Value Plus Copper Sulphate 1kg
Also known as bluestone. Water soluble. Feed grade. Available in 1kg, 2kg and 5kg.
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Value Plus Dolomite 1kg
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Protexin Liquid 1LFrom $196
The digestive system plays a vital role in the health, vigour and performance of horses. Its correct functioning is dependent on the level and balance of bacteria and yeasts called microflora. Microflora have the major role in breaking down indigestible nutrients, in the synthesis and absorption of vitamins and minerals, in stimulating the immune system and in preventing the proliferation of pathogens in the gut. Foals are born with a sterile gut which is rapidly colonised by both beneficial and pathogenic bacteria. A fine balance exists which can easily be disrupted, leading to scouring, ill thrift and other problems. Feeding PROTEXIN® from birth protects the foal from pathogens, improves digestive efficiency, enables better utilisation of feed and makes the transition from milk to solid feed easier. All horses benefit from PROTEXIN®s ability to stabilise intestinal microflora, maximise gut health and resist the effects of stress.Stress, in all forms is one of the major causes of disruption to the normal balance of microflora in the gut, allowing proliferation of pathogens. Loss of appetite, picky eating, scouring, poor condition and changes in temperament are some of the less consequences. Stress is easily induced with some common causes being: changes in diet, heavy work or training, temperature extremes, breeding, transportation, worming, vaccinations and changes to environment. Use of PROTEXIN® in these circumstances protects horses from negative intestinal changes while improving digestive efficiency and general health.Antibiotics are particularly harmful to gut microflora, leaving horses susceptible to re-infection. PROTEXIN® should always be administered following any course of antibiotics.DOSAGE:Protexin PowderHorses: Maintenance 10g/day; Stress: 20g/dayPonies: Maintenance: 5g/day; Stress 10g/dayProtexin Soluble PowderHorses: Maintenance 10g/day; Stress: 20g/
Quititch Lotion 250mlFrom $15.95
QUIT-ITCH is a broad spectrum antiseptic skin treatment containing 15g/l Povidone-Iodine and 6g/L Iodophor. It may be used as an aid in the treatment of eczema, non-specific dermatoses and fungal infections (including ringworm). QUIT-ITCH is ideal as an emergency treatment for lacerations, wire cuts, burns, abrasions and other superficial animal wounds. It may also be used on horses as an aid in the treatment of Queensland itch, saddle acne, girth itch and greasy heel.
Troy Debrisol Wound Spray 500mlFrom $16.95
An aid in removing pus, dead and decaying tissue from wounds and to promote healing with minimum scarring.
Untie Powder 4kgFrom $95
UNTIE aids in the prevention of all stages of the metabolic process of Exertional Myopathy, or Tying Up in horses. UNTIE provides all of the essential electrolytes, nutrients and co-factors to ensure maximal oxygen supply to hard working muscles, as well as maximum endurance. Thiamine (Vitamin B1) plays a vital role in conversion of the muscle waste products lactic and pyruvic acids. A deficiency of B1 leads to accumulation of these acids with subsequent muscle soreness, weakness, weight loss, irritability and nervousness. Although B1 levels in quality grain diets are usually adequate, they can be low in over mature grains and hay, and the demand for B1 in working horses is much higher than normal. Alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E) is necessary for integrity of cell membrane tissues, and is an essential co-factor in the synthesis of Vitamin C. Deficiency of Vitamin E is characterised by muscle weakness and wasting, high SGOT levels in serum, and ECG changes.Electrolytes: a balanced level of sodium, chloride and bicarbonate electrolytes are provided in UNTIE.Potassium chloride: cereal grains and feeds frequently have inadequate levels of potassium, and racing or hard working horses with low potassium levels show reduced appetite, easy exhaustion, over excitability, and disturbances in tissue fluid balance.Key Features & Benefits:* UNTIE contains all essential nutrients and cofactors to help prevent Tying Up.* UNTIE is fed as a daily supplement in feed.* UNTIE is of particular value in endurance events.
Kwik Out Safety Stirrups 12cmFrom $169
Designed to instantly release when extraordinary pressure is applied to the side bar. One of the safest stirrups yet developed.
