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Activision Skylanders Spyros Adventure Starter Pack Nintendo Wii



Activision Skylanders Spyros Adventure Starter Pack Nintendo Wii Game

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Frozen in our world. Alive in Theirs. For Generations, the Skylanders have used their magical powers and weapons to protect Skylands. But now, an evil tyrant has frozen them and banished them to Earth. Only you can put them on the Portal of Power and bring them to life to save Skylands forever. arth. Features: - Bring the Skylanders to life in the Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure video game and on the web in Skylanders Spyro’s Universe. - Build the ultimate collection of Skylanders – over 30 Skylanders to collect! Each Skylander has their own unique powers and abilities to enhance your game play experience and save Skylands. - Each character has unique abilities and powers, play more and unlock special moves and superpowers - Skylanders are action figures with brains - The Skylanders are so powerful that they remember their in-game experiences and upgrades. - Skylanders figures work on and across all major video game systems, including Wii, Nintendo 3DS, XBOX 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and PC/MAC computers Each Skylander Pack includes: - Video Game Software - Portal of Power - 3 - Skylander Figures - Character Poster - 3 - Trading Cards - 1 - Sticker Sheet - 3 - Web Code - 3 – AA Batteries

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