This Is a Call by Paul Brannigan
From Nirvana to Foo Fighters, from brotherhood to bitter rivalry, from breathless highs to lifeless lows, Paul Brannigan gives an unparalleled, intimate and extraordinary account of the life andtimes of Dave Grohl. In 1990, little-known punk-metal upstarts Nirvana added a new drummer to the band. They were soon to become a global phenomenon - but as we all know, things went wrong. Dave's friend Kurt, frontman of Nirvana, took his own life, plunging the band and their future into chaos. His friends' grief was mirrored by worldwide sorrow to an unprecedented degree. Defying expectations, a knack that was soon to become his trademark, Grohl refused to see it as the end. In 1995 his new band, the Foo Fighters, rose to join the pantheon of rock deities. The 'wonder years' were by no means calm. The spotlit existence imposed by his celebrity status, the bellowed vilification by his critics and his high-speed lifestyle proved a dangerous cocktail. This account of Grohl's life is more personal than anything written before, more startling, more thrilling, more heart-rending and more inspiring.About the Author Paul Brannigan has a professional relationship with Dave Grohl stretching back almost 15 years: "I would consider the two of us to be friends," Grohl told Brannigan when the pair last spent time together in Los Angeles. Brannigan is the former Editor of Kerrang! - the world's biggest weekly music magazine - and his writing on punk rock, grunge and hard rock have also appeared in the world renowned Q and Mojo magazines....    
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