Bed and mattress buying guide

A good sleep is what all of us crave after a tiring day to rejuvenate ourselves for yet another activity filled day. Long term health and wellness depends a great deal on the quality of sleep.
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Besides other factors conducive to sleep, it is imperative for the beds and mattresses to be comfortable and perfect to let you enjoy a sound sleep. An uncomfortable mattress leads to bad sleep and you wake up tired and unenthusiastic the next morning. In the long run, this will show repercussions on health, lifestyle and lead to mental/physical problems.

Beds used for reclining or sleeping have been in use from the medieval period. Ancient times boast decorative beds with carving and inlay work, embroidered coverlets and elaborate hangings. The word mattress is derived from the Arabic words taraha which means 'to throw' and matrah or place where something is thrown. History gives evidence of mattresses having been used even during prehistoric times. One of the amenities enjoyed by the Arabs was sleeping on cushions thrown on the floor. Later, this style of sleeping was adopted by the Europeans during the Crusades. In the 1820s, the development of coiled springs fitted into mattresses revolutionized the bed.

Now, the style, material, construction and features of beds and mattresses have significantly changed to suit contemporary lifestyle and the interiors of rooms.

Know when your bed and mattress need to be changed...

The durability and expiry of a bed and mattress cannot be predefined and depends purely upon quality, use and the care you give it. Some signs to tell you that it's time to look for a new bed/mattress:

When you wake up with your muscles sore, stiff or in pain

When you are not able to sleep comfortably like before

When your mattress shows visible signs of wear and tear

Know the types of beds and mattresses...

Bed and mattress are available in a wide variety and you can choose yours based on desired features, size of your room and budget.

Bedstead or divan – Such a type of bed comes in a choice of bases like slatted, sprung, or platform topped with storage drawers underneath. Bedsteads come in a variety of metal, wood, leather or fabric covered designs, and with or without storage platform. Zip and link divans allow two different mattresses to be used on the same bed and enable the use of a double bed as two single beds, when required.

Kids beds – Beds made for kids come as single beds, bunks, mid-sleepers and high sleepers. These beds are designed purely with safety, durability and fun in mind.

Guest beds – Such a bed type includes sofa beds, foam beds and inflatable beds. When space is your constraint, you can opt for a utility bed which appears to be a single but accommodates an extra bed underneath. All you need to do is, just pull it out, place it alongside and you have a double bed ready for your guests! Such beds sometimes can also be wheeled out to make 2 separate single beds.

Water/Air mattress – This type of mattress is expanded using water or air. Air mattresses are very comfortable to sleep on and are often handy for camping, overnight guests and for use as travel beds. Though these mattresses are also great for kids’ sleepovers, rough use and vigorous jumping on them can easily cause them to rupture, rendering them useless. Even otherwise, a bit of wear and tear can be expected in such types over a period of time. However, small holes can easily be repaired with patch kits. Pierre Cardin Queen Size Supportive Waterlatex Mattress made from special latest-generation polymers and emulsion latex, is a durable water mattress that is vacuum packed to provide ultimate hygiene and convenience. It is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, has dust mite proof fabric and is easy to transport.

Electric adjustable beds – These beds allow adjustment to various positions at the touch of a button. The head and foot sections can also be adjusted individually or together.

Points to be kept in mind while purchasing bed and mattress...

Comfort and support – A good mattress should support your body at all points and keep your spine in the same position as a good standing posture. It should also be comfortable for your body.

Space and price – Select the size of your bed and mattress depending upon the size of your room to allow free movement. Go for a set in which a mattress and foundation are designed to work together, if price is a constraint.

Bed size – A bed may be comfortable to sleep on but if the size is too small, utility is lost. So keep in mind that bed size is a crucial consideration. Beds are available in various sizes which are:

Twin and single bed – is the smallest standard bed size, and is used primarily for children. Twin sheets are the least expensive to buy and waterproof mattress covers are usually easy to find in the standard twin size. Bunk beds that are usually two twin beds stacked vertically, are good choice for children sharing a bedroom, where space is a problem. 6 x Inflatable Beds - Single Size - 183 X 76 X 23 CM with double lock valve, quick inflation/deflation screw valve, coil beam construction for extra comfort, and weight capacity of 270 kg, is a great choice for indoor and outdoor use, and camping trips.

The extra-long twin bed – is longer than the regular twin bed. This is a good choice if you need versatility, as the twin bed can be moved apart or placed side by side to make a king size bed. This is also a good one for dormitories.

Full and double bed – is a good choice for those who prefer a spacious sleeping area than what a twin or extra-long twin offers. Sheets and bedding for this size are easy to find and are less expensive. This size is not suitable for tall people, as the length of the double bed is standard length and not extra-long.

Standard king bed – also known as 'Eastern King', king bed offers couples the maximum amount of bed width and is the same size as two extra-long twin beds side by side. A king bed size usually has the box spring in two pieces for easy moving.

Queen bed – is ideal for couples, and is less expensive than king size bed. Sheets are also easily available for this size. However, buying a king bed size is a good idea for those who want maximum sleeping space.

We believe that the above points will make your experience of shopping for Beds and mattresses at Getprice, easy and interesting.