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Dishwashers - 4.5 Star Rating

  1. Electrolux ESF8735ROX Dishwasher

    Electrolux ESF8735ROX 14 Place Settings. 7 Wash Programs. Cutlery Drawer. XXL Extra Tall Tub. MyFavourite Program Feature. Intelligent AutoFlex Program. TimeManage. XtraDry. 30 minutes QuickPlus at 60. SoftGrip and SoftSpikes. Aqua Control. Auto Off. FlexiSpray Arm. FlexiBasket.

    $1368 - $1568
  2. Fisher & Paykel DD60DI9 Dishwasher

    Fisher & Paykel DD60DI9 Dishwasher This Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer Dishwasher allows you to wash one drawer and stack the other or wash both at once using different programs. Sanitise mode kills 99.9percent of bacteria, Flexible racking allows you to customise internal shelves to suit your needs, Quick wash and Extra Dry options provide superior performance. Ease of use, Independent wash, True half load, Quick, Sanitise and Extra Dry options, Knock to pause, Quiet performer, Fan assisted drying, Flow through detergent dispenser, Quiet operation.

    $1699 - $2099
  3. Fisher & Paykel DD60SDFTX9 Dishwasher

    Fisher & Paykel DD60SDFTX9 Dishwashers are as easy to open and close as kitchen drawers and can be conveniently positioned at bench height for ease of loading and minimal bending. Flexible racking allows you to make adjustments to fit into a variety of dishes.  Dishwashers can be installed in any kitchen space and are designed to match the Fisher & Paykel family of kitchen appliances, with matching handles, premium styling, and quality materials.

    $1325 - $1699
  4. Siemens SN278I01TA Dishwasher

    varioDrawer Pro Third loading level for cutlery & utensils Provides extra loading flexibility and convenience for cutlery, cups, and large utensils. Shine&Dry A unique energy efficient drying cycle with the power of Zeolith for streak free glassware and dry plastics.

  5. Miele G6620SCUCLST Dishwasher

    Waste no time cleaning the dishes, thanks to the Miele 14 Place Setting Built-under Dishwasher. Ideal for the home kitchen, this dishwasher has a built under configuration that allows it to sit beneath your benchtop without taking up too much space. The Miele 14 Place Setting Built under Dishwasher’s exclusive 3D cutlery tray makes it easy to place cutlery items like knives, salad servers, and even stemware. Thanks to its convenient waterproof system, this Miele Dishwasher provides protection against flooding.

  6. Miele G6767SCVIXXL Dishwasher

    The entire front of the appliance is concealed either behind a matching furniture front or a Miele CleanSteel front. This allows the appliance to be perfectly integrated into the design of your kitchen. The new dishwasher programme QuickPowerWash and the specially designed UltraTabs Multi achieve the best possible cleaning and drying results for normally soiled crockery in 58 minutes. At the end of the programme the door of the dishwasher opens automatically and leaves a small gap. This allows fresh air to reach the crockery and even washed items like plastic dishes dry completely.

  7. AEG FEB52600ZM Dishwasher

    AEG FEB52600ZM Advanced sensors in AEG dishwashers automatically adjust the time, temperature and water usage according to the soil level of each load. So you can have customised cycles for each clean with the very best results every time. Advanced sensors in AEG dishwashers set the program duration, temperature and water consumption according to the degree of contamination of the load.

  8. AEG F56312M0 Dishwasher

    Make sure you have your time back under control, with the convenient Time Saver function. Select it and the duration of the cycle is reduced by half, so that it fits into your schedule. Your dishes will be ready in half the time of a regular program to be eliminated in the closet - or re-used. Perfect for when you are talking with your guests or rush to leave home.This dishwasher always biedt perfect results in the most efficient manner mouse. Autosense Setup Detects on the basis of the new, integrated high-quality sensor, both the volume and the level of dirt in a load with more precision and Allows the washing parameters then automatically at maximum savings of energy, water and time.

  9. AEG F66709W0P Dishwasher

    "Thanks to innovative technology, the new generation provides ProClean always perfect results - and at each loading case protect soft spikes and soft grip wine glass holder also delicate glasses optimally protected from damage.."The ProZone program is ideal for mixed loads. With it, you can set a lower water temperature and a lower pressure for the upper basket as for the lower basket. So you can classify heavily soiled pots and pans in the lower basket and the sensitive glasses in the upper basket and perfect results.

  10. AEG F66702W0P Dishwasher

    Your delicate glasses are cleaned safely with the AEG Soft grips and Soft Spikes to protect your lenses perfectly from damage.You do not have to wait long for superior cleaning. Use the Time Saver function of this ProClean ™ dishwasher and halve the program duration. Because this time you will save by increasing the capacity and the water pressure, you get the same great results, but faster.This ProClean ™ dishwasher Guarantees maximum water coverage. He has 5 spray levels and a satellite spray arm on the end of the hoofdsproeiarm. It is this double rotary motion is created in-which the spray angle changes continuously to reach every corner of the loaded dishwasher.

  11. AEG F56312W0 Dishwasher

    Retake control of your time with convenient Time Saver function. Simply select and the cycle is shortened to half time to fit your schedule. Their dishes will be ready to save, or to reuse in half the time than with a normal program. Perfect when you have guests or hurry to leave.This dishwasher offers perfect results more efficiently. With the AutoSense setting, the new high-performance integrated sensor detects the size and soil level of the load more accurately, and then automatically adjusts the washing parameters to increase energy saving, water and time.


What to consider when buying a dishwasher

Dishwashers are the kind of household item that, while being a big investment to begin with, will save you so much time and hassle over the years that the outlay can definitely be worth it. The usual big brands continue being the most popular and generally reliable, Miele, LG, Bosch and Whirlpool, but given the costs of these machines, check out the reviews and wait for a sale or check out our lists for any special prices and offers on these washers. Some of these manufacturer’s will offer perks such as free repairs for a number of years or some free inclusions, like dishwasher cleaning tablets, and these can be enough to nudge their value over the line, given how valuable these perks can be.

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