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Activision Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2



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Marvel superheroes unite once again. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion allows players to pick and choose from their favourite Marvel superheroes and fight together in this action RPG that follows the Marvel Civil War comic series storyline. In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion, The Marvel universe is being torn apart. The Superhero Registration Act becomes law and superheroes must register as weapons of mass destruction, becoming licensed government agents. Iron Man leads the Pro-Registration side while Captain America spearheads the stand on Anti-Registration starting a feud between the two sides. The enemies you battle and the missions you accomplish depend on which side you choose. Features: - Create and customise your ultinmate team: Assemble your dream team from the Marvel Universe and select over 24 playable characters, each with specialised powers. - Cooperate with your ultimate alliance: Take full advantage of the Marvel Unverse by playing Cooperative Mode with up to four friends, both online and offline. - Choose a side in Marvel's Civil War: Pick a side in the ultimate ideological rift that could yield irreparable consequences for the Super Hero Community! Support the pre-registration side and defend national security, or choose to be anti-registration and fight for ppersonal liberties. - Fight fear with fusion: Combine super hero powers for devestating results. Team up with Human Torch and Thor to create a spectacular fiery tornado. Over 250 unique fusions arm you with an unimaginable arsenal for unprecedented battles. - Wield next-gen superpower in fully destructible environments: Demolish and interact with everything in your path. Pummel your enemies by launching crushed cars, lampposts, machinery and anything else you can pick up in your way.

Type Game Action