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505 Games Kinect Jillian Michaels Fitness Experience



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Get ready to use your entire body on an interactive adventure with Jillian Michaels'. Filled with Jillian's trademark intensity, it takes your fitness routine beyond a basic workout and turns it into a real adventure through a mission-based, thrill-seeking journey set in a lush jungle temple environment. The high-energy and fully customisable motion-based experience offers a results-oriented personal training experience that you can expect from teaming up with Jillian to achieve your fitness goals. Features: - Fitness adventure mode: Featuring Parkour-style action - Circuit Training: 10 exercise circuits hand-selected by Jillian herself available in three difficulty modes - Fitness Training: Offering exercises of varying difficulty allowing you to work out at your own pace - Use your own equipment: Easily integrate various types of fitness gear you may already have at home. Or you can use the game's complete regimen of training exercises that use your own body weight! - Social integration: Check out your own and your friends' performance in the online leader boards - Stats: The game provides statistics to track your progress, including a calendar, a breakdown of calories burned, number of exercises/circuits completed and time spent exercising.

Type Game Sport