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Activision Cabelas Outdoor Adventure 2010



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It's the moment you've been waiting for. All your careful preparation, your stealth and your painstakingly chosen weaponry have brought you to this instant, when your prey is finally within your crosshairs. Hardly daring to breathe, you squeeze the trigger, and as the shot rings out, your target drops. At long last, the trophy you've dreamed of is yours. Live out the breathless excitement of hunting and fishing in Cabela's Outdoor Adventures. Roam some of the top hunting and fishing hotspots across North America as you pursue large and small game, birds and fish through more than 50 thrilling hunting and fishing adventures. Arm yourself with authentically branded equipment and gear, and experience the intensity of real-life scenarios that pit your aim and stealth against incredibly realistic animals. Customize your own amazing trophy buck, and see the story of your success featured in Outdoor Life magazine. Key Game Features: - Pursue record-breaking big game, small game, turkey, upland birds, waterfowl and trophy fish species - Live the adventure of real-life scenarios that will have you hunting realistic animals with advanced artificial intelligence - Explore more than 50 adventures across top North American hunting and fishing hotspots - Create your own trophy buck, customizing its rack, body size and color - Enhance your hunting and fishing prowess with integrated tutorials and guided hunting and fishing adventures - See your trophy and story featured in Outdoor Life magazine

Type Game Simulation