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Adaptec 2268300-R



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Economically-priced Adaptec maxCache storage controller with SSD Caching for up to 8X faster performance in low-cost disk and tape storage environments. 4 internal port, low profile Unified Serial (SATA/SAS) PCI Express storage controller with Adaptec maxCache SSD Caching. Offers Intelligent Power Management and hardware RAID for incredible performance and cost-effective reliability in entry-level applications. The Adaptec maxCache 2405Q Storage Controller with SSD caching is built on the same Unified Serial® (SATA/SAS) architecture as our industry-leading Series 5 and Series 5Z Performance RAID controllers. Using SSD/HDD hybrid arrays, the Adaptec 2405Q delivers up to 8X faster performance and up to 70% savings in capital and operating costs compared to HDD-only arrays. Adaptec maxCache SSD Caching software features a patent-pending Learned-Path Algorithm that identifies frequently-read (“hot”) data and copies it directly into an SSD cache for superior read performance in an entry level solution. Adaptec maxCache SSD Caching lowers overall system latencies, greatly improving the system CPU-to-storage performance gap, and allows I/O intensive data centers and cloud computing environments to convert industry-standard servers into cost-effective, high-performance, scale-out application storage appliances. Adaptec maxCache SSD Caching does not require changes to storage architectures, application software or operating systems and is ideal for web, file, and database servers.

Controller Type Serial ATA
RAID Level RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10