Folactin Red 20kgFrom $120
What’s Improved in Folactin Red Plus?DOD is well accepted as having multifactorial causes, and supplementation of one mineral alone will do little to reduce DOD lesions. Folactin Red Plus provides boosted levels of the essential bone-building minerals, copper, zinc, calcium and phosphorus, and now has added magnesiumCopper is critically involved in stabilising bone collagen, and formation of elastin. It has long been recognised that copper is essential to help reduce DOD lesions, and copper has been shown to reduce the prevalence of cartilage lesions in foals when present in adequate amounts. Most Australian pastures are copper deficient.Zinc deficiency in the diet can also be a contributing cause to DOD, and recent scientific studies confirm that increased dietary zinc allowed increased recovery from DOD in foals.Calcium and phosphorus, the two primary minerals involved in development of sound, healthy bones, must be present in a very precise ratio to allow normal bone development. The levels of calcium and phosphorus in Folactin Red Plus are now higher than NRC recommendations, because scientific research shows that the amounts necessary to maximise bone strength and total mineral content, as well as to reduce the incidence of DOD’s, is higher than the levels required to maximise growth rate. Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps bones strong. Magnesium also helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, and is known to be involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis Is Folactin Red Plus Safe?The improved levels of copper and zinc are still well below the upper safe concentrations (copper, 800ppm, and zinc 500ppm), as determined by the NRC, 1989. There is no risk in feeding these impr
Folactin Blue 5kgFrom $35
Folactin Blue is a premium grade mineral supplement which has been formulated to meet the specific mineral requirements of stabled horses being fed high grain diets.   Due to their unnatural environment, stabled horses in work have very different mineral and vitamin requirements from horses at pasture.Folactin Blue is Beneficial for:overcoming shifting lameness and general bone weakness caused by high grain, low roughage diets.  Such diets are commonly deficient in vitamins A, D, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and copper.Used daily, Folactin Blue helps to overcome mineral imbalances, and aids proper absorption, utilisation and retention of calcium and phosphorous in the horses system.Available in 5kg and 20kg.Dose: (a 30g measure is provided)60g:  Racehorses in training.30g:  Spelling horses.30g:  Weanlings and yearlings.15g:  Foals (creep-fed)30g:  Pregnant and lactating mares60g:  Stallions at stud.A 5kg bucket contains approx 83 x 60g doses.
Technyflex Canine 240 CapsulesFrom $88
Natural arthritis treatment for dogsTechnyflex® CanineTechnyflex® Canine is a natural arthritis treatment for dogs that alleviates sore and inflamed joints, arthritic symptoms and is a natural anti-inflammatory. It is a natural alternative to NSAIDs.Arthritis TreatmentRebuilds JointsAnti-inflammatoryNatural Pain ReliefHigh Nutritional BenefitsNatural Technyflex® also helps reduce the symptoms of musculo skeletal conditions, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia.It is also effective in the treatment of injured and sore joints.Signs of Arthritis and sore joints Uncomfortable to get up from a lay down positionJerky movementsStiffnessReduced playful behaviourLagging behind or limping when walking You and your dog dont have to accept these conditions of joint discomfort or arthritis - its a condition associated with ageing, but it doesnt have to be that way!Treating your pet with Technyflex®, a high quality joint supplement, will assist in many ways. Administering prior to onset of these conditions is also recommended for increased mobility and as prevention for ageing joints.Prevention is better than cureRebuilds Joints A key component in rebuilding cartilage and connective tissues, are glucosamines and GAGs (glycosaminoglycans/ mucopolysaccharides). GAGs consist of precursors such as glycosaminoglycans and chondroitin suflates which provide the necessary building blocks to rebuild cartilage and connective tissues. GAGs also contribute to the viscosity formation of synovial fluid, which are well known for their lubrication qualities of the joint. These characteristics (GAGs) also offer protection from free radicals and provides nourishment of the joint.Anti-inflammatory Pain Relief A natural analgesic (pain reliever)Rich source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acidsSoothes stiff joints By utilising the safe and beneficial COX-1 pathway, Omega-3s (ETA, EPA & DHA) inhibit an
Technyflex Equine 250gFrom $145
Natural Arthritis Treatment for Horses Technyflex® Equine Technyflex® Equine is a natural arthritis treatment for horses that alleviates sore and inflamed joints and arthritic symptoms. It is a natural alternative to NSAIDs. May help reduce the symptoms of: ArthritisMusculo Skeletal Conditions (hock, fetlock, back, knee, neck)Low Grade Chronic LamenessBowed TendonsNavicular DiseaseTendonitisQueensland Big Head (nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism (NSHP)Queensland Itch/Summer Itch Natural - High in the following nutritional values: GlucosaminesChondroitin sulphatesEssential fatty acidsOmega 3Omega 6ETAs eicosatetraenoic acidsEPA eicosapentaenoic acidDHA docosahexaenoic acid Technyflex® Equine is derived from the New Zealand Greenlipped™ Mussel powder. Our Products contain natural glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate (glycosaminoglycans/mucopolysaccharides). Glycosaminoglycans play an important part of rebuilding cartilage and connective tissue and they also inhibit wear and tear in joints. We have continued to use our proprietary processing technique on our New Zealand Greenlipped™ Mussel extract to obtain higher yields of EFAs, essential fatty acids, known as omega 3 and 6. These consist of ETAs eicosatetraenoic acid, EPA eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA docosahexaenoic acid. These 3 characteristics also help in assisting the horses well being. ETAs have recently been characterised to exert a natural anti-inflammatory response (refer to technical data below). Technyflex® Equine provides a natural alternative and is effective in many Musculo-skeletal conditions affecting the back, neck hock, fetlock, knee and low-grade chronic lameness. Technyflex® Equine is throughout the Equestrian and horse racing industry in Australia, NZ, Singapore and Hong Kong Turf Club. Technyflex® Equine works well for Horses exposed to hot/humid or Cold conditions all year round.Anti-inflamma
Natural Brown Wool Halter PadsFrom $14.95
5 lovely soft wool pads to attach to your halter. Totally prevents skin rub. Machine washable. 100% premium New Zealand Wool Great to use when floating your horse for added comfort. Sizes: Small fits pony & cob sized halters Large fits full & warmblood halters Colour: Natural Brown