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Adata AHD710M1TU3 1TB



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The HD710M speaks of rugged adventures with a camo design that echoes its durable construction. Protected by a hardened silicone shell and loaded with space for your expeditions, the USB 3.0 driven HD710M deploys military-grade water, shock, and dust proofing. Ready up and get going. For those who love being active and crave the outdoors, it's all about space. Space to experience, space to make new memories and space to store it all for safekeeping. The camo styled HD710M brings its toughness to go with up to 2TB capacity, giving you the room you need, whether on an extreme journey or at home. The HD710M is ready for any environment. It meets the strictest IEC dust tight requirements at IP6X, meaning complete protection against ingress of dust. For more aquatic operations, we've made the HD710 IPX8 waterproof put it in 1.5m of water for an hour and it'll keep working like nothing happened From windy deserts to raging seas, this is the guardian of your data.

Hard Drive Capacity 1000
Spindle Speed 5400
Interface External, USB 3.0