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Activision Doom II



Activision Doom II GameBoy Advance Game

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Earth has been overrun with hordes of demons in this conversion of id Software's 1994 PC game for Game Boy Advance. Players will battle 17 types of creatures across over 30 indoor levels until the vicious threats to humanity are finally vanquished. The character can find nine different weapons to inflict damage with, from pistols and shotguns to chainsaws and the infamous BFG 9000. Two types of armor are also available to help the cause, as are items like medkits, stimpaks, and health potions. The Game Boy Advance version supports cooperative play with a friend as well as a versus mode against up to three other opponents. Both multiplayer modes require a Game Link Cable and a cartridge for each player. A number of options are available to customize play. Players can have their character always run through levels (instead of holding down a button), toggle in-game message text, adjust turning sensitivity, and increase or decrease the brightness. Multiple preset controller configurations are also included, with the default scheme using both shoulder buttons to strafe. Four skill levels range from "I'm Too Young to Die" to "Nightmare!" and players can save their progress after completing a level to one of four slots. Completing levels often involves finding the keys or switches needed to access new areas, but players must also be wary of dangers such as crushing ceilings, radioactive waste, and exploding barrels.

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