This Is Not A Drill by Paul Carter
Adrenalin junkie, oil rigger, motorbike fanatic, madman . . . PaulCarter, author of Don't Tell Mum I Work on the Rigs, She Thinks I'ma Piano Player in a Whorehouse, is back with more (mostly)goodclean stories of life on the rigs.Carter writes as if he has ADD, careering through his life on oil rigsin exotic locations. He won't win the Booker, but his yarns burn withanarchic energy ... in a word, irrepressible.' - Herald SunHe's back on the rigs and back in trouble.Picking up right where he left off, Paul Carter pulls out more talltales of a mad, bad and dangerous life in the international oil trade.Starting with action and mayhem galore This Is Not A Drill setsan unrelenting pace that just doesn't let up, as Paul almost drownswhen the Russian rig he's working on begins to capsize; is reunitedwith his Dad - another adrenaline junkie; gets married; hangs out withhis rig pig buddies in exotic locations; gets hammered on vodka inSakhalin; and spends a couple of interesting weeks in Afghanistan withsome mates who run an outfit that just happens to contract outmercenaries for hire ...This is the next fast, furious and very funny book from Paul Carter,the author of the bestselling Don't Tell Mum I Work on the Rigs,She Thinks I'm a Piano Player in a Whorehouse.About The AuthorPaul Carter was born in England in 1969. His father's military careerhad the family moving all over the world, re-locating every few years.He has worked in the oil industry now for fifteen years, re-locatingevery few years (old habits). Paul has lived, worked, gotten intotrouble and been given a serious talking to, in: England, Scotland,Germany, France, Holland, Norway, Portugal, Tunisia, Australia,Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, Columbia, Vietnam,Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, the Philippines, Korea, Japan,China, USA and Saudi Arabia. Today he lives in Perth with his wife andtwo motorbikes. But who knows where he'll be tomorrow . . ....    
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