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2k Games The Darkness Xbox 360



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On the eve of his 21st birthday, fearless mafia hitman Jackie Estacado is suddenly possessed by the terrifying and spectacular powers of The Darkness. Though his supernatural entity lets him wreak terrible havoc on his enemies, the Darkness also has a strong will of its own and now Jackie must learn how to control it. Gameplay features include a seamless and unique blend of modern crime drama and supernatural horror with both first and third person non-linear progression, ad well as highly destructible environments that enable players to stalk the gritty New York slums, harbors, subway tunnels and rooftops, then defeat the terrifying creatures of The Otherworld-a parallel reality where the Darkness dwells Varying manifestations of the Darkness allow you to devour, impale or implode your enemies. Use the Darkness to toss huge objects like cars around as though they were toys. Slay your enemies and command the Darkness to eat their hearts to increase your strength and power. Summon Darklings, impish and humorous demons, to do your bidding and eviscerate your foes. Shapeshift between Darkling and Human in online multiplayer games and face other players in traditional multiplayer modes as well as all-new innovative game modes.

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