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Activision Hot Wheels Battle Force Five



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Battle Force 5 is an elite team of teens whose mission is simple – to defend against the robotic armies of The Sark and the brutal and barbaric Vandals who are intent on invading Earth. Armed with 5 super-cool, ultra-fast, and battle-ready vehicles, team Battle Force 5 must race, smash, and bash these aliens in an effort to protect the fate of the Earth. Your mission is simple – defend the Earth from invading aliens with your battle-ready vehicle. Race, smash, and bash your way to victory. The fate of our planet hangs in the balance. Features: - Play as all five Battle Force 5 characters in unique battle and racing zones featuring locations and settings from the hit Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 TV show - More than a racing game, Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 features multi-player battling, melee weapons, extreme moves and stunts, power upgrades and unlocks, shields, cammo, and more! - Battle against evil predators and sinister machines as a driver in an ultra-fast battle-ready vehicle - Multi-Player combat racing with 2-player split-screen or 2-4 player turn-based gameplay

Type Game Racing