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When a little extra care is needed, this is the phone for you. The care170 provides an EMEGENCY CALL FUNCTION. This waterproof SOS remote pendant can be worn around the neck or on the wrist. Should the user fall, feel threatened or be unable to reach the phone they just press the red button on the pendant or the SOS button on the phone. The people you have alerted will hear your pre-recorded message and know that assistance is required. This amazing corded, amplified, speakerphone is also packed full of features that make conversations louder, clearer and easier to understand. The Care170 offers one touch volume boost, extra loud ringer, a flashing ring indicator, loud hands-free speakerphone, and is hearing aid compatible. This phone is the ideal choice for those who need that extra care, the elderly or people with special needs.
TypeCorded Phone
FeaturesAnswering System, LCD Display,Speakerphone

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    TP170 CARE170 Care Phone with Water proof Emergency Call Function with pendant FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE 1 YEAR ORICOM AUSTRALIA WARRANTY WATERPROOF Personal emergency pendant up to 30m Talking Caller ID 30 name amp number memories Amplified receiver up to 20 dB Extra loud ringer High quality handsfree remote speakerphone Battery back up protection 4AA batteries supplied Perfect for seniors elderly parents or loved ones who live alone the Oricom Care Phone delivers priceless assurance for bot

    Gadget City

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  • The Oricom TP170WP Telephone was added to the Phones category in June 2016.
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