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Adaptec 2249100-R



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The Series 5 family of high-performance Adaptec Unified Serial™ (SATA/SAS) RAID controllers offers both high I/O transaction and high bandwidth processing for use with cost-effective, high-capacity SATA drives or high-performance SAS drives. The Adaptec RAID 5085 utilizes industry-leading dual core RAID on Chip (ROC), 512MB of DDR2 write cache, and connectivity with the latest x8 PCI-Express to deliver over 250,000 I/Os 1.2GBs. Using SAS expanders, it can connect up to 256 SATA/SAS devices. The Adaptec RAID 5085 supports a broad range of operating systems, compatibility with more than 300 third-party devices, and full integration with Adaptec Storage Manager for centralized management of all Adaptec RAID controllers on the network. Specifications Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows Red Hat Linux SUSE Linux SCO OpenServer UnixWare Sun Solaris FreeBSD VMware ESX Server Benefits: Performance Unified Serial RAID controller supports both SATA and SAS devices. Ideal for bandwidth intensive storage applications; NAS, OLTP servers, web servers, and digital surveillance. Key Differentiators: Intelligent Power Management Customer Needs: High I/O transaction and high bandwidth processing. Form Factor: MD2 Low-Profile Cache Memory: 512MB of DDR2 memory

Controller Type Serial ATA
RAID Level RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, RAID 50, RAID 60