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Activision Fantastic Four Nintendo GameCube Game

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The only game based on 20th Century Fox’s upcoming feature film, Fantastic Four is a team based action adventure in which players harness the Marvel superheroes’ unique and amazing powers through a compelling single-player mode or two-player co-operative gameplay experience. Authored by Zak Penn, the writer of the movie X2: X-Men United, the game’s storyline follows the Fantastic Four movie plot and expands the adventures by letting players stretch, control fire and use invisibility and brute force to defeat evil super-villains in new environments and familiar comic book locales. Challenged to master each super hero’s individual powers and combine them to level even more devastating attacks, players must battle the never-before-seen enemies and the ultimate evil – Doctor Doom -- to save the human race from disaster. Features: - Fight evil foes in exciting and fun battles - Aeronautic engineer Reed Richards stretches his body into any shape and size - Sue Storm has the power to become invisible at will - Johnny Storm erupts into flames and generates fiery plasma from his body - Ben Grimm fights as the Thing, a huge, orange, thick-skinned monster with a heart of gold and superhuman strength

Type Game Action