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Activision Kinect Rapala Fishing



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Get ready to fish in an entirely new way! Fast-paced arcade-style action with all the great KinectTM for Xbox 360 features. Rapala for Kinect features an arcade style fishing experience controlled completely by a player's movements with intuitive commands that creates a sport fishing title never before seen on Kinect for Xbox 360. One to four players will compete in exciting contests in a race against the clock. Traveling between fishing hot spots will boil down to fast paced, motor mashing player versus player races. A rapid fire, forty five seconds from cast to catch, ensures fun, quick and intense angling action. Players will drop in and out of the action with barely a pause. Features: - Exciting fish battles! Pull the fi sh up before it pulls you in! - Awesome boat races! Race between hot fi shing spots, grab speed boosts, hit jump ramps and knock your competition off course with a hip check! - Fish and Lures with Personality! Funny boss fi sh and talking lures will either help you, or taunt you!

Type Game Simulation