your brew warmer for longer, while the leak-resistant flip lid and car cup holder-friendly size ensures that you can take your tea everywhere, every day, while you're on the go. We're so smitten with this tea infuser, we've even come up with a rhyme to celebrate. We won't mind if you sing along! Flippity ippity flip, it's time for tea to take a dip. Infuse away, then sip all day, Aladdin's made tea a cinch! Perfect Cup Tea Infuser features: Designed in the United States. Both jug and lid are made from BPA-free plastic. Suitable for loose tea leaves, tea bags and coarse coffee granules. Double walled insulated jug will keep tea hotter for longer. Drop down infusion basket allows you to stop or start steeping as you desire. Side lever on lid controls the infusion basket. Leak resistant flip lid. Sized to fit perfectly into most standard car cup holders. All parts are dishwasher safe. Colour: Green Capacity: 355ml
Aladdin Hybrid Lake Stainless Steel Food Flask 350mlFrom $14
When we lead busy lives, eating well can sometimes fall by the wayside. When we're hungry, we reach for sugary snacks or opt for the drive-through because it's convenient, but maybe not that great for our waistlines. Thanks to Aladdin, good food can always be within reach. This Hybrid Food Flask is our modern day answer to the drive through and snacks from the vending machine. Perhaps you can soak some oats in this jar the night before, and take the whole thing with you the next day, for a nutritious breakfast on the go? Or you might like some of last night's hearty stew for lunch. Get even more creative and fill it with a tasty fruit salad, perfect for summer lunch breaks basking in the park. The double insulated stainless steel walls will keep the jar's contents hotter or colder for up to six hours, while the leak-proof lid won't spill a single drop. No mess and gorgeous good looks, what's not to love, really? Hybrid Food Flask features: Designed in the United States. Made from stainless steel with a plastic lid. Vacuum insulation keeps foods hotter or colder for up to six hours. Leak-proof screw-top lid. Hand wash recommended. Colour: Lake Capacity: 350ml
KitchenAid Artisan KCG111 Spice and Coffee Grinder Onyx Black (Household Appliances > Kitchen > Coffee Machines > Coffee Grinders)From $74.95
KitchenAid Artisan KCG111 Spice and Coffee Grinder Onyx Black Reveal enriched flavour from your favourite dry spices or coffee beans with a high-powered grinder that operates with ease. Suitable for dry ingredients only. (Household Appliances > Kitchen > Coffee Machines > Coffee Grinders)